Description: At the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, the E90 M3 made its first public appearance, but was lightly disguised as a concept. Six months later the first and likely only M3 with a V8 engine (bar past racing M3s)...
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Description: Installing a V8 engine in an iconic BMW model was probably a traumatic experience for traditionalists, but a happy one for Teutonic engineers who had been wanting more horsepower for their most import...
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Stephen Tyler Learn Apr 22, 2012
The v8 was less not the v10
Dave Stewart Apr 22, 2012
Amazing how a v-10 can weigh less then a I6
Das Stig Apr 22, 2012
Jeff koons if correct
Description: Acceleration from a standing start to 62 mph took 4.8 seconds and top speed was once again electronically limited to 155 mph. A six-speed manual gearbox came standard and an optional seven-speed Getra...
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Description: The kidney grill received a treatment that softened its corners and the headlamps were elegantly built into the bodywork and were made of two halogen bulbs. The front bumper received three air intakes...
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Harry Collins Apr 23, 2012
As it's clearly British Touring Car Championship which means it's probably a 320i
Abraham Mendoza Apr 22, 2012
It's probably a 335i touring car.
Corbin Englund Apr 22, 2012
Pretty sure this isn't an M...
Paul Lissona Apr 22, 2012
I like e90 I need to try a 2012 now ha.
Description: More weight was saved by using a high-performance braking system with compound discs. The rear axle was equipped with the variable M differential lock which could provide up to 100 percent locking pow...
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Description: This further reduced total weight and contributed significantly to a reduced center of gravity which improved cornering performance. As with previous generations, the new M3 couldn't avoid the ra...
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Vito Portanova Apr 22, 2012
Awesome!! You can really hear that v8 exhaust with the top down.
Description: The GT2 version boasts a 500hp engine and that power unit propelled it to overall victory at the 2010 24 Hours at the Nurburgring and numerous other prestigious races. An M3 GTS, directed toward club ...
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Description: With a new M3 due to arrive sometime next year, the E90/91/92 will forever be remember as the only M3 generation equipped with a V8 in all versions, regardless of whether it was for the road o...
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Kenneth Williams Apr 22, 2012
And don't forget the 8 series and the Z8. Come on buzz I loved it but I crave moar!!!
Chris Summers Apr 22, 2012
How can this be the end? Why wouldn't you mention the fact that the M Division developed the naturally aspirated v12 that propelled the McLaren F1 to such fame!
Oscar Galvan Apr 22, 2012
The should have talked about the other models but the m3 is considered the best, Their iconic car.
Patrick Joseph Apr 22, 2012
BMW M evolution series? More like the m3 evolution series.
Stephen Tyler Learn Apr 22, 2012
This will probably go on for 17 articles just like the corvette one
Aislin Cooper Apr 22, 2012
Best article series so far. But it would have been nice to talk about all the M cars like the M5 and M6 instead of only the M3. But it was great anyway
Bijan Jahanpanah Apr 22, 2012
They should put a turbo and a supercharger in it… would be kind of cool expensive though
Lou Guerrero Apr 23, 2012
Sedan has tougher lines than the coupe. It'd be my choice.
Abraham Mendoza Apr 22, 2012
I really love this car, I only wish it had more torque.
Dave Stewart Apr 22, 2012
Every BMW is so well designed m series are one of my favorite car models beautiful cars.
Phillip Holbrook Apr 22, 2012
He meant phat not fat
Oscar Galvan Apr 22, 2012
Favorite of all BMW so far not fat
Oscar Galvan Apr 22, 2012
Fav out of all the BMW so fat
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Apr 22, 2012
I'm going to miss this M3 with that NA V8
Nick El-Khoury Apr 22, 2012
That's a beauty.
Kenneth Williams Apr 23, 2012
Go hard or go home
Nick El-Khoury Apr 22, 2012
Alright Kenneth, so two GTS's. Does anyone else want one? Might as well get a life sentence while making at least a few people happy.
Kenneth Williams Apr 22, 2012
I'd give you a pass of you got me one too. Lol
Nick El-Khoury Apr 22, 2012
You're probably right. Murder is pretty frowned upon.
Nick El-Khoury Apr 22, 2012
I would kill for this GTS.
Dave Stewart Apr 22, 2012
Mmmm flush n sexy