Comments - Toyota Brings a Trifecta of Concepts to Beijing

Published: Apr 24, 2012
Description: Toyota, as you can imagine, had a strong presence at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. The Japanese company featured 38 vehicles during the opening day proceedings and three concepts stood out from the res...
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Max Delena Apr 25, 2012
All these cars that you are about to see all have the same thing in common...........they're ugly
Abraham Mendoza Apr 24, 2012
Gosh, even I could design better than this.
Jeda Malik Apr 24, 2012
.. Blue is a future Camry .. Green one is matrix and the last one is a corolla ....
Mark A. Young Apr 24, 2012
Those lights are cool though. Like how it fades from blue to white.
Bob Turefannt Apr 24, 2012
It looks like a weasel.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Apr 24, 2012
I mean it looks like one from the front
Adithya Chandrasekhar Apr 24, 2012
So thats like an anime version of a prius
Description: Yundong suggests "movement upon clouds," the company's slogan in the Far East. Moving on to the Dear Qin concept, the hatchback and sedan both serve as previews for the company's l...
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Description: To further address China's growing need for greener cars, Toyota plans on launching a plug-in hybrid model by the end of this year and a full-electric model by 2013.
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Alan Tan May 21, 2012
Im a toyota fan here... But this just looks plain stupid...
Jake Fleissner Apr 24, 2012
Kill it with fire.
Bob Turefannt Apr 24, 2012
Even the back end is squinty!
Dylan Bruder Apr 24, 2012
Do us all a favor and crush it
Alan Tan May 21, 2012
This dont look that bad... But im just wondering how far the lights will shine...
Bob Turefannt Apr 24, 2012
The grill looks cool.
Logan Delony Apr 24, 2012
Whatever it is, it's horrendous.
Sam Oglesby Apr 24, 2012
More like a seat Ibiza
Ben Norton Apr 24, 2012
I think if this makes production it will look just like a fiesta
Michael Evans Apr 24, 2012
Love the wheels hate the Nissian taillights
Hank Austin Apr 24, 2012
Does the light seriously stretch all the way through the doorsill? Why? That's just plain stupidity
Devin Babyn Apr 24, 2012
All three of these look normal and decent from the sides. Then you see the front and back and it all goes to shit