Comments - Jay Leno Checks Out Polestar's Volvo C30 Concept

Published: Apr 30, 2012
Description: Volvo is not the first brand that comes to mind when thinking about high-performance vehicles, and aside from a handful of R performance models, such as the 300hp turbocharged S60 R, they have always ...
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Vince Cassi Aug 25, 2012
The R-Design has 325 hp. The T6 AWD has 300 hp.
Description: As a preview, Polestar boss Hans Baath visited Jay Leno's Garage with a 'Swedish racing green' customized C30 Polestar racing concept that comes equipped with 451hp, a AWD system and Br...
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Luke Davis May 08, 2012
Is 4wd better Jay Leno u fukin div yea it is only a dumb yank wit there big daft cars wunt no that
Yasser Abdelhalim May 01, 2012
@Das because of the AWD?
Patrick Joseph Apr 30, 2012
Like he said Volvo used to be rather boring safe cars. But this is a massive improvement for their image. It makes you wanna drive one. I can honestly say its the first time I'm excited about a Volvo.
Abraham Mendoza Apr 30, 2012
I've never really liked Volvos, but this here is something.
Kevin Callejas Apr 30, 2012
I wanna punch jay Leno in the face so hard!!!!!
Das Stig Apr 30, 2012
My friend has a a c30 t5 and he wants to make his like theirs so bad but hed have to take the rear end off of an s60 and put it on. it would be way too,much work.
Yasser Abdelhalim Apr 30, 2012
This thing reminds me of the TT RS. Even though the TTRS is stick at 360 USA spec you can get its software flashed up to 420bh no hardware need under the hood
Kin Long So Apr 30, 2012
Probably worth making now afterall.
Sam Oglesby Apr 30, 2012
Thought they were not making it
Johnny Hoover Apr 30, 2012
I want one lol to bad there is only one
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Apr 30, 2012
If Jay Leno drives it, 9 times out of 10 its fast, I have never seen Leno drive anything that was slow; lol
Justin Tucker Apr 30, 2012
If that thing was in production that thing would stomp the wrx or sti wagons
Mohammed Adil Apr 30, 2012
This version should be released for mass production. I remember them saying on topgear it was a one off
wfdowns Apr 30, 2012
yea it is. and that thing was awsome
JM24 Apr 30, 2012
That's exactly what I was thinking
Kin Long So Apr 30, 2012
Is this the same one that was on Top Gear UK last year?
Nick Benz Apr 30, 2012
Yeaaaahhhh buddy.