Comments - Unearthed: 1990 Lamborghini LM002 'Rambo-Lambo'

Published: Apr 28, 2012
Description: This week saw the official unveiling of the Lamborghini Urus concept at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. More than likely, this is a very strong indicator as to what we can expect from the future producti...
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Chris Penza Apr 29, 2012
If you can't win an argument, correct their grammar instead
Jack Hufford Apr 28, 2012
Darn you Andrew, I was looking forward to being a smart ass...
Mikey Jimenez Apr 28, 2012
Wow that was really unnecessary.
Andrew Grimm Apr 28, 2012
Look who is the dumbass now. Looks like you are talking to yourself. Oh yea, and it's you're*......
e lapin Apr 28, 2012
shut up your a dumbass . the hummer is a POS compared to... anything really
Todd Randall Apr 28, 2012
Nothing Lamborghini has ever fabricated has been typical, and the same projections were spewed after the estoque concept was launched.
Description: Back in the late 1970s, Lamborghini began developing a military vehicle they had hoped to sell to the U.S. military. Called the "Cheetah", it was powered by a Chrysler V8 mounted in the rear...
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Josh Banning Apr 29, 2012
The only thing that could make this better, would be to add a .50 cal on top
Dan duzenski Apr 29, 2012
I was in the military and if they had a junk lambo truck for us to ride in we all would have died. the humvee was the best decision
Greg Lewis Apr 28, 2012
Think I'd joined the military if they had lambos... Lol
Michael J Romano Apr 30, 2012
@llya your an idiot Lamborghini been making tractors and trucks in the past and they do have lots of experience in off-vehicles
Broderick King Apr 29, 2012
Did you not read the article at all...?
Ilya Firepuss Apr 29, 2012
There was no point of Lamborghini making a truck, they have no experience in that matter so it was doomed for failure, stick to supercars
Jerry Cole Apr 29, 2012
Remindss me of a Mercedes G-Wagon..
Jordan Smith Apr 28, 2012
My bad, I thought you said before 1990. The Humvee is before 1990.
Jordan Smith Apr 28, 2012
So is the Humvee. What's your point?
Nick Benz Apr 28, 2012
Im glad the US has the hummer. This thing looks like a pretty boy in comparison
Description: Now powered by an AMC V8, it still had handling issues due to the engine being rear mounted. Lamborghini soon gave up on this layout and switched to an all-new chassis with the engine now up front.
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Chris Penza Apr 29, 2012
No, the chevy aveo is a jelly bean on wheels
Greg Lewis Apr 28, 2012
All cars fail several times before getting it right. This is what an suv should be, not like Porsche's suv that's a jellybean on wheels...
Oscar Galvan Apr 28, 2012
Ye that's what I meant it struggles to become this beast
wfdowns Apr 28, 2012
not this one all the other one befoe it had the problems
Oscar Galvan Apr 28, 2012
I never new it had so many problems
Description: Mated to a five-speed manual, owners were treated to leather trim throughout, air conditioning, a premium stereo, and tinted power windows. But Lamborghini wanted their SUV to be able to truly handle ...
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Mark Ridenour Apr 29, 2012
Some of you guys actually thought it has a camo paint job? Wow. Now that's funny.
Patrick R. Manuel Apr 29, 2012
"badass soldier person" lol. Military uses ACU and more recently Multicam. Not most oak.
Jackson Michael Apr 28, 2012
You serious? He's trying to act like a badass soldier person. Sorry you're all butt hurt about it.
Devin Babyn Apr 28, 2012
That's so damn ugly
John Serely Apr 28, 2012
@jackson lol he wasnt trying to sound cool, nice try though
Jackson Michael Apr 28, 2012
And come on Jack, that doesn't make you sound cool
Jackson Michael Apr 28, 2012
@Alex What's that supposed to mean?
Bryan Bohling Apr 28, 2012
It's a reflection not a camo
Alex Vasquez Apr 28, 2012
I would also take this over the urus anyday, they should have updated this suv not made the bs urus. We don't need technology out the ass we need an suv that can prove something. Especially if it's foreign…
Jack Hufford Apr 28, 2012
And yes, there is a HUGE difference.
