Comments - Hadoken! Chrysler 300 Ruyi Concept Arrives in China

Published: Apr 23, 2012
Description: Chrysler showed up to the 2012 Beijing Motor Show with a concept model based on the 300C sedan. The 300 Ruyi Design Concept features new styling and some luminescent lighting on the interior for a coo...
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Evan Wolfe Apr 24, 2012
Ryu? There's a Ryu Hyabusa in Ninja Gaiden & DOA
Kenneth Williams Apr 24, 2012
Prosperity and Chrysler in the same sentence??
Phillip Greene Apr 23, 2012
Ha u kidding? An interior shot of an american car? The carbuzz servers would crash
Brendon Davis Apr 23, 2012
Where's the interior shot?
Abraham Mendoza Apr 23, 2012
Because its almost spelled the same as "Ryu".
Evan Wolfe Apr 23, 2012
Hadoken? What does Street Fighter have anything to do with this car? What about "Shoryuken"?
Paul DeYarman Apr 24, 2012
Who else is sick about hearing about all this year of the dragon bullcrap?
Josh Carter Apr 23, 2012
thats a car id like to have srt 8
Jordan Smith Apr 23, 2012
I like it. It looks classy. Especially with that slick paint job.
Barry Boo Wilson Apr 23, 2012
Those wheels are awesome! Need some for my ol ladies 300
wfdowns Apr 23, 2012
yea think they got that idea from lexus was supposed to keep it awa from the exhaust heat and any leaking fluids... cause under an intake manifold ontop of an engine block dosent get hot, back on subject ive never like chrysler looks but there interiors are always confortable as hell and only common prob ive ever run into is there suspension dies quickly
Clint Edwards Apr 23, 2012
Oh yeah, gotta love a northstar. Lets put the starter under the intake. At least you can burn for weeks without running out. It's a 4.7 that holds, what, 7 quarts?
wfdowns Apr 23, 2012
yea thats a cadi that and burn oil like its gas specially them northstar v8
Clint Edwards Apr 23, 2012
@wfdowns we had an old DeVille in awhile back, intermittent short to interior lighting. That freakin car ate my lunch, around a solid day and a half chasing wires
wfdowns Apr 23, 2012
yea but i was reffering to just this specific model, and i would take this over a cadillac, at least when the suspension breaks i know what broke on a chrysler, cadi are just electrical nightmares, i cant stress how many hours i have spent chasing shorts in cadi at my job would never wanna own one
Lee Gardner Apr 23, 2012
@wfdowns dont they still make the 300c
Abraham Mendoza Apr 23, 2012
I've ignored Chysler for a while, but ever since they got that new interior, better design, more money to work with, I can't anymore.
Bob Turefannt Apr 23, 2012
I've never really been a fan of the 300. I think it looks ugly and it is an auto. I would much rather have a cts.
Matt Piccolo Apr 23, 2012
I totally agree, this is a million times better than the old one, but this looks odd, an I hate the rims too
Victor Takhanov Apr 23, 2012
those rims are actually really nice.
wfdowns Apr 23, 2012
i never liked them but gotta admit that the new one look a million times better then the old, i think all chrysler are ugly and i mean the chrysler cars not the entire company i like dodge and jeep but chrysler car interior are confortable as hell
Thomas Mackey Apr 23, 2012
How was it ugly? 300 looks great stock.
wfdowns Apr 23, 2012
so they made the 300 not as ugly but now its slow... why no hemi?
Description: The big Chinese-market sedan features a Maximum Steel finish complemented by dark chrome accents on the door handles and grille, while a polished finished gives the front-end a unique look. Tinted win...
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Description: Motivation comes in the form of a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 matched to an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The Chrysler 300 Ruyi Concept is currently on display at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show.
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Jerry Cole Apr 23, 2012
I would love an 8spd manual with about 4.12 final drive ratio.. Would be fun to play with on the highways..
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Apr 23, 2012
300s are pretty nice but I would never get anything with that crappastar v6
Rudolf Dassler Apr 23, 2012
Looks great, both car and rims...
Theo Hubbard Apr 24, 2012
Maybe the rims are a bit too large......
Alanda Burroughs Apr 23, 2012
When you can start complaining about the exhaust being too're definitely desperate to find something negative to say.
Carlton Salmon Apr 23, 2012
22s? Don't mind if I do...
Carlton Salmon Apr 23, 2012
Good luck trying to clean the dead insects out of this.
Nick Schnee Apr 23, 2012
The normal300C's grille looks way better...
Jake Fleissner Apr 24, 2012
Looks like a cheese grader
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Apr 23, 2012
@Carlton I 2nd that.
Carlton Salmon Apr 23, 2012
Liking the wheels very much.
Jordan Smith Apr 23, 2012
That leather looks delicious.
Anthony J. Mitchell Apr 24, 2012
@carlton you have no idea wtf you are talking about. No fail here, this vehicle has exceptional quality and improvement over last gen. The only epic fail here is your piss poor comment.
Phillip Greene Apr 24, 2012
Its called afordable just cuz its not a $90k cars it can be nice wtf is that?
Abraham Mendoza Apr 23, 2012
The interior isn't that bad guys. And compared to the last gen, its like a friggin Bentley.
Tim Preisinger Apr 23, 2012
It's not the best interior... But it's in no way an epic fail lol
Alanda Burroughs Apr 23, 2012
@ Carlton. Epic fail? Dude you're joking right? It may no be overly styled, but there's nothing "failing" or 90's about this interior. Give me a break dude.
Phillip Greene Apr 23, 2012
Yeah im just gona say that to the german guy youv obviously never actualy been in one of these and yeah I know you think your e class is just miles better but just cuz it doesnt cost 90k doeznt make it cheap its actualy really nice not caddy nice but nothing but a caddy is caddy nice
Matt Piccolo Apr 23, 2012
Yea I'm loving the gauges and the clock (I really like the blue) but other than that, this isn't special, not bad, but not amazing
Jimmy Williams Apr 23, 2012
Chrysler has the talent of making new models look vastly improved, yet badly outdated after only one yer. And this is coming from a diehard Chrysler fan.
wfdowns Apr 23, 2012
it may not be amazing looking but they have one of the most confortable interiors
Carlton Salmon Apr 23, 2012
Between the info screen and the central armrest NO effort has been made to the design whatsoever and that's really annoyed me! All the attention has gone on the exterior - which looks great - and inside looks like a 90s minicab! Epic fail!
Rudolf Dassler Apr 23, 2012
Agreed, but the rest looks kinda cheap... And I'm not hating!
Matt Piccolo Apr 23, 2012
Honestly I agree lmao, I love the gauges
Shaylen Kumar Patel Apr 23, 2012
This is the best part of the car IMO
Patrick Schalk Apr 23, 2012
Hope they don't think those are the blinkers. They wouldn't use them anyway even if they were.
Ben Arends Apr 23, 2012
Those are some interesting Chinese words.