Comments - 2013 Toyota Venza Facelift Revealed at New York

Published: Apr 04, 2012
Description: Since offering the merest of glimpses of the refreshed Venza a few weeks ago, we haven't heard a peep out of Toyota. Now we have a full set of pictures and details of the model's modest mak...
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Steven Wilson Apr 05, 2012
Old car, new headlights. Well, it beats the Honda CrossTour - or is it CrossBore? But, I still wouldn't buy one.
Bailey Roberts Apr 15, 2012
Looks the same, would of liked to see more done to it.
Nery Ramírez Apr 06, 2012
The Venza got good power for an average crossover. My fav feature is def the engine.
Chayton Garverick Apr 05, 2012
It doesn't look any more different
Paul Lissona Apr 04, 2012
Hood etc looks a little more beakish ha it's ok.
Avery Williams Apr 04, 2012
Reminds me of a Ford Edge.
lax4life776 Apr 04, 2012
old people will love it!
Clint Edwards Apr 04, 2012
My aunt just bought one of these. It's, average.
Zachary Sindelar Apr 04, 2012
I really like these in person! Nice car!
Michael Evans Apr 04, 2012
WOW what a change lol
Description: New headlamps, blacked-out fog lights with a chrome accent ring, and reworked door mirrors with built-in turn signals represent a trio of new light fixtures. And aside from subtly updated taillights, ...
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Description: A new interior color of black joins ivory and light grey, while XLE and Limited trims benefit from leather upholstery.
Engine choices stay the same with a 181hp, 182lb-ft of torque 2.7-liter four-c...
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Nery Ramírez Apr 06, 2012
The V6 got some nice big and heavy rims.
Patrick Joseph Apr 04, 2012
The more I look at them on the road the more I think the shape is odd. It kinda looks like a minivan.
Mohammad AL-sulimani Apr 04, 2012
Wow from this side looks like Lexus RX
Robbie Ribeiro Apr 04, 2012
Rear right wheel missing?
Matt Piccolo Apr 04, 2012
Yea I know right
Nick Schnee Apr 04, 2012
Something about the road is wrong...
Frederick Perez Apr 04, 2012
They should make those tail lamps like from the Sienna SE's models or might as well make an SE Venzas- body kit and such :)
Ryan Douglas Hie Apr 04, 2012
This interior is way better than anything else I've seen in a Toyota.