Smart Fortwo Dragon Edition? Call in the Dragonslayer for Brabus

Another day, another Dragon Edition arrives at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show.
The hip new thing amongst car manufacturers is, apparently, special edition models for China that pay homage to the 'Year of the Dragon.' Following in Aston Martin, Jeep, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari's lead, Smart has unveiled a Fortwo model with a dragon-theme that is as unimpressive as it is small. What's more is that this design, along with a pink and white 'Tailor Made' Fortwo Cabrio, where both built by Brabus and feature absolutely zero added power.
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The Smart Fortwo Dragon Edition features gold-painted alloy wheels, China-red and gold paint exterior paint with adorning Chinese characters and an interior to match. Brabus, like we mentioned earlier, has done nothing else to the city car except raise the price tag. The second model brought by Smart and Brabus to the 2012 Beijing Motor Show was a cabriolet dubbed "Tailor Made." Apparently that just means pink and white with a touchscreen system. Check out both the Smart Fortwo Dragon Edition and Tailor Made Cabriolet, both on display now at Brabus' booth in Beijing.

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