Description: The BMW i8 Concept Spyder has made its much-anticipated world premiere at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. BMW's latest concept features the company's new eDrive badging, set to adorn all their ...
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Nate Stephens Jun 08, 2012
It still has that BMW front. All BMWs have the same front. And thats why I'll never like BMW
Anthony Miller Apr 24, 2012
I read in motor trend today that they got rid of these doors and went with normal doors for the spyder
John Serely Apr 24, 2012
@justin CarBuzz said around 160k, but they could be wrong
Justin Routh Apr 24, 2012
@chris well over $100k i think
Chris Harrison Apr 23, 2012
does anyone know how much this will be in production?
Mark A. Young Apr 23, 2012
Still reminds me of a Badger.
Todd Randall Apr 23, 2012
Bring back the fluted neon blue trim BMW.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Apr 23, 2012
I would buy this over a six series if its in that price range
Thomas Mackey Apr 23, 2012
What else were you expecting?
Garrett Carpenter Apr 23, 2012
Spyder. Original...
Description: The Germans continue, saying "This technology ensures that electromobility with BMW eDrive offers a unique experience. This is because the full torque of the electric motor is available from a st...
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Jeremy Khew Apr 23, 2012
Flat torque on electric motor? The future of Motorsport will gonna be boring...
Description: When the engines are working in tandem, total power output is measured at 393hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. The i8 Concept Spyder sprints off the line from 0-62mph in 5.0 seconds and can reach an electro...
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Dan Rather Apr 24, 2012
Actually the Chinese basic unit of currency is the yuan. The yen is Japanese. And ¥250,000 would be about $ 37,500
Timothy Hooker Apr 23, 2012
Dang 100 mpg....sign me up...lets 250000 yen is what...20 dollars US
Thibault Leroy Apr 23, 2012
yea they mean that in all electric mode you can do 18 miles
Ben Arends Apr 23, 2012
It can travel "20mpg" ? Or 20 miles per charge??
Isaac Rezkalla Apr 23, 2012
Looks like my a$$
Jeepster Hemi Cusano Apr 23, 2012
Hello, my good man.
Thomas Beckert May 03, 2012
This is a really sweet car
statusone Apr 25, 2012
clean lines but they are going to have to tone it down WAY more if they wanna hit more than a niche.
Dillon Magee Apr 24, 2012
Very nice. Really futuristic looking.
Tevin Xko Davis Apr 23, 2012
Just blown by this beauty
Extremis Colson Apr 23, 2012
ethan hunt drives this on missions.
Bob Turefannt Apr 23, 2012
I'm kind of sad they axed the back seats.
Matt Piccolo Apr 23, 2012
@ Thomas... Whole car = SEXY
Josh Melhorn Apr 23, 2012
So beautiful! And those rims are brilliant!
Abdul Koli Sadik Koli Apr 23, 2012
There wudnt hav been any better wheels,,nice shit.
Ethan Amo Apr 23, 2012
I hate those wheels
Sean Carter May 11, 2012
Seen it in LA. Awesome
Drew Barkley Apr 25, 2012
The bmw i8 is a beast!!!ghost protocol han in a epic way
Tevin Xko Davis Apr 23, 2012
This is sweet but I question the doors. Would price drop a Lil if I wanted normal doors lol. Screw that I take it like that
Jack Ficke Apr 23, 2012
Haters gonna hate...
Jonathan Tjandra Apr 24, 2012
The spyder look a bit smaller than the base type
Tevin Xko Davis Apr 23, 2012
Brilliant piece of work
Jack Ficke Apr 23, 2012
That's what makes it do great!!!
Logan Delony Apr 23, 2012
IMO.. It's a bit too out there not saying that I don't like different cars. That's just. A bit too far.
Nate Stephens Jun 08, 2012
I don't like the front but the back is pretty nice looking
Michael M J Nyamai Jun 08, 2012
She is gorgeous!!
Tevin Xko Davis Apr 23, 2012
So epic, nd it looks a Lil Tron-ish a Lil
Jack Ficke Apr 23, 2012
Oooo mmmmmm gggggggg
Tevin Xko Davis Apr 23, 2012
Weird seats but wicked sweet style of choice
Theo Hubbard Apr 24, 2012
The sad part is that they will eventually get bashed into a curb :(