Comments - Oldest Surviving Unrestored Mini Going to Auction

Published: Apr 19, 2012
Description: This 1959 Austin Mini Se7en De Luxe Saloon is believed to be the oldest surviving unrestored Mini in the world. According to correspondence from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, it is the ei...
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Joel Hope Apr 19, 2012
You could keep it the same and sell it for more in 20 years.
Igor Natsioks Apr 19, 2012
Take it for a ride. Otherwise......
Igor Natsioks Apr 19, 2012
Who cares, really?. A week after you buy it you will stop caring. Then it will be a dust collector in the garage. If it was a last one fully restored, then you could tak
Chris Harrison Apr 19, 2012
if I bought it I think I would leave it as is and just have it in a garage. it has so much character right now, if you restore it you take that away
Description: The car comes complete, and has all the features of these very early Minis such as the famous glass washer bottle. It retains its factory Farina Grey paintwork, all original panels, engine, transmissi...
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Description: John Polson, of Bonhams, said: "This is a wonderful opportunity to buy the car and restore it. Collectors love the fact it has had very little done to it since it was built. The car was made very...
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Jeff DeJaegher Apr 05, 2013
Why would you buy the oldest unrestored MINI just to restore it?
Raymond Reynoso Apr 19, 2012
Damn, I like it but you gotta admit. It does look like shit.
Reid Huff Apr 19, 2012
I would not restore it I would get it running though so I could enjoy it. that's exactly what I want to do with my Austin healey 3000.
Logan Delony Apr 19, 2012
It's the history that makes it value
Pi Ka Chu Apr 19, 2012
If I had the money i would Have gone to bid for this historical icon.
Bijan Jahanpanah Apr 19, 2012
They should at least repaint it so it won't rust, the body would last much longer
David Munasinghe Apr 19, 2012
@ Johnny . You are definitely not a car guy if you can not appreciate automobile history. You should be reading DUB magazine or WIPs or some thing with big chrome rims . Lol
Logan LeMonnier Apr 19, 2012
@jonny gtfo. This things a classic. Not everything can be vettes and mustangs
Brandon Carr Apr 19, 2012
Brandon's , UNITE! Against this hater!
Jonny Zrihan Apr 19, 2012
What a pce of sh*t! Why would someone want this.
Igor Natsioks Apr 19, 2012
You can't get new tires. The air in the old ones is from 1956 lol jks
David Munasinghe Apr 19, 2012
Where did they find this car? Was it a UK barn find?.
Mikey Jimenez Apr 19, 2012
The trunk, the boot same shi*!
Aaron Crisp Apr 19, 2012
At least put new tires on! Just put the old ones in the trunk.
Colin Boyle Apr 19, 2012
I like it, it's... simple
Carlton Salmon Apr 19, 2012
I remember riding in my Dad's Mini in the mid '60s and it looking very similar to this. Just had the essentials and that was it. Also I recall all the Minis of this vintage I'd been in had the same smell inside, just like Jaguars and Morris Minors.
Chris Trotter Apr 19, 2012
Now that's what you call a minimalist interior!
Taggart Wilber Apr 19, 2012
Psh! Who needs a fuel gauge
Lee Gardner Apr 19, 2012
@tanner yes yes it is
Tanner Middleton Apr 19, 2012
that a 2013 hemi?
Oscar Galvan Apr 19, 2012
Little elbow grease and it will look like new
Matt Martir Apr 19, 2012
Leave it a rust bucket, pull the motor, and swap in a turbo k20 on drag slicks. Sleeper from hell
Carlton Salmon Apr 19, 2012
Someone's nicked the HT leads off the spark plugs!
Raymond Reynoso Apr 19, 2012
Where'd they find this? In the river?
Dale Schroeder Apr 19, 2012
Eh, a little WD-40 and a wire brush and she'll start right up.
Marshall Keller Apr 19, 2012
set the trend for front engine front wheel drive.
Michael Douglas Apr 19, 2012
Hey look the first WIFI spark plugs