Urus - The New Lamborghini SUV, According to China

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Apparently the new Lamborghini SUV finally has a name.
Lamborghini is bringing a new SUV to the Beijing Auto Show on April 23rd and, according to the Chinese media, has a name - Urus. The latest detail to fall off the rumormill apparently debunks the Deimos name that the Italian supercar builder trademarked earlier this month. The Urus is an extinct European Ox, which isn't nearly as intimidating as Deimos, which was the son of Aphrodite in ancient Greek mythology. Deimos was the personification of terror and dread.
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Reports also indicate that the Urus SUV will feature the Gallardo's V10 engine, retooled for 584hp. Set to launch in late 2014-early 2015, the Rambo Lambo successor could carry a $200,000 price tag.