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Published: Apr 29, 2012
Description: You might be surprised to hear this, but car designers may be clamoring for crabs sometime in the near future. All crass double entendres aside, many designers have been creating crustacean-inspired c...
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Bob Jones Apr 29, 2012
I know it's not a concept car but this article should have the CrushStation monster truck
Description: Here's hoping that the Nissan V2G comes with a side of butter and some napkins. The V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) is designed for a future in which concrete highways have been replaced by electrified one...
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Elijah McCord Apr 30, 2012
Hey... it's different.
Andrew Hossann Apr 29, 2012
Me too.... Honest*
Bradley Swfc Wainwright Apr 29, 2012
I would drive it to be onist
Dylan Bures Apr 29, 2012
Can it go in reverse?
Mark A. Young Apr 29, 2012
It may not look very good, but it sure does look like a lot of fun.
Oscar Galvan Apr 29, 2012
Are the tires curving inward?
Nick Schnee Apr 29, 2012
Actually, this thing looks thrice as good as the crap they had here on CarBuzz some days ago...
Bijan Jahanpanah Apr 29, 2012
No one will ever buy a lobster car so why waste your time with these things?
William Forgham Apr 29, 2012
Oh no, a speed bump! Better turn around.
Description: Hyperion is a crabby concept car from designers Marco Aurelio and Galan Henriquez. The Hyperion is electrically powered and constructed using a carbon fiber frame. No word on whether or not it would b...
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Black Honda Apr 30, 2012
look like flea sand vehicle.
Dylan Bures Apr 29, 2012
This makes Biker's life a lot scarier
Dave Lewis Apr 29, 2012
mmmm in black, picnic table on back???
Description: Parallel parking would be a hassle of the past if the Citroen CCrab ever went from concept to reality. The CCrab looks somewhat normal and is designed with wheels that can rotate 90 degrees to make pa...
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Victor Castillo Apr 30, 2012
Doesnt need any! It hovers -_-
Andrew Hossann Apr 29, 2012
Where are the wheels?
Dylan Bures Apr 29, 2012
Somewhat normal?
Description: Andrea Filogonio's Crab concept car may look cute, and it is. The Crab looks more like a toy than an actual automobile, but it's apparently designed for the streets of the megacities of the ...
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Federiko Knaudt Jul 08, 2012
i want one its pretty cool
Peter Squire Apr 30, 2012
Yay, I can't wait for this...'sarcasm'....
Victor Castillo Apr 30, 2012
Sarcasm by the way -_-
Victor Castillo Apr 30, 2012
How cute it comes in pink!
Hank Austin Apr 29, 2012
Wait nvm looks like the ancient Chinese stole that from pepsi too
Hank Austin Apr 29, 2012
Or it's Japanese idk...
Hank Austin Apr 29, 2012
Pepsi logo? That's the ancient Chinese symbol for yin and yang
Bradley Swfc Wainwright Apr 29, 2012
They look so awesome
Christian Rohnert Apr 29, 2012
They stole the pepsi logo for the wheels. They must have been desperate for design influences haha
Ember Zimmerman Apr 29, 2012
Most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.
Pompey Paul Apr 29, 2012
Must be comfortable to drive on Tarmac
Pompey Paul Apr 29, 2012
I was also gonna say that
Max Delena Apr 29, 2012
I looks like one of those hand held back massagers
Pompey Paul Apr 29, 2012
Mickey mouse seats