Description: Chris Harris has really done the business this time. His videos are always out the top drawer, but by taking the 475hp V8, 580kg Ariel Atom and the 200mph £200,000 650hp Noble M600 to the Nurburg...
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Bradlee Merrick Apr 02, 2016
4 years ago
Nick Singleton Apr 20, 2012
I'm not sure if it's just the v8 atom that's not legal but the 4cyl atom is road legal and I've seen a few around in Portland OR
Chris Penza Apr 19, 2012
The m600 goes at least 220, that's what tanner foust got it to
Stephen Krane Apr 19, 2012
The noble m600 hundred does not have a confirmed top speed
Andrew Hubbard Apr 19, 2012
That sucks you can't drive the Atom here. Would be such a fun time!
Matthew Reindorp Apr 19, 2012
Haha yeah the nobles top speed is actually 230mph which amazes me and we have a friend with a V8 atom, bought it about a month ago... It's the most insane car I've ever been in
Tomas Franquelli Apr 19, 2012
Neither are street legal in the US, which is very sad. These are two of my favourite the world.
Andrew Hubbard Apr 19, 2012
Is the Ariel Atom street legal in the US? If so that would be awesome to own one!!!
Bill Bailey Apr 19, 2012
Pretty sure the noble goes faster than 200
Oscar Galvan Apr 19, 2012
Finally two of my favorite cars!
Description: At just shy of 24 minutes this is one of the legendary autojournalist's longest videos, but this is car porn, pure and simple. So if you're having a bad day, this will put a smile on your fa...
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Jake Dewitt Apr 12, 2014
Two coolest cars on earth
Abraham Mendoza Apr 19, 2012
I like his pants. Oh, and his footwork.
Patrick Joseph Apr 19, 2012
I thought 24 minutes was too long. I'd just watch it for a bit. I ended up watching the whole thing. I love both cars. I really do. But I must say I prefer the atom. It's looks like a proper blast to drive.
Nathan Miller Apr 19, 2012
Just another reason why I want an atom! Even just the supercharged one would be nice!
Janak Solanki Apr 19, 2012
Chris Harris is awsome
Carlton Salmon Apr 19, 2012
Love watching Monkey at work, so watchable.
Brandon Carr Apr 19, 2012
Wow that thing was a total boss out there
Jarrod Picard-Shaw Apr 19, 2012
Left me wanting more and more! Amazing video :D
Mitch Pchelarov Apr 20, 2012
And Hammond as well
Chris Penza Apr 19, 2012
Yeah this is the same plate from the one tanner drove
Mitch Pchelarov Apr 19, 2012
This is the one from Top Gear
Oscar Galvan Apr 19, 2012
I don't like the photo but this car is in my top 3 fav cars
wfdowns Apr 20, 2012
why theb f20, they already put a supercharged k20 in these things
Nevzat Erboy Apr 20, 2012
@peter. Lol why would you downgrade?
Peter Mark Gacek Apr 19, 2012
I would love to put the F20 from my S2000 in one of these...
Jose Rodriguez Apr 19, 2012
Some dude at my job has one he has problems with the DMV but he still drives it
Clint Edwards Apr 19, 2012
It's a V8 made from 2 Suzuki Hayabusa engines. There's no Honda on this model
Oscar Galvan Apr 19, 2012
@das stig I thought it was 34 seconds
Domenic Sergi Apr 19, 2012
The purest sports car around.
Das Stig Apr 19, 2012
David, its something like 38 seconds. Just 38 seconds.
David Justice Apr 19, 2012
I want some 'Ring times from this car!
wfdowns Apr 19, 2012
and also gm ecotech 2.2 or 2.4
Bijan Jahanpanah Apr 19, 2012
@bader this one is the more powerful 8 cylinder model
Oscar Galvan Apr 19, 2012
I would drive that all day every day
allan647 Apr 19, 2012
this little beast whould be my number one play thing if i had the chance to own one whould be epic!!