Rieger Creates a Cool Opel Corsa

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The Opel Corsa gets a fresh new look courtesy of the crew at Rieger Tuning.
Who better to tune a German hatch than fellow Germans? The Opel Corsa has just received a new set of exterior modifications thanks to the crew over at Rieger Tuning. The 3-door hatchback has been on the market in its current incarnation since 2006 and its starting to feel a bit dated. Carrying a line-up of engines ranging in output from 59-189hp, its pedestrian performance is available only for Europe. The aftermarket program consists of a bold new front bumper, side skirts and rear fascia with integrated diffuser.
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The pieces can either be finished in carbon fiber or painted the color of the car per customer request. A set of new lightweight alloy wheels finish off Rieger's aftermarket program for the Opel Corsa. No pricing information has been released as of yet.

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