Comments - BMW Joy Concept is the Ultimate All-Terrain-Buggy

Published: Apr 21, 2012
Description: Blending elements of the BMW Isetta with ATV capabilities and monster truck styling, designer Andrus Ciprian has created a vehicle that has a purely fun-loving nature. Speaking with diseno-art, Andrus...
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Description: The aim of the BMW Joy concept was to create a vehicle that could handle a variety of terrain, from sand and gravel to mud and asphalt. From the renderings, it seems to also be a pretty handy off-road...
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Garrett Carpenter Apr 21, 2012
Anything can be rendered to look good off roading...
Cody Matthews Apr 22, 2012
@clark it's not a vw bug at all...
Paul Lissona Apr 22, 2012
Yes I totally see isetta, there's one at Escondido Brecht BMW.
Clark Thompson Apr 22, 2012
It's an old VW bug with big tires
Andrew Hossann Apr 21, 2012
Doesn't even look street legal
Oscar Galvan Apr 21, 2012
I guess when they mean all terrain that includes air ;)
Robert Shurtz Apr 21, 2012
Lol it's computer graphic, how are they gonna know it works if you do by computer
Edgar Jauregui Apr 21, 2012
Shut up and take my money!
Jerrel TioFelix Neal Apr 21, 2012
It just looks so damn happy.
Cody Jacques Apr 21, 2012
BMW clearly has a 5 year old working for them.
Janak Solanki Apr 21, 2012
That looks bitchin! Go for it!
Jplassaras Apr 21, 2012
This is probably the dumbest idea ever
Eddie Fernandes Apr 21, 2012
There driving on the wrong side look at the stop sign haha
Lou Guerrero Apr 21, 2012
A 1200cc superbike engine with a sequential tranny would be a riot in this. Approved!
Ghee Buttersnaps Apr 21, 2012
That's one of the coolest things I've ever seen!
Sam Oglesby Apr 21, 2012
I want one were do I sign
Carlton Salmon Apr 21, 2012
Imagine the huge grin on your face every time you got behind the wheel of one of these? Pure joy indeed.
Clint Edwards Apr 21, 2012
It'd make no sense if it was, in mud the treads would never clean out
Brandon Lidy Apr 21, 2012
I think the tread I supposed to be that way
Patrick Joseph Apr 21, 2012
Photoshopped. Oh really wow. Thanks for pointing this out Sherlock Holmes.
Dom Nolan Apr 21, 2012
It's just the bubble car with rally tires
Quinn Elliott Apr 21, 2012
Photoshopped !!!!!
Robert Neel Apr 21, 2012
Anyone notice that the tire tread is backwards in every picture?
John Serely Apr 21, 2012
Haha I bet this would be a blast to drive
Andrew Palmer Apr 21, 2012
Like the idea...daily driver alternative for commuters?
Rocky Rocker Apr 21, 2012
If you took a new VW, you'd have about the same
Ethan Amo Apr 21, 2012
Looks like a bubble car...with big wheels
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Apr 21, 2012
Isettas are pretty roomy inside For one person lol
Kenneth Williams Apr 21, 2012
Yea that looks like a lot of fun.
Clint Edwards Apr 21, 2012
I'd drive the hell outta this thing, provided I could fit inside
drew May 06, 2012
you could get the same effect by jacking a beetle up two feet
drew Apr 29, 2012
it looks like an offoad beetle
Nick Benz Apr 21, 2012
@fracois if you read the article and actually looked at the picture you would know that this is a single seater.
Francois Joannette Apr 21, 2012
@Matt the isetta IS a two seat...!!
Matt Sutton Apr 21, 2012
If they made a two seater version, this would be a great camping vehicle. Maybe a small rugged trailer to hold your gear
Andy Kleschick Apr 21, 2012
fix the front and this thing is awesome!!
Pompey Paul Apr 21, 2012
I hate the test sticker
Aaron Flanagan Apr 21, 2012
Please make this!!!
Tanner Middleton Apr 22, 2012
is that spoiler nessasary
Matthew Crighton Apr 22, 2012
Since there is less gravity on mars u would need more downforce of somekind than u would need on earth.
Jimmy Nordloh Apr 21, 2012
Mars does have an atmosphere. There would still be a need for downforce
Nick Benz Apr 21, 2012
You could just have a couple booster rockets pushing down instead
Paul Roberts Apr 21, 2012
You don't need a spoiler in space there's no air!