Comments - 2013 SRT Viper Photos Leaked Ahead of Official Debut

Published: Apr 04, 2012
Description: We're only hours away from the official debut of the next generation SRT Viper. Over the past several weeks, we've seen a few leaked images of the car, including the upcoming Hot Wheels die-...
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Nick Steiger Apr 07, 2012
I agree in with Jason in terms with this model. This 2013 model has all these lame electronic aids killing the true meaning of the "Viper" name.
Jacob Bayliss Apr 05, 2012
If these are accidental leaks, why are they all of striking poses.
Alex Leu Apr 04, 2012
Probably one of the most exciting cars. It's always looking to kill you. Well maybe not anymore with all the safety regulations
Patrick Schalk Apr 04, 2012
Jason you seriously think the Viper isn't exciting?
Chris Hiatt Apr 04, 2012
Dear Clarkson, DRIVE THIS CAR!! Thanks
Andrew Grimm Apr 04, 2012
Horrible captures at that. Someone put the motion blur too much.
Brandon Lidy Apr 04, 2012
These aren't drawings. They captures from forza
Phillip Greene Apr 04, 2012
The viper is the best sports car it dominates on the track its quick at the strip and it dosent cost a 1/4 of a million $$
Jimmy Williams Apr 04, 2012
Haha oh great, let the Viper hate begin. And jalopnik said these pictures are from Forza, so that's why they're blurry. They're drawings, not pictures.
Matt Sutton Apr 04, 2012
But a plug in fisker is?? Id be ok with the babes n donuts. Now i want an iq?!? Very clever, scion. Clever indeed.
Jason Brown Apr 04, 2012
Maybe because it's not that exciting of a car???
Matt Sutton Apr 04, 2012
Why is this not the top story? Maybe when its officially debuted. Should be.
Zack Herzer Apr 04, 2012
Someone needs to make a car that's like the original cobra 427s
Zaire Wilkins Apr 04, 2012
lol i was wrong they are putting this car in FM4 in the summer i swear they have to many suprises with a street version of forza coming in september the porche pack and now this
William Downs Apr 04, 2012
I know I hate that grill it ruins the car
No Pistons Apr 04, 2012
Ugh noo! It has that ugly dodge grill
Rami Wilson Apr 04, 2012
I'm so beside myself, my grammar is horrible!
Rami Wilson Apr 04, 2012
Just watched the unveiling. These are all obviously picks of the real car if this is from forza 4 they obviosly new something everyone else didn't. What s beautiful car. Screw the c7
Besim Hojhalli Apr 04, 2012
FM4? No wonder the animations look kinda cheesy
Abraham Mendoza Apr 04, 2012
I don't know, this could be an unveiling video they show just before the car comes out to the stage. I really wanna see it in real life, videogames don't do it justice.
ojdj Apr 04, 2012
Corvette c7 will look better
Cameron Wright Apr 04, 2012
It needs to look more aggressive but besides that it great.
William Downs Apr 04, 2012
Zaire its 30 cars not 40 and don't get ur hopes up about it being in anytime soon cause they wont put it in the game till it actually has track time for there data collection... I like it, but it just dosent have that viper look. dosent hold my eye like the old one
Ryan Spencer Apr 04, 2012
Well done. Gives the car a more refined look, adding some sophistication and a renewed sense of purpose. I have to say, though, I'll miss the "I'm a monster because screw you" attitude of the older car...
Zaire Wilkins Apr 04, 2012
i doubt this wont be in FM4 until the end of 2013 as an ultimate collection car they are busy focusing on 40 porche cars
Eddie Nash Apr 04, 2012
It looks like something off of the GTA videogames,
Darien Scruggs Apr 04, 2012
All of the picture were with out a doubt taken on forza 4 which means it will be in a dlc soon
Mathias Henz Apr 04, 2012
yes, this is a pic from forza4
Brad Wood Apr 04, 2012
Check out the Gerry Wood Auto Group Facebook page at 11:30 today for the inside dealer link to the official SRT video of the unveiling from NY auto show.
Steven TYler Apr 04, 2012
i dont think any of you are aware but this is taken off forza4
Matt Piccolo Apr 04, 2012
The wheel arch comes up way to high
Rami Wilson Apr 04, 2012
@Michael Jackson. Ahee hee.
Rami Wilson Apr 04, 2012
So? I'll take mine GTS blue with stone white American Racing stripes and that bad as red and black interior.
Jackson Michael Apr 04, 2012
Matt Piccolo Apr 04, 2012
The fronts awkward looking... I think it's those lights and I don't like it
Matt Sutton Apr 04, 2012
Sweeeet. Ive been waiting so impatiently. Wonder when this will be in a dlc. Even though much time of my life will be tuning my gear ratios for the drag strip. Worth it.
Jamie Bull Apr 04, 2012
Front end just doesn't look aggressive enough.. Compared to older vipers anyway
Matthew Reindorp Apr 04, 2012
Beautiful I hope it does!
Antonio Falsetti Apr 04, 2012
Fake looks like a vette. I hope it wont look like this.
Dale Schroeder Apr 04, 2012
Yeah, these are from Forza. Turn 10 made a video for the official presentation, no word on whether they're actually putting it into FM4 or if this was just a one-off deal though.
Paul Lissona Apr 04, 2012
I had np with the old viper tough look, that's how it should be.
Abraham Mendoza Apr 04, 2012
Exactly, so...where was I going with this?
