Description: For two years after the end of the second generation M3, no one could lay a hand on a new M3. The reason why was because the third generation was still being designed and developed and was released to...
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Description: People had to wait another seven months before the commercial launch. When it finally came, they discovered a car equipped with the inline-six, 3.2-liter S54 engine with 343hp and 269lb-ft of torque. ...
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Das Stig Apr 22, 2012
Well what about the z3 m then?
Jackson Michael Apr 21, 2012
I feel like they are doing it in order of the numbers, so next will be the m5, then the m6
Das Stig Apr 21, 2012
Theres my engine but wheres my car? Probably should've called the evolution of the m3. I was so excited for my very to be on car buzz. Now I have nothing to live for besides my car.
Barney Sakhai Apr 21, 2012
Long live the short lived car!
Description: The engine control unit was specially developed for the M3 with a multiprocessor system that included two 32 bit microcontrollers and two timing coprocessors. All told, it computed power of 25 million...
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Description: The M3 accelerates from a standing start to 62 mph in just 5.2 seconds and just 5.4 seconds from 50 to 75 mph in fourth gear. A special switch, the M Driving Dynamic Control, allowed drivers to select...
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Description: And only a few months later the new M3 convertible was launched. In 2001 a racing version under the GTR moniker made its debut in the U.S. and was equipped with a 4.0-liter 450hp V8 engine. It was rac...
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Description: The body was also similar to the racing version with the roof, rear wing, and front and rear aprons made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic to save weight. The M3 GTR also received a Sequential M Gear...
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Description: The engine generated 360hp as the power-to-weight ratio stood at only 8.5 lbs. for every 1 horsepower. The classic sprint from a standing start to 62 mph lasted 4.9 seconds and zero to 124 mph took 16...
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Scott Gracey Apr 23, 2012
Yeah i often wondered that too, German cars, home of the autobahn, and they limit the top speed, a bit funny
Dave Stewart Apr 22, 2012
So people don't do more on the streets
Dan Rather Apr 22, 2012
I've heard it was a self imposed gentlemen's agreement among German manufacturers to prevent the government to impose a speed limit on the autobahn. I believe the limiter is up to the manufacturers discretion
Omar Al-Rushaid Apr 21, 2012
Why every bmw is limited to 155mph ?
Nick El-Khoury Apr 21, 2012
Hp numbers and 0-62 times are a great way to win an argument. But to win in a race, its how this car performs in the bends. A perfect 50-50 weight distribution and the LSD really sets it apart and hardly any set of numbers can tell you that story.
Description: The E46 M3 was also sold with a Competition Package (ZCP) that was based on the CSL (which was never sold in the U.S.). The Competition Package was introduced for 2005 and it offered a $4,000 option p...
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Dave Stewart Apr 22, 2012
Id take any of the 3... All sexy
Justin Routh Apr 21, 2012
I love the m3 but the viper is a monster. Id have to take the viper
Das Stig Apr 21, 2012
E46 is my favorite body style of the m3.
Dillon Magee Apr 21, 2012
M3 is great, but I would take the Viper.
Lou Guerrero Apr 21, 2012
I love the e46 m3 but I'm a Viper man. That car couldn't be stopped.
Oscar Galvan Apr 21, 2012
I would take any of them
John Serely Apr 21, 2012
Hm...I'd take either BMW over the viper
Kenneth Williams Apr 21, 2012
Man that's a nice picture
Joshua Maghiar Apr 21, 2012
The BMW in Fast and Furious wasn't an M3. It was an M5 replica... In other words they just took a regular 5 series and made it look M5ish. Although I agree it has a similar paint scheme. A god-awful paint scheme!
Nick Sti Apr 21, 2012
Nice fitment, flush without lots of camber
Kenneth Williams Apr 21, 2012
Phoenix yellow. Or green. I forget but I like it.
Paul Lissona Apr 21, 2012
We've had two e46, I think e36 looks great too.
Dylan Bruder Apr 21, 2012
This was the best looking 3 series they've made
Jason Johnson May 09, 2012
I would literally give my left nut to have that car. Any owners want to take me up on the offer?
Nick El-Khoury Apr 21, 2012
God that street GTR looks like a complete beast.
Kenneth Williams Apr 21, 2012
I need to be rich like right now. Weres my lotto ticket... Lol
Lou Guerrero Apr 22, 2012
with rods, pistons and lower the compression ratio while running E85 to burn cooler and keep it from detonating itself into a paper weight. Personally, I'd love to have a turbo 95 3.0 M3. Not a fan of the vanos system for reliable, track-able boost.
Lou Guerrero Apr 22, 2012
We have some geniuses willing to boost a high strung motor with 11.5:1 CR. Feasible? Of course but if it's on stock internals keep it low with high octane. 110 to be safe. If you're smart you'd rebuild it to support the higher pressure.
wfdowns Apr 22, 2012
k cause i as confused since its a straight six and nothing is aluminum on the bottom end so i was pretty sure it would be fine but im not huge on bmw so i wasent gonna argue
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Apr 21, 2012
Lou has no clue what he's talking about he's just trying to hate
wfdowns Apr 21, 2012
idk maybe my bud got lucky he has a leguna seca blue m3 and its been boosted for like 5 yrs now and hasent had a prob.. but he only using 11lbs of boost
jberaza Apr 21, 2012
way to ruin this beautiful car with those ugly ass DUB rims.
Lou Guerrero Apr 21, 2012
Lol @ boosting an S54. Enjoy your rebuilds sir.
Hans Wangsness Apr 21, 2012
Yup. Stock rims are beautiful.
Dave Stewart Apr 22, 2012
Beautiful. Simply.
wfdowns Apr 21, 2012
oh they are cause thats a csl and has special tires, when u bought one u had to sign a waver saying u understand the tires basically will only work when its hot
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Apr 21, 2012
Those tyres look expensive
Nick El-Khoury Apr 21, 2012
Everything great you've heard about it, is true. Putting it in neutral and lifting the parking brake lever is literally the hardest part of my day.
Kenneth Williams Apr 21, 2012
I see them all the time for sale around here but I wouldn't buy one because they all seem to be around that 75-100K mark were its time to perform a bunch of maintenance and people probably get rid of them because they realize how much it's gonna cost
Carlton Salmon Apr 21, 2012
Becoming increasing hard to find one. Fortunate to have been for a spin in one - lovely induction noise. Great car and very collectible.
Walker Carroll Apr 21, 2012
My favorite car.