Posted on: Apr 21, 2012
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Spied: BMW M135i Lapping the Nurburgring

The high-performance hot-hatch was last seen in concept trim at Geneva.
In a recent chat with Car & Driver Magazine, president of BMW's M division, Friedrich Nitschke, confirmed two things about that the upcoming M135i, recently displayed in concept trim at the Geneva Motor Show. One, that it won't be coming to the US, and two that the N55 320hp six-cylinder turbocharged hot-hatch will be offered to the rest of the world with an optional AWD (as well as a choice of automatic and manual gearboxes).
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These spy shots show the M135i prototype in light camouflage, poorly hiding the fact that it's the (as yet unofficial) 3-door hatch, during some quick laps around the Nurburgring in Germany.

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by Adam Lynton
Spied: BMW M135i Lapping the Nurburgring

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