Comments - Land Rover to Price Top Model Range Rover at £125,000

Published: Apr 03, 2012
Description: In order to compete in the super-luxury SUV segment, where the likes of Bentley, Lamborghini and Aston Martin are soon to venture with new SUV models planned for the near future, Land Rover will respo...
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Michael Douglas Apr 04, 2012
John that's just the thing. If i was driving an autobiography i don't want everyone staring at me. I would like to go low profile around town with everyone thinking i have a regular range. Thats why its not a supercar.
John Serely Apr 03, 2012
I would like to see one that someone walking down the street who knows very little about cars could recognize it as expensive, just like someone would with a bentley or Lamborghini SUV
John Serely Apr 03, 2012
I hope they differentiate this model/trim/edition (which ever it is technically considered)more than they did with the autobiography ultimate edition. I know the interior is very different, but the exterior is different, just not that different
Description: "The Ultimate Edition shows there's an opportunity to go up a notch in price," brand director John Edwards told Autocar. "We tested the market for a reason. We always learn for fut...
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Jon Ashley Apr 03, 2012
Yeah, I don't know if its the suspension tune or what, but the back tires are leaning in.
Austin Bride Apr 03, 2012
Something about the rear wheels seem wrong
Description: Notable features of the special edition model included individual bucket seats in the rear;p a center console that ran the length of the cabin; wood, leather and aluminum trim; and Apple iPads fitted ...
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Alex Bouckley Apr 03, 2012
I agree, but normally when I find a mistake they change it. One time they spelled Boxster wrong
Knox Ferraro Apr 03, 2012
9 hours later and still not fixed. Guess this is why you guys work here and not Car & Driver.
Knox Ferraro Apr 03, 2012
Where is the "rear;p?"
Description: The next-generation Range Rover is nearing the end of development and should be revealed later this year, with first sales to start early 2013.
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Zaire Wilkins Apr 04, 2012
does the seats have the massage thingy like the hyundai eqqus
Jackson Rojas Apr 03, 2012
No, if I can't drive and need a driver I would get a Mulsane
Jon Ashley Apr 03, 2012
If for some reason, I can't drive and need a driver, I'm getting one of these.
Peter O'Sullivan Apr 03, 2012
Surely it's easier to replace a pair of iPads than it is to replace an entire built in media centre?
Paul Lissona Apr 03, 2012
Wow these interiors look incredibly comfortable.
Ashen Fonseka Apr 03, 2012
I wish someone would just give me one
Ashen Fonseka Apr 03, 2012
Do the iPads come with it
Josiah Thomas Clements Apr 03, 2012
My parents get new cars every three years and they're not rich. I know a few rich people and they get new cars every year.
Gianni Vega Apr 03, 2012
You can upgrade the iPads
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Apr 03, 2012
Because cars get outdated really fast too when you're rich. This people probably buy or lease a new car every three years or less, so no need to upgrade your interior
KyleM Apr 03, 2012
I dont understand why they put any kind of media center built into these vehicles. The tech is outdated as soon as it rolls off the line. At least make it easily upgradeable
Hank Austin Apr 03, 2012
Damn I would be on carbuzz all day...