Description: Better known for his much-loved "The Adam Carolla Show," the radio personality hosts a dedicated car site 'Car Cast,' releasing weekly episodes covering anything from hot rods to...
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Christian Carroll Apr 30, 2012
Get it on! Gotta get it on! No choice but to get it on...Mandate!
Trent Griffin Apr 30, 2012
Vette sounds like to the Lamborghini ...
Patrick Joseph Apr 30, 2012
He nailed it indeed. It's not all about numbers. It's about the emotions and the thrill.
Das Stig Apr 30, 2012
I like the part about going and getting a create motor and making just as much power.
Paul Lissona Apr 30, 2012
He actually said some good, true things that I heard on his show.
Description: Last week, the executive producer of "The Car Show" (cancelled after one season) turned up with his 1967 Corvette 427 and 1988 Lamborghini Countach. The former, in a beautiful shade of maroo...
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Vincent Mancini May 01, 2012
Who was the hobbit in the video?
Devin Babyn May 01, 2012
Hank I remember that. It was a complete rip off. Like how lazy can you be that you copy the idea and even mimic the results
Hank Austin Apr 30, 2012
Btw does anyone recall that episode of TG America where they got cars that GM made way back when and tested them for parking on hills? They recreated what happened on the British show so well you wouldn't be able to tell the difference (the cars even rolled back in the same exact way)
Hank Austin Apr 30, 2012
And the car show was the worst... Dan Neil used it to spout out his liberal ideas, Adam carolla made jokes that weren't funny, Tom sally was just there to laugh at Adam's jokes (because no one else did) and occasionally talk about cars he owned, and the only good host was Matt Farah
Hank Austin Apr 30, 2012
Not even British cars are safe... James did a review on the Aston Martin virage and he said it wasn't great
Devin Babyn Apr 30, 2012
Phillip that's by far the best part of Top Gear. I'm a ford guy and still laugh so hard when they hate on the stang. Doesn't hurt that Fords the only American company they like. Also they hate on everything not just American. Only thing safe is Brit
Phillip Greene Apr 30, 2012
As much as tg america sucked it was ten times better then watching a fat brit talk llads of bull shit about ever american car he saw
Nick Benz Apr 30, 2012
TG America sucks ass. I liked the car show better.
Devin Babyn Apr 30, 2012
It did have it's funny moments but I only liked Tanner. I also always would think wow they didn't even try and make this competition/trip any different from when it was originally on Top Gear
Chris Penza Apr 30, 2012
Top gear America had it's funny moments though. Like when Adam made up a fake led Zeppelin story about his mustang II to make it worth more
Devin Babyn Apr 30, 2012
The car show sucked but I still enjoyed watching it just cause it's a car show. Same goes for Top Gear America
Rami Wilson May 01, 2012
I wish they hadn't cancelled "The car show".
Wilson LaFaver Apr 30, 2012
My favorite "vintage" Lamborghini. Looks so cool
Thibault Leroy Apr 30, 2012
this is such a nice car
Greg Lewis May 01, 2012
The gold rims went better with black. But it is one of very few cars that can use this as a color and pull it off
Taylor J. Blake May 01, 2012
Those are stock colored wheels
Spencer Warkentin Apr 30, 2012
24 years later it still looks like its from the future
drew Apr 30, 2012
those rims were cool at a time
Nick Benz Apr 30, 2012
I always thought wheels were rims+tires and hubcaps are the little plastic dinner plates.
John Serely Apr 30, 2012
@jake it's whatever you want to call it lol
Abraham Mendoza Apr 30, 2012
I love the fact it makes It's own shape in the rain.
Randy Mark Accardo Apr 30, 2012
What? Out in the rain
Devin Babyn Apr 30, 2012
*rims, I'll never change to wheels
Janak Solanki Apr 30, 2012
Still takes my breath away after all those years
Jake Knickmeyer Apr 30, 2012
*wheels. rims are what you put on a donk caddy.
John Serely Apr 30, 2012
I love the countach, but not with gold rins
Michael Ioia Apr 30, 2012
Love the Countach ... Especially in red!
