Description: In 1990, BMW launched a new 3 Series based on the E36 platform. Two years later the series was complemented with the M3. This version wasn't as charismatic as its predecessor, however. Its appear...
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Nick El-Khoury Apr 20, 2012
The inline six remains in use to this very day. A testament to how solid a foundation it sets for refinement and innovation.
Cory Poteet Apr 21, 2012
@Lou; I didn't catch it, and now I feel kinda dumb..... Big letters too, whole side of the car, again on the windshield
Lou Guerrero Apr 21, 2012
I bet none of you even noticed this isn't an M3.
Mikey Jimenez Apr 20, 2012
Damn that thing is low.
Description: BMW also began its unstoppable march towards acceptance by the masses as a luxury car brand. The first E36 M3 was introduced as a coupe version only. The convertible and four-door sedan were added to ...
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Kenneth Williams Apr 20, 2012
I want one of those for my car
Description: The engine was also equipped with an advanced VANOS system (for variable valve timing). This allowed the opening point of the inlet valves to be adjusted to the engine speed and load, and so torque, p...
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Dave Stewart Apr 22, 2012
When did Honda start v-tec? (serious question)
Joseph Advan Yu Apr 20, 2012
Much innovation from the mid 90s!
Description: Low profile 17-inch wheels combined with a wide tread surface required an innovative approach to develop a suspension system that would soften the harsh ride expected from such tires. A key element in...
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Dave Stewart Apr 22, 2012
I love this app love learning more n more
Raymond Reynoso Apr 20, 2012
Wow thanks guys!!!!!!
Dan Rather Apr 20, 2012
Slalom speed is usually a better measure of handling though and the M3 had a slalom speed of 66.5mph which even impressive by todays standards.
Dan Rather Apr 20, 2012
The us spec m3 which had a softer suspension set up pulled .86g according to car and driver
Lou Guerrero Apr 20, 2012
The 240sx pulled a .87 on 15x6.5 with 205/60 bone stock. I'd still rather have an M3 lol
Description: A powerful braking system was equipped with a generously dimensioned inner-vented swing-caliper front and rear disc brakes specifically tailor made to the M3 and combined with a modern ABS system. At ...
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Zain Sheikh Apr 22, 2012
Lol my cousin has 08 E92 M3 brand new when he bought it .now it has 54 K miles and it's nearly stock with just a new akrapovic exhaust add 28 HP at wheel and he since he had the limiter removed it we got upto 190.45 MPH on the L.I.E . M Power <3
Aislin Cooper Apr 20, 2012
Always liked the stock rims on this generation of M3s
Devin Babyn Apr 20, 2012
Yes you can say that if you want. You'd just be falling under the trolling catagory
Phillip Holbrook Apr 20, 2012
So it would be ok if I said it was my generations station wagon? Cause those were popular when I was young.
Devin Babyn Apr 20, 2012
Phillip he didn't say it was a muscle car. It's his gens muscle car. If you still don't understand.....
Phillip Holbrook Apr 20, 2012
It's too small to be a muscle car, it would be considered a pony car. The M5 would be the muscle car if that term was synonymous with other than American cars.
Vito Portanova Apr 20, 2012
Growing up seeing this car on the road. Was what I feel in love with. Always wanted one. And today am a proud owner of an 2011 ///M3!! BMW is my generations muscle car! The best on the road.
Description: However, the E36 M3's racing career was short-lived because of regulation changes. The American market M3 also changed, and for the worse, because of an engine regulatory requirement. The car&apo...
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Description: This car was also intended to compete on the race track in the IMSA GT Series in the U.S. Engine output was raised to 295hp and acceleration to 62 mph was shortened to 5.9 seconds. The aerodynamic des...
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Dave Stewart Apr 22, 2012
Looks like Tom cruise lol
Joe Consigli Apr 21, 2012
Hilariously accurate driver and car combination.
Jennings Rengel Apr 20, 2012
Hahaha rockin that 2 tone paint job!
Jerrod Swenson Apr 20, 2012
Door looks like a repaint.
Vito Portanova Apr 20, 2012
That looks great!!
Nick Frese Apr 20, 2012
Cabrio,coupe and the Sedan M3 :)
Paul Lissona Apr 20, 2012
I'm glad we have a BMW still, it's a missing feeling without one haha.
Nick Rios Apr 20, 2012
First car I had was 98 318i.. No not fast but loved that car. These models are legendary
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Apr 20, 2012
Seeing this cars takes me back to when I was a kid and had m3 posters on my room
Paul Lissona Apr 20, 2012
Friend had 95 318i black sedan, not very fast but very solid nice car.
Lou Guerrero Apr 21, 2012
This is the only coupe that'a a base Sport M3. The rest are luxuries.
Vito Portanova Apr 20, 2012
It's a nice color. But owning it I would grow out of it. White always works for me. It just fits BMW, sporty and classy. Also they use white on all there track cars today.
Lou Guerrero Apr 20, 2012
Best color. Estoril blue.