Description: It's always special when a one-off supercar gets spotted in the flesh, especially when it's a one-of-a-kind Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. Dubbed the Veyron L'Or Blanc ('White Gold&ap...
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Ty Piper Apr 18, 2012
there are so many special edition veyrons that its not too exciting haha
Description: Porcelain is also used for the inlays of the center wheel badges, the oil filler cap, the fuel filler cap and the signature EB badge at the rear. The exterior is surrounded in thin blue lines to give ...
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Joshua Maghiar Apr 19, 2012
I don't really understand this car... It's the world fastest car that you will never dare, under any circumstance, try to drive that fast. This isn't a investment. It's retarded. McLaren at least has the decency to take the car and fully restore it if it crashes or burns. If u wreck this... good luck getting it fixed.
Description: The Veyron Grand Sport is powered by an 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbocharged gasoline engine that produces over 1,000hp and around 980lb-ft of torque, making this the fastest convertible in the world.
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Emil Kleijsen Apr 23, 2012
Wow, those where actual lines? I've always thought it was reflections from lights, I might have to change my opinion regarding my hate of the Veyron, this might be the only Veyron in the world I like
Tifa Morsi Apr 20, 2012
Saudi Arabian plates, that's what's called AaaaaaaRab Money ;D
Joshua Maghiar Apr 19, 2012
World's rarest car in the world's worst city to drive in.
Max Delena Apr 19, 2012
Same, and that paint job is pretty siiick
Octavio Ulloa Apr 19, 2012
Seeing it from up top the design actually looks pretty cool, but at street level, too much blue and thick lines on the sides..... I agrees with below comments. The wheels do not match the cars pretensions.....gorgeous interiors though
Pratik Parija Apr 18, 2012
Those lines on the car initially made me think those were the reflections off the car which was chrome colored! Lol
Mark A. Young Apr 18, 2012
The wheels don't match the car at all.
Logan LeMonnier Apr 18, 2012
My god that is tacky.
Dave Stewart Apr 18, 2012
To Many special edition these days what happened to custom Lol
Thibault Leroy Apr 18, 2012
thays just amazingly beautiful
Austin Bride Apr 18, 2012
God damn beautiful design
Kian Francisco-Sevilla Apr 18, 2012
Ultra rare veyron it's so nice
Matt White Apr 18, 2012
Convertible huh?
Knox Ferraro Apr 18, 2012
That really does have a stunning effect. And porcelain?! Who knew.
Thibault Leroy Apr 18, 2012
wow he went in a public parking lot XD
Description: It can go from 0-62 in 2.46 seconds and hit a top speed of around 250mph (with the roof in place). And whoever is driving the L'Or Blanc forked out €1,650,000 (or $2,400,000) for the pleasu...
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Ayman Fahad Apr 18, 2012
I saw this car in Jeddah !!
Trent Fiala Apr 25, 2012
@ Austin Are you a retard?? That is a KTM 125sx Sorry but I made it black and silver, it looks nothing that the other bike and obviously is way bigger! Learn your dirt bikes dude not even a close guess
Austin Bride Apr 19, 2012
Looks like you are riding a klx so that's a trail bike that a Prius driver would ride... Ktm is better anyway
Lambo Turley Apr 19, 2012
Well apparently you are homo... or based on you temper you are 5 but most likely both
Trent Fiala Apr 19, 2012
Badass and looks sick! Unlike the ugly veyron
Thibault Leroy Apr 18, 2012
@Trent your prius probly looks alot better than this hun?
Austin Bride Apr 18, 2012
You mean damn. And I love that pain it's awesome
Trent Fiala Apr 18, 2012
The whole Dan car is hideous! It's even hideous if nothing was done to it and it was completely stock
Patrick Schalk Apr 18, 2012
Those wheels are hideous.
Michael Evans Apr 18, 2012
It looks like somebody messed up or keyed a white car man this weird espically the hood it don't match the lines or go in a pattern
allan647 Apr 18, 2012
like alot of peeps i thort this was chrome at first lol this is the veyron i whould have if i was rich lol looks brill
redstalion Apr 18, 2012
what an ugly paint job
Justin Routh Apr 18, 2012
I usually dont like veyrons but this one is sweet! Could use some different rims though
Josh Knight Apr 18, 2012
It looks chrome but it isn't chrome I like it!
Dillon Magee Apr 18, 2012
That is really cool, I'm a weird kind of way.
Jackson Michael Apr 18, 2012
That is amazing. One of the greatest Veyrons ever
Jack Howard Apr 18, 2012
Thats not the paint scheme
Brandon Carr Apr 18, 2012
That's ummmm interesting
Sebastian Grey Apr 19, 2012
Absolutely beautiful.
Michael Evans Apr 18, 2012
This paint is know as white Choclate drizzle blueberry lol
Austin Bride Apr 18, 2012
This was from the factory. And it's also unique and beautiful and I applaud Bugatti for doing it different
redstalion Apr 18, 2012
rich retards do this to a nice car
Joe Fats Harper Apr 18, 2012
If you look at the interior of them, they're very large and comfortable looking. It's not my style, but you have to admit that it looks roomy
Zachary Maurer Apr 18, 2012
@tucker-SIT DOWN SON! Anyway, I was never a big fan of Veyrons, I always thought they took functionality over practicality, but that's just mee
Tucker Wilson Apr 18, 2012
Dude the veyron is a boat. (referring to weight)
Adam Noble Apr 18, 2012
The longer you look at it the more I appreciate it
Geoff Novak Apr 18, 2012
Best veyron ive ever seen.
Gianni Falzone Apr 18, 2012
The paint would work on a boat, not this ugly car.
Dillon Dixon Apr 18, 2012
This is the greatest veyron, personally. This paint is so freaking amazing.
Brandon Contreras Apr 18, 2012
Lol I thought it was chrome!
Drake Hughes Apr 18, 2012
Really? So if I stood at a different angle this would look the same? I always thought it was just a reflection thing
Carlton Salmon Apr 18, 2012
On any other car I can think of this paint job would look hideous but on a Veyron it looks other-worldly - brilliant in other words. I love it.
Seth Based Switzer Apr 18, 2012
I thought that was chrome lol
Thibault Leroy Apr 18, 2012
no i like it, its actualy the porcelaine that does that
Dan Ruth Apr 18, 2012
Nope that's actually the paint job, pretty deceiving.
Thibault Leroy Apr 18, 2012
wow i always think its a reflection XD
Lambo Turley Apr 19, 2012
Tbh if I had this car I would have driving shoes that would never leave the car I would put my shoes in the front trunk thing XD
Trent Fiala Apr 19, 2012
I agree with Logan Hahah
Michael Evans Apr 18, 2012
Can't drive it in the sun
Logan LeMonnier Apr 18, 2012
The only beautiful part of this car. This and the engine
Ty Piper Apr 18, 2012
I don't think any children will ever have the privledge of riding in it haha
allan647 Apr 18, 2012
the only this i can say is... WOW!
Andrew Hubbard Apr 18, 2012
No cup holders lol, if any of you think that's a cup holder it's not, iPhone/iPod connector :D
Pompey Paul Apr 18, 2012
Hahahaha, now I don't want to buy it anymore
Bijan Jahanpanah Apr 18, 2012
This won't get dirty at all
Thibault Leroy Apr 18, 2012
this is definitly in my top 5 interiors
Chris Harrison Apr 19, 2012
i love my w16's!