Comments - Audi R8 e-tron Shocks on the Nurburgring

Published: Apr 25, 2012
Description: The Audi R8 e-tron has just been spotted running some hot laps on the vaunted Nurburgring track in Germany. The test mule features large 'e-tron' decals on the sides and windshield and is a ...
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Mike Truman Apr 25, 2012
It means to boast or brag
Description: Also different on the Audi R8 e-tron is that the rear window which usually shows off a V8, or if you are lucky, the V10, is covered up. The hood features a big hole for the cooling of the batteries. A...
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Quinn Conner Apr 25, 2012
E-tron isn't silent. Audi has been working on a soundbox for the car
John Serely Apr 25, 2012
it was kinda weird, because they are fast, but almost silent
John Serely Apr 25, 2012
I would want my supercar to be really loud, and sound good, but I'm sure having a near-silent car must be cool, at least for a while. Accelerating fast, but not hearing anything would certainly be unique. I saw a tesla roadster accelerate, and
Syafiq Hakim Apr 25, 2012
Dont worry if they made this audi e-tron..cuz u still can get the one that used petrol or diesel engine..this audi e-tron is just for backup if one day the fuel (non-renewable source) will probably's good u know to have electric cars..
Das Stig Apr 25, 2012
At least we know its got a range greater than 13 miles.
Chris Bridgers Apr 25, 2012
Im loving this lol
Justin Pedoto Apr 25, 2012
Audi why!?! Please keep this from happening
Ryan Kimmel Apr 25, 2012
But, a claim along the lines of 'I hate the whole concept of e-tron'. Come on. It's a modern & rather brilliant transition technology. Efforts to reduce petrol.
Ryan Kimmel Apr 25, 2012
So, I usually quip, quote, rep, or have a laugh here. The comments and 'it looks like' posts are usually juvenile but entertaining even insightful at times...
Ethan Amo Apr 25, 2012
I hate the whole concept of the e-tron...and if it ever goes into production, I'll know that Audi is out of their freakin mind.
Aislin Cooper Apr 25, 2012
I would drive a car that sounded like the Millennium Falcon
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 25, 2012
you know it sounds like the millennium falcon, right?
Tyler James Davis Apr 25, 2012
It's alright, but a prefer a nice engine than a battery, not fitting to drive around a RC supercar with just thr hissing of it's battery at work. Could be unnerving.
Zack Farmer Apr 25, 2012
This car its a testament to having a plug in supercar. we know now it even can run on the ring!
Jon Wheel Apr 25, 2012
Real pretty from this angle
Kev Berkel Apr 25, 2012
Nah I'm pretty sure Audi is releasing the car with different front and back wheels.
Abraham Mendoza Apr 25, 2012
Why are we talking about the rims?
Dillon Magee Apr 25, 2012
The rim in the front is ugly, the one in the rear isn't too bad.
Craig Lafey Apr 25, 2012
Wow. Aside from the 2 different rims I like it.
Jason Dannheim Apr 25, 2012
Zero rear visibility. Hope a back-up camera comes standard if that louvered window is production spec. The car seems just about ready since they're telling everyone what it is during development. I bet it'll be great but overshadowed by the 918.
Abraham Mendoza Apr 25, 2012
I'm pretty sure that's used to cool the massive batteries.
Jack Boekeloo Apr 25, 2012
Not a fan of the rear window at all! I would much rather see the rear window that the non electric R8 has!
David Johnson Apr 25, 2012
different front and rear wheels
Sam Oglesby Apr 25, 2012
That rear window is huge
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Apr 25, 2012
Well it has no monster engine, trans, or fuel tank so the net weight gain is not as bad as you think. And the massive gobs of torque make up for any additional mass.
Michael Beach Apr 25, 2012
That sucker has to weigh a crap load with all those batteries in it
John Serely Apr 25, 2012
@syafiq seriously? Read the article!!!
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Apr 25, 2012
80s style window louvers ftw
Stephen Cobbs Apr 25, 2012
Exhaust Pipes not required.
Michael Evans Apr 25, 2012
It forgot to shave those side burns
Kev Berkel Apr 25, 2012
Never been a fan of all the horizontal lines they use.. And the louvered rear window just amplifies it
John Serely Apr 25, 2012
I think it looks kinda cool with no exhaust pipes
Tanton Stoneman Apr 25, 2012
It just doesn't look right!
Forrest Wood Apr 25, 2012
It's so weird with no exhaust pipes lol