Posted on: Apr 23, 2012
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Peugeot Urban Crossover Concept Unveiled at Beijing

We should learn more about the compact concept crossover in the coming months.
Peugeot will be showcasing its latest interpretation of a compact Crossover at this week's Beijing Motor Show.

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Targeting a new generation of city dwellers, international teams from Style Peugeot in Paris, Shanghai and Sao Paulo have come up with the Urban Crossover Concept that combines "agility, compactness, muti-role ability and confident styling." At 4.14m long and 1.74m wide, it's longer than a Peugeot 208 but shorter than a 3008 and supposedly marries the robustness of a modern SUV with the refinement and elegance of a saloon and the versatility of a large vehicle. No powertrain details have been released, and we remain in the dark about any of the car's other features.
Peugeot also intend to bring the crossover concept to the Paris Motor Show in September, so we expect to get the full lowdown in the coming months.


by Adam Lynton
Peugeot Urban Crossover Concept Unveiled at Beijing

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