Description: A handful of speculative renderings and spy shots of the guts of the C7 in a C6 shell aside, we haven't seen or heard anything of the seventh-gen 'Vette. Now, completely out of the blue, a Y...
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Description: At the rear, the quad pipes are packed close together unlike the current model, and as suspected the video shows the C7 to be a front-engine RWD sports car. The base model Corvette is slated for 2014 ...
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Michael Davidson Apr 26, 2012
No Phillip, they meant 3.0 v8.
Phillip Holbrook Apr 20, 2012
No no, they mean a 3.0 V6 TT. Not a 3.0 V8. The 3.0 V6 is a newer version of the 2.8 they used in the Saab's, they had a single turbo version of that made a hair over 300 HP in a couple of Saab's.
Justin Routh Apr 19, 2012
Twin turbo 3L v8 isnt vette style at all but it would be really cool to see it happen! As long as they keep the big n/a engine too
Devin Babyn Apr 19, 2012
And I'm pretty sure you didn't understand it was a joke
Phillip Greene Apr 19, 2012
No im pretty sure they mean veriable valve timing
Cham Khiev Apr 19, 2012
Variable valve timing? U mean "VTEC" lol
Mikey Jimenez Apr 19, 2012
@Carbuzz chevy already confirmed that it will be a NA 5.5L pushrod engine for the base model.
Devin Babyn Apr 19, 2012
Omg a TT 3L would rev so crazy fast. That engine would be ridiculous in something else but would never work in a Vette
Tim Preisinger Apr 19, 2012
Not sure how I feel about such a small V8 in the Vette... Would much rather they stick with a large NA V8..
Description: The new Chevrolet Corvette C7 is scheduled to be built at the American automaker's plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
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Tom Wilson Apr 22, 2012
That rear window looks longggg. Not to sure what to think of it yet
quadrophine Apr 21, 2012
I do, but its not all there, it looks too composed compared to the original and second gen stingrays, up until I think 82 they were sharp... today, they look too composed for my taste anyway.
Phillip Holbrook Apr 20, 2012
@ Quadro, you realize the C6 has a lot of Stingray styling in it right?
Phillip Greene Apr 20, 2012
Yeah but the 2013 malabu kicks ass
quadrophine Apr 20, 2012
the Malibu is crap though,
quadrophine Apr 20, 2012
agreed, that equinox is actually kinda sharp.
Chris Vette Apr 20, 2012
Props to this guy for atleast filming it. It feels good when carbuzz posts up a video of a camo car you film huh? I've filmed one before, the three wheeled Porsche looking car :)
Paul DeYarman Apr 20, 2012
Chevy like most other major manufacturers have screwed things up before but lately Chevy is ON FIRE- since 2009- Traverse, New Equinox, Cruze, Sonic, Volt, updated Colorado, brand new Malibu, Spark- just wait for next2 years
quadrophine Apr 19, 2012
I haven't liked the corvette since the stingray, if this harkens back to the vettes of old, this will be a serious win
Phillip Greene Apr 19, 2012
Yeah its kind of like a supra but the driver area is more cut off like when your not driving you feel like your in a side car and there is no gages it looks like the heads up on a reventon
Vincent Butler Apr 19, 2012
Jet fighter cockpit lol. Sounds beautiful. I've never been in one. But the Supra I have. And that also feels like being in one
Phillip Greene Apr 19, 2012
O and before the z came out try the callaway which was a factory option
Phillip Greene Apr 19, 2012
Whats wrong with the c4? I personaly think the c4 interior is miles better than the c5 or 6 its like a jet fighter cockpit and the zr 1 was as always the top of the preformance food chain cuz back then the viper wasent around well at first any way and a c4 in black is pretty damn good looking and please? Bringing up the chevette? Thats a low blow considering every make was spewing out crap like th...
Clint Edwards Apr 19, 2012
@Phillip I present to you, the Chevette
Stephen Krane Apr 19, 2012
@Phillip you are so right chevy could never screw up, look at the c4 vette that thing is amazing
Phillip Greene Apr 19, 2012
Chevy isnt capable of screwing up bro what ever the new vett is it will be worth its weight in gold I mean look at the curent modle its a beautiful car and its in the top three of production preformers
Byakka Hirakawa Apr 19, 2012
Now thats a real "spyed" cause its hard to tell its a corevette
Nery Ramírez Apr 19, 2012
I wanna see the C7 sooo bad!!! I CANT WAIT ANYMORE!!
Trent Bourgeois Apr 19, 2012
Hubba bubba max.
Thibault Leroy Apr 19, 2012
bro u havnt seen the quality videos my microwave takes!
Craig Lafey Apr 19, 2012
Let us see it already!
Mikey Jimenez Apr 19, 2012
I'm not sure, but my toaster take better videos.
Timothy Hooker Apr 19, 2012
Thats not a c7.....thats Bigfoot....I can tell by the bad picture quality aren't all cameras at least 5 MP these days?