Description: SRT has just released the final teaser shot of the new 2013 Viper on their official Facebook page. We have previously seen the Viper's headlights, interior and vent before so this front-end shot ...
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Patrick R. Manuel Apr 04, 2012
Well kent that's not a good way to say hello, is it?
Erich Kretz Apr 03, 2012
@ Alex: Isn't it amazing that these guys get paid with all of the screw-ups they make?! X0
Max Garcia Apr 03, 2012
Im a gonna be at the auto show!
Hank Austin Apr 02, 2012
Mainly because the car is interesting...
Hank Austin Apr 02, 2012
This is a way better teaser sequence than when Toyota teased the new Camry
Alex Stanzel Apr 02, 2012
"and further builds the suspension even further." nice carbuzz
Antonio Falsetti Apr 02, 2012
I'm going to the ny auto show just to see the Viper
Description: JonSibal has used the final teaser shot to refine a rendering of the new Viper Roadster and needless to say it looks sharp and aggressive. Check out all the teaser shots of the 2013 SRT Viper Coupe an...
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Emil Kleijsen Apr 03, 2012
@Abraham, exactly where are the headlights you are talking about?
Drake Hughes Apr 03, 2012
Alfa. That's all I have to say
Devin Babyn Apr 03, 2012
It's still going to look basically the same. So his point does make sense
Oscar Galvan Apr 02, 2012
If you're tired of hearing about the "new" viper then why complain about that they are going to change it o_0
Patrick Myers Apr 02, 2012
I'm sick of hearing of this "new" viper it's looked the same for years its about time they changed it!!
Abraham Mendoza Apr 02, 2012
Those headlights will be epic. LOOK AT THEM!!!
Antonio Falsetti Apr 02, 2012
Front fenders look funny.
Charlie Gadd Apr 02, 2012
ive been waiting for this sence they said viper was coming back. :-D
Scott Lenahan Apr 02, 2012
This is going to be epic. Already saving for my own.
quadrophine Apr 02, 2012
seriously the most excited I've been for an unveiling ever
Oscar Galvan Apr 02, 2012
Oh man the suspense is killing me!!
Jayson Lankster Apr 03, 2012
it looks like a Ferrari with some ass. haha it's sleek yet still muscle. oh and there are rumors that ferrari actually did the drivetrain for this car. and the person who did this rendering, can't remember name, is usually 98% accurate.
Micah Buffat Apr 03, 2012
I was hoping for sometime really different from the old body but this is the same
Domi Bsaibes Apr 03, 2012
Headlights are so traditional looking, nothing modern
Christian De Prisco Apr 03, 2012
Honda s200 fast and furious
Uncel Dolan Apr 03, 2012
wow i culd race gooby in his ferrari and bet it
Rami Wilson Apr 02, 2012
I hope it doesn't look like this!
Jason Reimann Apr 02, 2012
Never liked the Viper and I still don't but it's better than a Prius
Hank Austin Apr 02, 2012
Grille doesn't match like in the teaser... And the back is gonna be the same cuz they didn't bother to cover it at all when they were giving it camo for testing
solospeed Apr 02, 2012
I hope it will look like that
Stephen Cobbs Apr 02, 2012
Somebody rendered what they think it's gonna look like.
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Apr 02, 2012
Its a photoshop you dummies. See the signature under the rear tire?
William Downs Apr 02, 2012
maybe cause the one picture is actually from srt. and the other is from another source, the the full car picture does resemble the tease photo really well.. we will see in a couple days
Terrance Parker Apr 02, 2012
Sooooo is this suppose to be a tease?
William Downs Apr 02, 2012
yea I never liked the rear of the viper, but considering how Chrysler has been with there front ends it wouldent surprise me if this is What it looks like at the reveal, kinda looks like Chrysler's attempt at another small roadster
Tyler Williamson Apr 02, 2012
I hope it doesn't fall into the same trap as the last one: pretty at the front, lazy at the back. It really needs to aggressive from every angle, for America's sake =\
Antonio Falsetti Apr 02, 2012
I hope it won't look like this cause this is very ugly.
Rúni Rasmus Stensen Apr 02, 2012
I'm sorry but i don't think to tease is the same as reveal... Tease is... Teasing, showing just a teeny weeny bit of something... -.-'
Yousef Alhejazein Apr 02, 2012
Kinda looks like a ferrari California to me
Cody Jacques Apr 02, 2012
Curtis I think is right.
Riley Gonzales Apr 02, 2012
All the person did was put what they thought the front looks like and put it on the old viper. I.e the back is the exact same
Zachary Hollopeter Apr 02, 2012
yeah this is not particularly attractive. I hope it's styling is far less derivative.
Corey Blomquist Apr 02, 2012
Wow, no one reads the article. This is simply a rendering based on the teaser image (first picture). Aka, someone's educated guess as to what the new viper will look like based on all four teaser images. NOT the new Viper.
Jack Howard Apr 02, 2012
Or a car from some stupid asian show
Jack Howard Apr 02, 2012
Looks like a crappy berlinetta
Matt Piccolo Apr 02, 2012
Please tell me this isnt the new one cuz this is fugly
William Downs Apr 02, 2012
looks like the pic above it so maybe
Lyomp Apr 02, 2012
so is this what it looks like or?
Rami Wilson Apr 02, 2012
I love this interior! It reminds me of the interior in the '89 Viper concept car. When it came out in '92 it was just grey. still bad ass just always wished the two tone red and black had made it to production. I hope this does too.
Thomas Mackey Apr 02, 2012
@kevin: that must be the official term cause this thing will be a monster.
Kevin Rehbock Apr 02, 2012
I call that handle the "I want to see Jesus but don't want to meet him" handle
Abraham Mendoza Apr 02, 2012
Oh yeah, a blue and white GTS coupe is some fantastic stuff. Not being sarcastic here, I'm just sayin.
Rami Wilson Apr 02, 2012
This teaser makes me think it will look closer to the first gen. coupe. I'm glad the blue and white '96 GTS coupe is my 2nd favorite car of all time.
Abraham Mendoza Apr 02, 2012
This was the first teaser waaay earlier in the year, so styling might've been changed since.
Jose Sanchez Apr 02, 2012
The headlights look good
Ghee Buttersnaps Apr 03, 2012
"fangs" upside down looks like daffy duck!
Lou Guerrero Apr 03, 2012
These are the only snakes Iike.
Tanton Stoneman Apr 02, 2012
Love the evil smile of sneaky Pete. It's kinda like, "your gonna have fun, but, you gonna be near death half the time"