Description: What is the common denominator between the M1, the only BMW ever to have a midship engine layout that was conceived to be a racing car, and the Chevrolet Volt, a car that was designed from the get-go ...
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Phillip Holbrook Apr 18, 2012
Well he was also in charge of the G8 coming here, the Regal GS coming here, and bringing the Camaro back. So he had to something for the bean counters.
Brad Wood Apr 18, 2012
Ha, better than his commentary on CNBC the other morning where he tried to justify the existence o the VOLT by saying "natural gas cars do not have the range". This project gave him street cred, his Volt lost it though.
Zach Sullivan Apr 18, 2012
Hate the street car love the racecar
Janak Solanki Apr 18, 2012
Yesss! That's what I'm talkin about!
Oscar Galvan Apr 18, 2012
Look at the size of those tires!! Me likey
Chris Penza Apr 18, 2012
This is the best BMW ever
Pablo Herasme Apr 18, 2012
Damn thats a low face
Description: During the 1970s, while Lutz served as BMW Vice President of Sales, he found it necessary to initiate a project to build a sports car that would represent BMW in international racing. In 1976 he initi...
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Description: In the first case the project didn't achieve the anticipated success while the jury is still out on the latest project. Naturally the E26 project was loaded on BMW Motorsport GmbH that had only s...
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Jason Brower Apr 18, 2012
I've always loved this car, but as road going race cars go, the clk gtr still takes the cake for me.
Das Stig Apr 18, 2012
I know, an updated m1 with the m5's twin turbo v8 out the old v10. Bmw could be looking at another epic car.
Max Garcia Apr 18, 2012
I know rite they should put it into production again just tune engine and new electrics
John Serely Apr 18, 2012
I also somewhat agree
Nick Sti Apr 18, 2012
But Jesse, if you died for the car, how would you drive it!?
Jesse Davidson Apr 18, 2012
One of the all time best looking cars in the world I would die for this car but there was such a limited number produced and it's over a million to buy. One of the classiest sportiest cars ever produced comment if you agree with me
Description: To add insult to injury, BMW contracted out the car's production to Lamborghini, although that relationship didn't materialize any further when the Italian automaker went bankrupt and BMW pe...
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Description: Bracq and Giugiaro had already cooperated in the past in creating the 6-Series coupe. BMW engineers actually considered two engines for the new car: a V10 and an inline-six, choosing the latter becaus...
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Phillip Holbrook Apr 18, 2012
According to the above article, the straight six stuck with BMW's engineering value. :)
Jason Brower Apr 18, 2012
Honestly the v10 would have made it more attractive as a super car. But I suppose the engineers were more focused on weight or something of that nature.
Phillip Holbrook Apr 18, 2012
That engine would put some of today's V6's to shame.
Oscar Galvan Apr 18, 2012
Wouldn't the v10 produce better results?
Kenneth Williams Apr 18, 2012
Chose that M30. The big 6.
Imran Seidi Apr 18, 2012
I reckon this cars beautiful, you don't see much around in Australia.
Description: The all-electronic digital ignition system also reflected the latest in state of the art technology and the dry sump lubrication bore clear testimony to the sporting genes of the M1. Two fuel tanks fr...
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Brad Hickey Apr 18, 2012
one would think that a company would build its own anniversary car.... lol.
Description: They were then sent to Baur in Germany where all mechanical systems and components were assembled. The unexpected delay forced BMW to come up with a solution to keep the public's interest in the ...
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Description: The M88 engine was also tuned up to 490hp, it weighed just 2,250 lbs. and with long gear ratios top speed was set at 193 mph. Marc Surer, the former Swiss F1 driver, lapped the Nordschleife of the Nur...
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Description: The FIA changed the regulations of the Group 4 category so the car was retired, though its unique and idiosyncratic heritage in BMW history is assured.
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Phillip Holbrook Apr 18, 2012
Wow talk about disappointment
Oscar Galvan Apr 18, 2012
Wow just when they finished regulations changed. I wonder how it would have performed
Phillip Holbrook Apr 18, 2012
In order for people to be in magazines and such (or apps) they have to sign a waiver. If they didn't then the company is required to censer the image.
Max Garcia Apr 18, 2012
Why is the face pixelsied
Andrew McNeal Apr 22, 2012
I want that guy's jacket, and the M1 lol
Max Delena Apr 19, 2012
What if aliens visited us in this car
Spencer Warkentin Apr 18, 2012
I've never seen a BMW art car that looks anything less that spectacular
Theo Hubbard Apr 18, 2012
German heart, italian body.
Alex Vasquez Apr 19, 2012
It needs some modern tuning and those wheels blegh >_<. it's nice tho I've never researched earlier than '90s but I like