Description: Besides from the typical car news updates, some of the talk around the CarBuzz office today has been the story about the Virginia woman who won the $1 million Powerball lottery twice on the same day. ...
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Mohd Aiman Taro King Apr 26, 2012
Aventador VS SLR Mclaren.How Aventador win thats insane
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 25, 2012
wtf.. also how do you expect a rwd car to win a short race..
Description: After taxes, the woman took home $1.4 million. That sounds like a lot, but when each of these cars cost at least $375,000 (the SLR went for $450k when it launched), that jackpot suddenly doesn't ...
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Tevin Xko Davis Apr 26, 2012
Not even a competition right there lol
Dave Stewart Apr 26, 2012
Grow up people. Enjoy the cars that's what actual car enthusiasts do enjoy vehicles not fight with people..Smh
Patrick Schalk Apr 25, 2012
A Toyota Yaris would show both of these who is boss.
Pablo Herasme Apr 25, 2012
Whoa then who the hell was that comment "supposively " directed to? If true, my apologies, but I wonder how Over-the-top pumped you were to say shit
Paul Brodrecht Apr 25, 2012
I think he was joking about the focus guys :P
Isaac Rezkalla Apr 25, 2012
Caleb if it was tanner foust focus then its under 3 seconds for sure
Alex O'Brian Apr 25, 2012
My ford Focus will smoke them both lol
Danny Gonzalez Apr 25, 2012
Both are my favorite but I rather stick with the Aventador :)
Isaac Rezkalla Apr 25, 2012
The aventador had a bad start too
Pablo Herasme Apr 25, 2012
If you listen closely, you can hear Honda Vtechs going off
Patrick Schalk Apr 25, 2012
I love the way SLR sounds but IMO it's probably one of the ugliest cars ever made. Ever.
Callum Mckay Apr 25, 2012
I want an SLR just to listen too it, gotta be the most menacing noise ever
Kenneth Williams Apr 25, 2012
If you know how to manage money and invest you can live off of 1.4 mil. You dang sure won't do it buying $400k super cars though. (if that were the case)
Sam Oglesby Apr 25, 2012
That's awd for you
Jason Brooks Apr 25, 2012
Lol BIG was playing too
Josh Burnickas Apr 25, 2012
No it's Dr.Dre you dumbass
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 25, 2012
awd. f autocorrect.
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 25, 2012
*awful. had to correct before anyone gets butthurt.
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 25, 2012
did he expect to beat a awful car..?
Scott Gracey Apr 25, 2012
Haha notorious big playin in the backround
uptown Apr 25, 2012
did that aventador hit a cone?
Pablo Herasme Apr 25, 2012
Nice win for the Aventador, but the SLR was my top dream car until 3 years ago, It still has a place in my heart.
David Harris Apr 25, 2012
Next time 1 mile or half a mile race 1/8 wtf
Lou Guerrero Apr 25, 2012
1.4 mil? Sure, buy 2 supercars. Why not?
Victor Castillo Apr 25, 2012
Good enough video.. Aventador is sick!
Sergio Abraham Cabada Braddy Apr 25, 2012
Shit video, c'mon 1/8 mile? Really?
Description: Still, we'd gladly take the money, but we decided that if the $1.4 million was in any of our bank accounts, we'd hold off on buying the supercar of our dreams. We're currently taking in...
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Paul Lissona Apr 26, 2012
A new 328i, couple other vehicles.
Travis Seaver Apr 25, 2012
A brand new g37 ipl would do the trick!😁
Phillip Holbrook Apr 25, 2012
John if you find a GTR for under six figures new pat yourself on the back. You're forgetting dealer markups.
Craig Lafey Apr 25, 2012
@Trent. Agreed. I'm with ya there 100%
Domenic Sergi Apr 25, 2012
Ariel Atom for under $50k would put a bigger smile on my face than a million dollar supercar.
John Kyle Doggett Apr 25, 2012
GT-R for less than 6 digits worth of cash and call it a day.
Trent Bourgeois Apr 25, 2012
Zr1+ retire at 18. Life done.
Hendrik Reimer Apr 25, 2012
Maybe because the lambo has launch control, awd, more hp, less weight, better technology,...
Rishi Sawla Apr 25, 2012
The slr got a headstart and still lost
John Serely Apr 25, 2012
I would take the aventador, but I really love the slr too