Jack Hufford Apr 28, 2012
Not 'forest camo'. More like mossy oak or seclusion 3D.
Andrew Hossann Apr 28, 2012
Looks like it has a forest camo on
Abraham Mendoza Apr 28, 2012
I don't like that Lamborghini made it, but I can't deny that its good.
Rudolf Dassler Apr 28, 2012
One of the ugliest cars ever made imo...
John Serely Apr 28, 2012
I would LOVE one of those
Nick Schnee Apr 28, 2012
That's epic indeed.
Rajdeep Attwal Apr 28, 2012
Id take this over the Urus
Callum Mckay Apr 28, 2012
How can you see out over that hood, its insane
Lee Gardner Apr 28, 2012
Ugly but still cool
David Eslava Apr 28, 2012
Those are tires the size of Andorra...
wfdowns Apr 28, 2012
exatly what i was gonna say
Description: Even Uday Hussein, the psychopath son of psychopath father Saddam Hussein, owned one (it was later blown up by U.S. forces in 2004). Lamborghini also prepared a stripped-down LM002 for the 1986 Paris ...
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Greg Lewis Apr 28, 2012
Andrew nailed it
Devin Babyn Apr 28, 2012
Anyone seen the movie about Uday's body guard/double? It's really good
Andrew McNeal Apr 28, 2012
Calling someone who killed thousands of people a "psychopath" is not political
Adam Sampson Apr 28, 2012
Technically it's a fact.
Rami R. Milhem Apr 28, 2012
This is an article not an editorial. I never knew articles about cars were supposed to have political views in them...
Description: Now that Lamborghini has revealed their new 21st century Urus SUV concept, we can still look back at the LM002 as being both brilliant and just borderline bonkers. All we know is that the Urus likely ...
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drew Apr 29, 2012
it looks like a humvee from the outside but you open the door its way to nice for one
Jeepster Hemi Cusano Apr 28, 2012
I see a car that doesn't look like a Lambo, but it is.
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 28, 2012
am i the only one then who sees an lm002
Cody Andree Apr 28, 2012
Don't forget the suburban as well ;)
Scotty Gee Apr 28, 2012
I've always thought these were cool, and about as exclusive as it gets. But man, it looks like a kit to me. Like a fiberglass body kit bolted to a chassis.
Jackson Michael Apr 28, 2012
Haha the lights and the black strip above them make a German flag
Cho Dan Apr 28, 2012
These are Pirellis.
Taylor J. Blake Apr 28, 2012
Nitto mud grapplers
Jimmy Atkinson Apr 28, 2012
This thing needs some real tires. Some Coopers would do wonders on this beast
Mark Ridenour Apr 29, 2012
Ummm guys, it's probably just cold. It is in Canada after all.
Luke Bailey Apr 28, 2012
would be blue for oil....coolant is white smoke
Cody Andree Apr 28, 2012
Oh it's burning a little oil lol
Clint Edwards Apr 28, 2012
I'm hoping that's steam/condensation, seeing as how it's just been washed
Jackson Michael Apr 28, 2012
It was a joke Devin
Devin Babyn Apr 28, 2012
Maybe you should read the articles then
Joe Fats Harper Apr 28, 2012
I didn't know it was a lambo until I read his comment... It was very helpful for me.. lollololol
John Serely Apr 28, 2012
@andrew hossann thanks for clarifying that. Every one already knows that, so you don't have to repeat it lol
Andrew McNeal Apr 28, 2012
How much would one of these go for now?
Alex Vasquez Apr 28, 2012
It's damn amazing
Andrew Hossann Apr 28, 2012
It's a Lamborghini you know
Oscar Galvan Apr 28, 2012
For 1986 that's pretty good
Mark Goldman Apr 29, 2012
They are the same as the fronts.
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 28, 2012
lol.. back seats. if you can call them that.