Description: GMC has announced their plans for the 2012 New York International Auto Show. In addition to bringing their 2013 Terrain Denali SUV, they will be introducing the Heritage special edition for both the Y...
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justin.salgado.7 Jul 15, 2013
ikr but they only made a serria
Alex Bouckley Apr 02, 2012
Just make a new Sierra/Yukon for crying out loud!
Ross Vermillion Apr 16, 2012
Denali version so much better
Christopher Alex Mohamed Apr 03, 2012
What a boring design. Man! Even Toyota! looks way better.
Description: Embroidered headrests, floor mats, rear-view camera and 10-way leather memory seats have also been made available as options for the new package. The Heritage Edition also sports a set of chrome 20-in...
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Description: The GMC Yukon Heritage Edition will run an extra $1,970 while the Sierra SLT Heritage Edition will cost $2,645. They will both be making their debuts later this week at the 2012 North American Interna...
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Hank Austin May 21, 2012
These things tow 8,000lbs like there's nothing there... Stop hating these are great cars even though they're guzzlers... I'd prefer a Chevy Tahoe though...
Ross Vermillion Apr 16, 2012
Cody I agree I have a Yukon denali with a 6.2 liter v8 with 403 horsepower it kicks ass... Stop hating people
Cody Fullerton Apr 04, 2012
Complain all you want, but it is hands down the most comfortable family cruiser ever. Great for ski trips, especially the XL
Scotty Gee Apr 03, 2012
These are for people that pull a boat trailer 3 times a year and then complain the other 362 days that it costs so much to commute 63 miles a day with them..
Chris O'Brien Apr 03, 2012
i agree. it's a big, fat piece of american garbaggio.
Christopher Alex Mohamed Apr 03, 2012
This THING, gives SUV's a bad name.
Dillon Dixon Apr 02, 2012
One of the few real SUV's left.