Description: The Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Roadster made its official debut back in March at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, and now the fastest, most powerful convertible on the road has made its Asian debut in Beijing ...
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Christian De Prisco Apr 24, 2012
I look forward to 2013 ChinaEd. Viper for the year of the snake, and also 2014 ChinaEd. Ferrari for the year of the horse, but most of all I think car companies got it wrong, they displayed a herd of cars this year and the year of the sheep is 2015..
Kenneth Williams Apr 23, 2012
How to put it in words. Hmm. If you look at the other pic of the gas cap with the dragon on it, the dragon is raised so it sticks out like it was stamped from the other side. Kinda like a 3D impression. That's relief.
George Feghali Apr 23, 2012
Im just curious what does porcelain dragon relief mean???
Christian De Prisco Apr 23, 2012
We all had way long too much
David Eslava Apr 23, 2012
IS IT REALLY THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON??!! I had no clue at all!!
Justin Routh Apr 24, 2012
@Cory how could they be doing that to recoupe for the cost if they cost $6 mill to make and theyre charging $2 million? Theyre losing more money
Nick Rios Apr 24, 2012
Sick of bugattis? Now that's an oxymoron
Cory Deines Apr 23, 2012
Bugatti loses over $6 million on each Veyron they sell so they're building all these special editions to try and recoup the loss.
Jack Hufford Apr 23, 2012
Dear bugatti: I have your next trillion dollar idea. Try a truck. A REAL truck. Ya know, 4x4, antilock, crew cab, NO LEATHER\CHROME, rugged, etc. I want to see a challenge accepted from y'all at bugatti.
rockstarTc Apr 23, 2012
Wow im getting real sick of Bugatti, cant they make something that is actually original and not just a new paint job.
Justin Routh Apr 23, 2012
I agree matthew. Sounds pretty cool to me as long as it doesnt beat the 458 lol
Matthew Reindorp Apr 23, 2012
I think something more entry level... Like MP4-12C sort of power range... Anyone else?
Phillip Fitchew Apr 23, 2012
Well... Cut them a little break. Sang Noirs, Super Sports, Wei Longs, and everything else taken into account, there are 350 Veyrons. That's not a lot.
Thomas Mackey Apr 23, 2012
Completely agree with you. Costs more to make than they sell it for so that money is a waste already. It's popular so expand on that. 4 door? Lower entry maybe? Veyron is losing that cool, rare factor.
Thomas Mackey Apr 23, 2012
Not original anymore. You can't make 100 editions out of a car that "was" unique. Veyron has lost that flair.
Brandon Lidy Apr 23, 2012
Yeah. Bugatti is like a kid who can't get over his first girlfriend
Joe Fats Harper Apr 23, 2012
And here we have another one-off special edition that looks exactly the same as every other one-off special edition that they make..
Description: The specs of the fastest production roadster on the planet are worth revisiting. It cranks out 1,200hp and 1,106lb-ft of torque from its record-breaking Veyron SuperSports 7.9-liter W16 engine complet...
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msschmitty Apr 23, 2012
it actually has a slower 0-60
Description: As per the one-off Bugatti Veyron L'Or Blanc, which was recently spotted in Paris, the one-off Grand Sport Wei Long 2012 was developed with Konigliche Porzellan Manufaktur (KPM) Berlin boasting d...
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Colt Wilson Apr 24, 2012
One day I will just get to drive one but don't want to own one
Justin Routh Apr 23, 2012
Dont like veyrons but this is another one that looks really good
Matthew Reindorp Apr 23, 2012
Didn't they say porcelain dragon inside and out? Am I being blind?
Janak Solanki Apr 23, 2012
Looks really classy with that color combo
Matthew Mckernan Apr 23, 2012
The white on red looks really good, personally though I'd prefer it with carbon fiber down the middle and hood with some dark grey multispoke pur sang rims. But that's just me dreaming.
Thibault Leroy Apr 23, 2012
nice i like the red interior
Joe Fats Harper Apr 23, 2012
I've never seen white before!
Tanton Stoneman Apr 23, 2012
Oooohhhh, a Bugatti with a "unique" paint job.
Danyaal Farooq Apr 23, 2012
The rims are cool....just a little shouty I guess
Logan Delony Apr 23, 2012
Yeah diggin the rims
John Serely Apr 23, 2012
I cannot say I an a fan of the rims
Lambo Turley Apr 23, 2012
I spy with my little eye a well placed piece of carbon fibre :D
Joe Fats Harper Apr 23, 2012
Because when you spend absurd amounts of money on something, they put in ridiculous things.. One wonders if they might buy solid gold toilet seats...
Danyaal Farooq Apr 23, 2012
Silk floor mats?!? Whatever
Brandon Carr Apr 23, 2012
A person who has a veyron hires people for that.... Don't worry
AM Odessit Apr 23, 2012
On the bright side, you dnt need to wipe off the blood
Logan Delony Apr 23, 2012
Looks so fast like that!
Kenneth Williams Apr 23, 2012
Those wheels go well.
Wilson LaFaver Apr 23, 2012
I like that color
Wilson LaFaver Apr 23, 2012
That interior looks a lot better than the all red one
Paul Lissona Apr 23, 2012
Perfect for a Chinese mafia.
Salvador Ortega Padilla Apr 23, 2012
Perfecto para un mafioso chino