Description: 'S' and 'C'. Yes, those are the names that Honda decided to give their latest concepts, premiering today at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. While we appreciate Honda's simplicity...
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Christian De Prisco Apr 24, 2012
The S stands probably for sedan as in Honda Civic Sedan, it's a concept so no fuss about it, and the C is coupe as in Honda Accord or something Coupe. With all the effort gone in the design the name is not important
Patrick Joseph Apr 23, 2012
Haha knew how is correct. The Nsx and the s2000 WERE nice.
Patrick Schalk Apr 23, 2012
KNEW how Buddy. This thing is fugly!
Buddy Robinson Apr 23, 2012
They also know how to make beautiful cars: early NSX and s200 and accord
Ian Barger Apr 23, 2012
This thing is ugly!!!!! Honda knows how to make some really ugly cars!
Jackson Michael Apr 23, 2012
They are probably cameras.
Sonia Pardo Apr 23, 2012
I seriously dont understand how these concept cars have those side view mirrors how the f do those even work
wfdowns Apr 23, 2012
i hate hondas euro front end... its so freaking ugly
Matt Piccolo Apr 23, 2012
The front 's okay
Description: According to Honda (their words) 'C' stands for "Cool," "Challenge," and "China." They state that the concept's sporty design was inspired by the image of ...
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Patrick Joseph Apr 23, 2012
I say C is for crap and S stands for shit
Description: The 'S' will reach production and will go on sale first in China. However, it appears that Honda is interested in marketing it as a value-oriented people mover for a global market. It featur...
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Paul Lissona Apr 23, 2012
Yah there's almost no point to them anymore, unlike the 90's.
wfdowns Apr 23, 2012
except the s2k was never ment to be a permenant production model was just a limited run thing, wish they kept making it but yea honda is slowly dying there cars are so blah now
Kevin Rehbock Apr 23, 2012
More like after they discontinued the S2000.
Michael Beach Apr 23, 2012
After the 2012 civic came out, it was proof that Honda lost their heritage.
Tj Marten Apr 28, 2012
The hell is with those rims?
Patrick Joseph Apr 23, 2012
I find it interesting that you find it interesting. Why??
Sonia Pardo Apr 23, 2012
I find the color interesting tho
Bijan Jahanpanah Apr 23, 2012
The all new, Honda Fugly
Jonathan Tjandra Apr 23, 2012
All new Hyundai picanto taillight
Matt Piccolo Apr 23, 2012
An I rarely find Hondas ugly
Matt Piccolo Apr 23, 2012
Sorry Honda but this is terrible
Wm Matthew Love Apr 25, 2012
redo throw the concept in the trash thank you
Alexander Pecheny Apr 24, 2012
The frontend looks like a robots butt hole
Steven Wilson Apr 23, 2012
At least it has some character. It's better than the current bland stuff coming out of Honda (and Toyota).
Patrick Schalk Apr 23, 2012
This looks like Optimus Primes retarded little brother.
Mayjourio Demariel Pope Apr 23, 2012
Wtf! And I thought acura had a horrid front end...
Bob Turefannt Apr 23, 2012
It looks... Interesting.
Jordan Smith Apr 23, 2012
This looks horrendous. Who drew that front end and thought it looked good? It's way to busy.
Phillip B Jong Apr 23, 2012
every line is straight except for the hood + rear 1/4... the confusion makes me nauseous
Janak Solanki Apr 23, 2012
I guess the designers didn't know when to put their pencils down
Scott Gracey Apr 23, 2012
The front looks angry
Colby Church Apr 23, 2012
It looks decent for a Honda, but they have worn that ugly wheel design out. Those are on the accord right now and also the civic I believe.
Jonathan Tjandra Apr 23, 2012
Too much curve for the front
Devin Babyn Apr 23, 2012
This is trying way to hard
Sonia Pardo Apr 23, 2012
Im not liking all the chrome around the honda sign, but this is really nice
Garrett Frye Apr 23, 2012
That's how the mirrors are on almost every concept car until just before production
Joe Fats Harper Apr 23, 2012
Somehow I don't think the Feds will allow them to have mirrors that small on a production model, if it goes to production
wfdowns Apr 23, 2012
its would be real sharp if they fixed tha front mainly the emblem chrom going across the whole front threw the headlights
Matt Piccolo Apr 23, 2012
I like this one, has a nice shape to it... The front bumper and grill are a bit crazy, but toned down, I think it would look great
Matt Sarsich Apr 24, 2012
Hyundai lookin ahh!!! I know it's a concept but really??? Mugen should be in the body styling and I bet you that Honda will go up on sales. I promise you
Tom Mcleod Apr 23, 2012
The previous picture had the car angled so that it made the front nose slope look sleek and sporty.. This angle makes it look like another snub-nosed beluga whale type design. I hate them. Camry started that trend a few years back and it's out there.
Oscar Galvan Apr 23, 2012
Definitely has the Acura front enr
wfdowns Apr 23, 2012
from this angle anyway
wfdowns Apr 23, 2012
it looks like the current ugly acura front end
Matt Piccolo Apr 23, 2012
I like the stance, front still looks over done
Carlton Salmon Apr 24, 2012
@ Carlton. Body like Baywatch, face like Crimewatch! Lmao!
Alexander Pecheny Apr 24, 2012
Back reminds me of AMG Benz too much
Scott Gracey Apr 23, 2012
Hahaha been there
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Apr 23, 2012
Reminds me of a girl I saw in the mall. That rear is sexxy. Got a look at the front..... So much disappointment
Matt Piccolo Apr 23, 2012
I'm liking the back, looks good.