Description: Mercedes-Benz has introduced its Viano Vision Diamond at the Beijing Motor Show, essentially a luxury van that has been set up to be chauffeur driven. The concept on show boasts a two-tone exterior pa...
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Shaun Conroy Apr 25, 2012
Definitely not for that kind of cargo!
Jackson Michael Apr 24, 2012's not that type of van
Mark A. Young Apr 24, 2012
If you were going to buy a van why pay extra for a good looking paint job if it's just going to get banged up?
Description: As you'd expect of a chauffeur-driven luxury van the interior has the right amount of extravagance. The chauffeur and passenger compartments are separated by a glass partition which along with th...
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Description: Top-of-the-line seating comes with heating, cooling and massage features, as well as calf benches and footrests. At the touch of a button, silver Champagne flutes appear in the glass holders ready to ...
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Adithya Chandrasekhar Apr 24, 2012
Yeah... I think its alcantara too
Rune Stallaert Apr 24, 2012
I'd prefer this over a Maybach, lol
Rudolf Dassler Apr 24, 2012
This is one great looking interior.
Jackson Michael Apr 24, 2012
You must have one tiny tv
Ben Norton Apr 24, 2012
That's a bigger tv than the one in my living room!
Rudolf Dassler Apr 24, 2012
Two seats, five cupholders...
Dylan Bruder Apr 24, 2012
How sweet would that be on a road trip