Description: Land Rover is bringing a special edition Range Rover Evoque to the 2012 Beijing Motor Show and they are teasing their new model with the biggest tease of the all - Victoria Beckham.
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Sam Oglesby Apr 20, 2012
Yeh a real tease
Description: Mrs. Goldenballs (seriously, that is L.A. Galaxy soccer star David Beckham's nickname) already has a special edition Range Rover Evoque named after her, so it should be exciting to see what she a...
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Patrick Hines Apr 20, 2012
Seriously "2012 Women's World Cup Car of the Year" and no one has a comment... sad
Allen Beattie Apr 22, 2012
Wow she's almost smiling in this photo, didn't recognise her without the pout
Henz Herrero Apr 20, 2012
Wow.. What a frikkin hater.. What did she ever done to you.. Shes not even that flashy unlike some of the celebs..
Vito Portanova Apr 20, 2012
Not hating at all. Just stating the fact. I like a lil curve to my woman. A healthy look. Boobs and a butt. Lol and not fake looking. My gf perfect for me... PS there's a reason why David slept with a curvy woman ;) he likes them too.
Brandon Lidy Apr 20, 2012
She does look rather fake. A tad brittle too
Rick Ross Apr 20, 2012
Vito is clearly jealous of David Beckham.
Anil Mehta Apr 20, 2012
Maybe the special Evoque is designed for stick insects?
Michael Gallagher Apr 20, 2012
I don't understand what she did to help create the car. Let alone, I wouldnt buy the car if she helped create it or design it in the first place.
Avery Williams Apr 20, 2012
@Vito Aww...somebody's a little hater.
Dan Ruth Apr 20, 2012
She could use a little meat on her bones, i agree.
Raymond Reynoso Apr 20, 2012
Damn Vito really hates The Spice Girls
Logan LeMonnier Apr 20, 2012
She doesn't look that bad. Better then a lot of them. She's gorgeous though
Vito Portanova Apr 20, 2012
She looks so fake and weak. Her nose her cheeks and god knows what else she's done. Go eat a steak u poor woman. I'm sure ur Wack ass husband could afford it. Geez.
Tyler Wallace Feb 26, 2013
She got some titties fareal
Abraham Mendoza Apr 21, 2012
I thought she wasn't supposed to wear those anymore?
Abel Carrera Apr 20, 2012
Where's da booty???
Hank Austin Apr 20, 2012
@Rami they're both gorgeous
Doe John Apr 20, 2012
Tits on a stick... perfection!
Anil Mehta Apr 20, 2012
Oh dear! Well I suppose the car looks phat?
jberaza Apr 20, 2012
She needs to eat something!
Taylor J. Blake Apr 20, 2012
This picture has been on carbuzz for over a year..
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Apr 20, 2012
Great driving shoes. The only thing those shoes are good for is standing on your tippy toes and maybe bending over the hood.
Igor Natsioks Apr 20, 2012
Eat something woman!!
Rami Wilson Apr 20, 2012
She's alright. The range rover isn't.
Omar Al-Rushaid Apr 20, 2012
Her foot .. That looks painful