Comments - Nissan GT-R Track Pack Edition Arrives in the UK

Published: Apr 27, 2012
Description: GT-R owners are among the most demanding in the world. In response to demand Nissan has replied with the GT-R Track Pack - a new version of the Nissan supercar for those drivers who require a faster, ...
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Description: These wheels save over 10 kg over the standard GT-R, while additional brake cooling ducts built into the carbon front splitter reduce the operating temperature by as much 100 degrees during track use;...
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Fabian Pioro May 01, 2012
3000gt?! What? Yea guess it also looks like a merc gullwing in that case!
Abraham Mendoza Apr 28, 2012
Looks exactly like a V-spec, I'm confused.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Apr 27, 2012
To me it kinda looks like the Mitsubishi 3000 GT, lol
Matt Piccolo Apr 27, 2012
Beautiful just beautiful
Adam Noble Apr 27, 2012
Killer get even more ferocious
Description: It will allow GT-R customers to achieve the perfect set-up at the track but, thanks to the special dampers, customers will be able to change the suspension for road-use at the flick of a switch, makin...
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Wilson LaFaver Apr 28, 2012
That's pretty cool
Description: A Track Pack emblem also sits on the dashboard helping to identify this special GT-R model, whilst more comfortable seat belts, an enhanced Bose audio system, and a rear-view camera as fitted to the s...
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Fabian Pioro May 01, 2012
Z06 will be fine because it's just a camaro. Gtr in a different class. Kina like a civic type-r vs cosworth
Evan Wolfe Apr 28, 2012
I think the GT-R needs to go on a diet! So does my FC RX-7! The FD is lighter than the FC :(
Patrick Schalk Apr 27, 2012
Z06 will be just fine. No one is worried.
Matthew Reindorp Apr 27, 2012
Z06 has been on notice since the first R35 GT-R was announced
Mario Callirgos Apr 27, 2012
Z06 is on notice
Devin Babyn Apr 27, 2012
Top gear says save your money and buy the original and put the 10k into it yourself
Matt Piccolo Apr 27, 2012
That's not a bad price for what you're getting... Maybe a tad too much but I'd ge the package if I was buying one and had the money
Fabian Pioro May 01, 2012
The car in person is actually smaller looking. Pics don't do it justice
Matthew Reindorp Apr 27, 2012
They're very wide but not to long.. The White ruins some of the sleeker lines which is unfortunate but in gunmetal grey... It is wonderful....
Dylan Bruder Apr 27, 2012
Just too big and bland for my taste in this category of cars
Matthew Reindorp Apr 27, 2012
And the next one? Is going to have a KERS system rated at 150hp boost... Can't wait... Definatley getting one of those!!
Ethan Amo Apr 27, 2012
They took something good and made it better
Fabian Pioro May 01, 2012
Original volks look better IMO.
Josh Negron Apr 28, 2012
Volk IS Rays Engineering!! They make a lot of Nissan high performance wheels. The crazy-spoked 370z are Rays wheels. But anyways, check it out--Google Volk wheels: ;-) So, derived from TE-37's? I think so...
Evan Wolfe Apr 28, 2012
Um...I hate when companies replicate the TE37s X(
Joel Hope Apr 27, 2012
Te37 sl or something like that, but I'm pretty sure they are te37 category, what I said makes no srnse
Josh Negron Apr 27, 2012
They're essentially Volk TE-37's with grooves in them. One of the most popular wheels in the market.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Apr 27, 2012
They can save 2.5 kgs a side thanks yo that..... I'd seriously go for these ones
Matt Piccolo Apr 27, 2012
Those rims are ok, I think I like the stock ones better
Matt Piccolo Apr 27, 2012
Love the rea of this beast
Anthony J. Mitchell Apr 29, 2012
I guess I never looked the GT's interior. It is ugly as shit.
drew Apr 29, 2012
what is it like working the touch screen doing 200
Thibault Leroy Apr 28, 2012
yea if you have ever been inside a GTR you will know its not a cheap interior whereas if you have ever seen a corvettes interior you will know that it is s***
Pablo Herasme Apr 27, 2012
Its right, but just needs to be more colorful
Patrick Schalk Apr 27, 2012
Yes, none of this is plastic. It's all constructed of unobtainium.
Zaire Wilkins Apr 27, 2012
if u want a better interior to bad
wfdowns Apr 27, 2012
it may look cheap but none of the materials are cheap plastic
Kyle Rawn Apr 27, 2012
Looks like the just used a spare Sentra interior or something.
Dillon Dixon Apr 27, 2012
Everyone says the corvette interior is cheap, but hardly anyone complains about this interior. Very similar quality to the vette. Not bad quality, track car quality. (I'm not hating the GTR, it just bugs me)
Paul Dickey Apr 27, 2012
Besides that is it me or is this a pretty bad interior?
Paul Dickey Apr 27, 2012
Yes everyone on here knows that no one cares though. We want a MANual
wfdowns Apr 27, 2012
they wont cause paddle shifters are better for racing, although i would preffer it a true manual sequential gear boxes make faster shifts then we ever could
Max Waite Apr 27, 2012
Give me a f***ing manual, you bastards
Sascha Wyss Apr 27, 2012
Plastic everywhere..
wfdowns Apr 27, 2012
love that intake