Jerry Cole May 01, 2012
Eff the doors! Look at the interior! That's better than most cars today!
Rick Gunther Apr 30, 2012
Got to love those doors! Countach is such an awesome car!
Carlton Salmon May 03, 2012
@ Bryan This is a US model with impact bumpers front and rear which is why it looks so different from the European models.
Bryan Bohling May 01, 2012
When did they change the back lights?
Jason Levy May 01, 2012
Thats a really significant bend for the airflow to go through
Carlton Salmon May 03, 2012
Guys...don't hate. Appreciate. No point in saying one is better than the other as both are totally different in almost every way, yet both are covetable classics.
Nick Steiger May 01, 2012
Neither car is better than the other, I respect both cars for they both hold serious rep. and are both respectable cars.
Greg Lewis May 01, 2012
Wanna see the two line up and rip off a 1/4!
Abraham Mendoza May 01, 2012
It's more reliable and easier to maintain, easier to park, better to see out of, more torque....
Das Stig Apr 30, 2012
So in what way its the vette "better" than the countach?
Das Stig Apr 30, 2012
Im not talking down on the vette, im just saying it looks better. And you cant say a car is "better" than another. I could say a suburban is better than a ferrari 458 because you can fit more poeple in the suburban. If your going to make a statement that general, please back it up with facts.
Devin Babyn Apr 30, 2012
The Vette is better then the Countach though. That things damn ugly
Devin Babyn Apr 30, 2012
You guys are pissy when someone only likes one of these. So I wonder what'll happen when I let ya know I don't like either of them.
Vince DeMasi Apr 30, 2012
Love the big block hood! This cars gorgeous
Nick Steiger Apr 30, 2012
The Countach has never caught my eye, the Diablo, Gallardo, Spider, Revention, even the Miura SV I absolutely love. But I am a die hard chevy fan and respect a classic when I see one.
Phillip Greene Apr 30, 2012
You guys are tools
Nick Benz Apr 30, 2012
Stig i agree. And laugh.
Das Stig Apr 30, 2012
Ya, look nicer than countach if you eyes have been replaced with your testicles.
Nick Steiger Apr 30, 2012
I am a big Vette fan but I have to admit I prefer other cars over the Vette. It is a classic, and definitely looks nice than the Lambo; but I can see why someone calls it boring.
Dylan Bruder Apr 30, 2012
Yes Erik as a huge vette fan i know that convertibles were the only option until the c2 came along in 63 as the famous split window I just am not a big convertible fan is all I meant
Tim Preisinger Apr 30, 2012
How the hell does a '67 Vette look boring??
Abraham Mendoza Apr 30, 2012
Boring? Ha, it looks better than most of the cars in history!!!
Ian Barger Apr 30, 2012
It looks boring.
Abraham Mendoza Apr 30, 2012
It's a hardtop damn it.
Lou Guerrero Apr 30, 2012
Looks like a removable hard top. Didn't know that scoop wasn't functional.
Devin Babyn Apr 30, 2012
Erik you do understand you just said they've never made a convertible
Erik Rudolph Apr 30, 2012
@ Dylan corvettes only came as coupes since they have started
Dylan Bruder Apr 30, 2012
Only way it could be better is if it was a coupe
Craig Lafey Apr 30, 2012
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
Greg Lewis May 01, 2012
When interior was functional for vettes, not plush for the overweight lawyer... The way it should be, cause honestly, in a badass ride like this, who pays attention to anything other than you're heart pounding and the street flying under the hood?
Jason Bartlett Apr 30, 2012
In 1969 the l88/zl1 was rated for 425hp but really made 560hp . On bias ply tires lol ! This car would be nutball !
Vince DeMasi Apr 30, 2012
I... want...a 427 soooo BAD!!!
Dillon Dixon Apr 30, 2012
My favorite engine of all time! Pure monsters!
Randy Mark Accardo Apr 30, 2012
Awesome "old school"
Adam Noble Apr 30, 2012
It's a credit to the owner to have kept it original.
Craig Lafey Apr 30, 2012
All original. Just how I like it.