Posted on: Apr 27, 2012
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Ferrari Enzo Abandoned in Dubai Held as Evidence; Not for Sale

It’s still wasting away in a police impound lot, but the original owner may one day get it back.
It seems that the story of the abandoned Ferrari Enzo, which was set to be auctioned by Dubai police alongside 127 other cars, was wide of the mark on two fronts. According to local publication Emirates 24/7, the Dubai Police seized the Enzo along with another Ferrari, a Porsche, Corvette, BMW and three Mercedes, as evidence in an international theft case Interpol is investigating, and so will not be selling the car. However the real owner could get the car back.
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Reports that the car was left abandoned by the owner were also found to be false; as it transpires the dust-covered Enzo has simply been neglected by the Dubai Police, who stored the rare Enzo outside leaving it to deteriorate in harsh conditions. Even in its current state, there is still plenty of interest for the supercar with offers already received of up to $740,000. As for the 127-car auction, all were sold as a bulk lot to Essam Mohammed Sobhi of RPM Workshop in Al Quassis for a knock-down price of DH 1.35 million, or just over $360,000.

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by Adam Lynton
Ferrari Enzo Abandoned in Dubai Held as Evidence; Not for Sale
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