William Downs Apr 04, 2012
@abraham that's because there hypocritical
Kevin Rehbock Apr 04, 2012
Let's see you do better.
redstalion Apr 04, 2012
looks like the old ones.. srt sucks at car design
Abraham Mendoza Apr 04, 2012
Nobody ever goes poo when porsche unveils the new 911because "It's heritage and needs to stay the same shape." Well why can't this be so for the Viper, or anything American?
Matt Piccolo Apr 04, 2012
@ devin, but after this long... They need a change IMO
Wallyed Alekozai Apr 04, 2012
looks kind of like a Corvette from the front lights
Devin Babyn Apr 04, 2012
Matt its a viper it doesn't change. Look at the original to this one.
Brad Vanderveen Apr 04, 2012
@ivan that was my exact first thought
Cody Matthews Apr 04, 2012
Personally I think they changed it to much (mainly the front)
Clint Edwards Apr 04, 2012
The front reminds me of that old Opel Speedster, anyone remember that car?
quadrophine Apr 04, 2012
I'm not sure... I'm thinking butter face the ass looks really nice though.
Ivan Rudnitsky Apr 04, 2012
Looks like an American 599
Clint Edwards Apr 04, 2012
How does this look "old?"
Matt Piccolo Apr 04, 2012
I'm kinda disappointed
Matt Piccolo Apr 04, 2012
But they could have still changes it more than this, this looks old already IMO... I (had) high hopes for this car
Clint Edwards Apr 04, 2012
@Matt hush already. The old Viper had somewhat of a fanbase, changing it too radically would be a poor decision
Matt Piccolo Apr 04, 2012
They didn't change it enough from the last one IMO... Looks a few years old already
Ahmed Mohamed Al Shorouqi Apr 04, 2012
it looks like it was made by GTA. but still amazing
Matt Sutton Apr 04, 2012
Yes sir, tomb. Same here.
Pfc Tomb Apr 04, 2012
This is the greatest day of my life.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Apr 04, 2012
Reminds me of Corvette. Nothing bad about it, looks amazing!
Tyler Tarbox Apr 04, 2012
Rear kind of reminds me of a Maserati GranTurismo
Abraham Mendoza Apr 04, 2012
I love this car already. Good job dodge, I mean SRT.
Fernando Moraes Ortiz Apr 04, 2012
Extraordinary design, I love how the old kept influence over the new. They kinda blended some aesthetic characteristics from the 90's edition with others from the 10's one, an added its own flavor. Perfecto!
Forrest T. Poulin Apr 04, 2012
You happen to be wrong
Jordan Austin Ariail Apr 04, 2012
also, if i remember correctly, fiat/maserati/ferrari/etc were supposedly helping out chrysler when building this one. the taillights remind me of the maserati gran turismo. the headlights maybe too!
Jordan Austin Ariail Apr 04, 2012
i like the rear fascia. really brings out the supercar-ness of it. Though it's a classic american supercar, lets be honest, technology is constantly updating and the viper was a car that needed to be updated a little bit. Well done dodge!
Cody Matthews Apr 04, 2012
I loved the old car. Especially the 2010 models.
Clint Edwards Apr 04, 2012
People constantly whined about how bland the old rear was, now they complain when they change it?
Joe Hero Apr 04, 2012
I love the first generation influence on the side panels @.@ Sad how excited and impatient I am over this thing since I'll only be able to afford the 2020 model v.v
Jason Brown Apr 04, 2012
Reminds me of the old Pontiac firebird rear end.
Matt Piccolo Apr 04, 2012
I like the old one much better, this is fugly
Rami Wilson Apr 04, 2012
Way to go! Now if we can keep them in Nascar and get a 2-door Charger all will be right with the world! (My world anyway)
Rami Wilson Apr 04, 2012
The last several Chrysler redesigns are Spot on. i.e. '09 Dodge Ram, '11 Charger and 300, and now the Viper. The Dart is finally a worthy replacement for the Neon. The Durango finally lives up to the '98 to '04's looks.
Rami Wilson Apr 04, 2012
I love the fact that it looks more like the first gen GTS coupe. (my second favorite car of all time) I'm always afraid when a Manufacturer is releasing a new version of a car (or a replacement) that they are gonna ruin it.
Nick Schnee Apr 04, 2012
Yeah, I see a GranTurismo there, too. And I love it!
Matthew Reindorp Apr 04, 2012
GranTurismo rear lights anyone?
Mike Lasenby Apr 04, 2012
Looks quite similar to the late 90's model. Pretty sweet!
Alex O'Brian Apr 04, 2012
It looks cheap and stupid
Chris Penza Apr 04, 2012
Yup this is the autovista hangar. I CAN'T WAIT TO DRIVE THIS
Kristoffer Lopez Apr 04, 2012
Autovista? Most deff
Nathan Rothschild Apr 04, 2012
Looks like its ready to strike.
Elijah McCord Apr 04, 2012
It's from Forza motorsport 4 if u haven't read any of the comments
Rami Wilson Apr 04, 2012
Definitely some Fiat/ Ferrari influence here. That's ok I consider them part of the Mopar family at this point.
Rami Wilson Apr 05, 2012
You are correct! And there is a lot more GTS coupe in the looks too. Perfect! Except no Dodge. Man am I picky.
Abraham Mendoza Apr 04, 2012
No you're right. That's the first thing I noticed when playing Gran Turismo 2.
Clint Edwards Apr 04, 2012
I could be wrong (probably am) but didn't the GTS light up the logo as well?
Nick Benz Apr 04, 2012
Yea it is. I dont think any maker has actually done that before. Its pretty awesome and it makes sense.
Rami Wilson Apr 04, 2012
Sergio! For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny!