Comments - BMW Considers M7 and a Mid-Engined Supercar

Published: Apr 20, 2012
Description: BMW has great plans for the M Division if clues that Friedrich Nitschke, the Division's President, spread in an interview with Car and Driver are to be realized. When asked about a rival to a Me...
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Stephen Reed Warren II May 09, 2012
Yeah we know - but it doesn't touch the S65
Taylor Greenfield Apr 23, 2012
Theres something called the BMW 760 Li you know? Its got a 6.0 Twin Turbo V12 with 537 HP and 750 NM of torque. Its the perfect rival for the S63 and S8...
Bob Jones Apr 22, 2012
New 8 series anyone?
Justin Routh Apr 21, 2012
Yeah the S65 has 621hp and 738lb/ft i think
Dillon Magee Apr 21, 2012
Do it BMW, do it!
Stephen Reed Warren II Apr 21, 2012
To rival the S65 they need something close or over 600hp. The B7 won't cut it
Hamza Hamid Apr 20, 2012
I smell a revival of the M1.. Possibly mid engined? It could also rival the SLS.
Domi Bsaibes Apr 20, 2012
They do need to compete with the sls amg don't they?
Brandon Lidy Apr 20, 2012
They'll probably use a similar, of not the same engine. Just tune it a bit differently, throw on some wheels and an aero kit of sorts, oh and suspension and tranny upgrade. The 7 series is a beast as it is
Paul Lissona Apr 20, 2012
I've regretted getting rid of any BMW we sold haha.
Michael Kozlowski Apr 20, 2012
I guess the twin turbo v12 in the 760Li just doesn't cut it these days for BMW or what lol
Matthew Reindorp Apr 20, 2012
I want a mid engined supercar from BMW!! the M division have made some incredible cars! Our M5 was the one car we regretted selling!
Michael Anthony Nascimento Apr 20, 2012
They don't need the M7. You're forgetting about the B7. Which still rivals the S8 and S63 AMG
Aislin Cooper Apr 20, 2012
I've been wondering if they'd make an M7 and I hope they make a mid-engined supercar
Tomas Franquelli Apr 20, 2012
Beast! Both the M7 and mid-engine sound like amazing ideas for BMW.
Thibault Leroy Apr 20, 2012
a mid engined BMW would be great!
Description: So if these to options are really on the table, neither of which was categorically denied, then Herr Nitschke is going to have a lot of work on his hands at the top end of the market. He also referred...
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Patrick Joseph Apr 21, 2012
Good drivers shouldn't have to be penalized for bad drivers mistakes. This is utter non sense. It's an M car. Not a vulgar 116 diesel. Manual should be standard if not the only transmission offered. I'm pissed off they take us for imbeciles.
Patrick Joseph Apr 21, 2012
When you access the car data you can tell what's happened. If he was driving at 90mph and all of a sudden the revs went through the roof you can tell he's downshifted carelessly. From say 6th to 3rd.
Patrick Joseph Apr 21, 2012
If the guy isn't comfortable with a manual transmission he can get an automatic one. Plus if it's the drivers fault he's gonna pay for it. So what's the big deal. It's easy for a dealership to know who's fault it was
Clint Edwards Apr 20, 2012
Pretty sure you can trash the trans with ANY engine if you don't know what you're doing.
Carlton Salmon Apr 20, 2012
I agree, they should at least offer the manual as an option.
Jason Brower Apr 20, 2012
I agree, that's no excuse for not having a manual transmission. Come on M.
Dan Ruth Apr 20, 2012
Oh come on, there are lots of cars that push 500-600 hp and still have manual transmissions.
Description: And in America there are still a few customers loyal to the old technology, whom complain about the lack of a manual gearbox option. He also said that there will be no M versions for BMW's all el...
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Patrick Joseph Apr 21, 2012
I couldn't care less. Make it fast. But don't make it an M car.
Brandon Lidy Apr 20, 2012
An Mi8 could potentially be very quick
Aislin Cooper Apr 20, 2012
Thank god that there won't be M versions of the i3 and i8. That would be sacrilege
Paul Lissona Apr 21, 2012
A 528i is more than big enough really.
Michael Fasanello Apr 20, 2012
Who buys these cars? If you're in this class you have to Benz S.
Paul Lissona Apr 20, 2012
Pretty similar yea but 5 looks way better, had '97 740il that was way too big.
John Serely Apr 20, 2012
They are similar from the side, but the fronts look very different IMO
Thibault Leroy Apr 20, 2012
yea they look very similar
Dan Ruth Apr 20, 2012
I don't think i would be able to tell this apart from a 5 series, to be honest, if it weren't for the badges.
Rithhin Jawahar Apr 20, 2012
@team So true..... Interior is so normal doesn't feel exotic at all :(
Team-ace Ny Apr 20, 2012
This interior is not worth the money if you ever sit it next to an Audi A8.
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Apr 20, 2012
Isnt it very similar with the 5 series interior?