Description: Lotus recently arrived at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show and brought with them their fastest and most powerful model ever - the Evora GTE. This isn't the first time, however, that we have seen the p...
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Description: The China Limited Edition Lotus Evora GTE will be produced in only 118 units. It packs a 3.5-liter supercharged V6 engine rated at 444hp, just like its F1 counterpart. The motor is matched to a bespok...
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Trent Fiala Apr 25, 2012
Paddle shifters, that's what there called It has an automated clutch so it does the clutch for you when you click the paddle to shift which makes for much quicker shifting then a regular manual
Joe Fats Harper Apr 25, 2012
I meant that it uses a clutch instead of a torque converter.. No pedal on the floor, because it's controlled automatically
Will Revene Apr 25, 2012
It's a shiftable automatic. Normally it's an automatic, but there's a button or a switch or something that makes it so u can manually shift the gears. No clutch though.
Joe Fats Harper Apr 25, 2012
It essentially runs like an automatic, but it uses a clutch like a manual
Avery Williams Apr 25, 2012
That is as much horsepower as the Mustang Boss 302!
Ben Norton Apr 25, 2012
I think it's the flappy paddles
Rudolf Dassler Apr 25, 2012
What is an automated manual?
Matthew Reindorp Apr 26, 2012
Same... Didn't really like the evora it just looked to tame... But this? This and the F1 look awesome but not as good as the exige
Chris Penza Apr 25, 2012
I was never a fan of the ever at the beginning, but I love it with everything lotus is doing with it
Lewis Hall Apr 25, 2012
That's well nice
Brandon Lidy Apr 25, 2012
What ? The exige wins hands down
Dave Stewart Apr 26, 2012
Actually very good looking very
Ryan Kimmel Apr 25, 2012
Mansory wasn't mentioned here. Carbuzz seems to have a Mansory hard-on. I'm impressed. Great car. Color combo is spot on for these.
Dwayne Contadino Apr 25, 2012
My favorite lotus by leaps and bounds! That car is so freakin awesome!!
Bob Turefannt Apr 25, 2012
@Dillon, how do you not like the elise or the exige? They're small light and fast. What's not to like?
Dillon Magee Apr 25, 2012
The only Lotus I actually like.
xenozonda Apr 25, 2012
this looks amazing! awesome car
Brandon Lidy Apr 25, 2012
A Lnything can be well designed to beat anything
Jackson Michael Apr 25, 2012
I'm sure a well designed new supra could beat a V6 Mustang
Will Revene Apr 25, 2012
Haha compete with the pony cars with a Toyota? I wish u luck sir
Chris Dimattia Apr 25, 2012
Badass!! Supercharged Toyota V6 making 444hp. Please Toyota build a new Supra!! Give the pony cars some competition.
Tyson Stewart Apr 25, 2012
Usually not a big fan of Lodi but I'm really liking this!!
Rudolf Dassler Apr 25, 2012
Great looking ride.
Anders Schrøder Apr 25, 2012
Pure awesomeness.
Christo Savaides Apr 28, 2012
An Exige is not meant to be sat on!
Shivam Patnaik Apr 26, 2012
Brits drive on the left side of the road with right hand drive cars While the chinese drive on the right side of the road with left hand drive cars Lotus being British is showing a Brit driving a RHD car Now you know what you are missing "Knowledge"
Brandon Lidy Apr 25, 2012
Turns out the tv is a mirror
Chris Trotter Apr 25, 2012
The dude on the tv is in a right hand drive and the Lotus nearest the photographer is a left hand drive..Am I missing something?
Russ Sugar Apr 25, 2012
Look at that tool behind the wheel. Lol