Posted on: Apr 30, 2012
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The Awe-Inspiring, Million Dollar Rimac Concept One Arrives in Monaco

At just under $1 million, the Rimac Concept One is not for the faint of heart… or wallet.
The Rimac Automobili Concept One made its official debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show and it was, to say the least, absolutely stunning. In terms of style and electric technology, the four-engined 1,088hp and 2,800 lb-ft of torque supercar had (and still has) no equivalent on the road. And with a recently-announced-in-Monaco price tag of just under $1 million, not a lot of competition in terms of pricing either.
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The Croatian automaker will produce only 88 units of the Concept One, which utilizes a slim curb weight (relatively speaking, of course) of 3,637lbs to travel from 0 to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and to a claimed top speed of 195mph. On a single charge, the supercar can travel a distance of roughly 373 miles. The Rimac Automobili Concept One is currently on display at the Top Marques show in Monaco and the company is hoping that they can move some units in the principality.

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