Description: Matt Hagan is a Funny Car driver with one heck of a story to tell. While tearing down the drag strip during the NHRA 4-Wide National Qualifiers, his 8,000hp racer turned into a Chariot of Fire at 200-...
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Jared Palmer Apr 19, 2012
Z Max is amazing! Saw pinks and the 2010 Summer Nationals there. 32000hp blasting down the track, orgasmic!
Trent Fiala Apr 19, 2012
@Adam Actually that's a top fuel funny car
Wilson LaFaver Apr 18, 2012
I like how he walked away without freaking out. Like a boss
Gregory Fatguy Apr 17, 2012
"wow,that's one lucky dog!" lol aarons
AdamRPeck Apr 17, 2012
thats funny car not top fuel
Rami Wilson Apr 17, 2012
V-tech kicked in yo? What a joke. honda sucks.
Rami Wilson Apr 17, 2012
He's not phased because these types of explosions happen all the time in top fuel. I'm sure it's not his first. This is how Big Daddy lost part of his foot and the reason rail dragsters are rear engine now.
Brock Zager Apr 17, 2012
POS dodge lol is what the drivers thinkin
Rami Wilson Apr 17, 2012
It's actually more like 13,000 hp. They haven't made "only" 8,000 hp since the early nineties. How's that for an engine based on a Hemi engine designed in 1964. Evan the ones with brand x bodies have Hemis under the body.
rockstarTc Apr 17, 2012
Wow thats crazy amount of horse power!!! I like how the guy was all like, damn car your not suppose to do that!! haha
Patrick Joseph Apr 17, 2012
V tech just kicked in yo Somebody had to say it
tysquirrel10s Apr 17, 2012
what happened was the intake valve broke off and went into the cylinder
Brendon Davis Apr 17, 2012
Holy crap.. Imagine seeing the roof above you explode, the fire literally inches from your face? Christ, I'd be traumatized! I'd probably look at one of those and suddenly a vivid explosion is in your head. Thank God he's alright though.
Clint Edwards Apr 17, 2012
Nitromethane will do that
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Apr 17, 2012
Pretty good lecture. Lol
Logan Delony Apr 17, 2012
The slomo looked funny... Don't know why
Matty Michaels Apr 17, 2012
From the title, I thought the crash was "funny"... And then I watched it.
Justin Tucker Apr 17, 2012
1000hp a cylinder....that's amazing
Cody Jacques Apr 17, 2012
That was the strangest car explosion I've ever seen. especially sense the driver walked away all upset about the car not even phased tht he was in it during explosion
Adithya Chandrasekhar Apr 17, 2012
Previously these sort of cars used to have hilarious proportions... Plus, back then people found wierd stuff to be funny
Oscar Galvan Apr 17, 2012
Why are they called funny cars?
Ryan Spencer Apr 17, 2012
Glad he's alright. Maybe a bit pissed, but he's still got all the proper parts...
Dale Schroeder Apr 17, 2012
Anyone else would be thinking "oh my god, I could have just died". He's thinking "damn it that was a good run too!"
quadrophine Apr 17, 2012
that's why you gotta love motorsport... sprain your ankle on the 20 yard line and sit for three minutes... turn yourself into a 200 mph fireball get out of the car, throw busted piece onto ground and jump concrete barricade.
Chris Penza Apr 17, 2012
Oh my god this guy is unharmed? Forget Lou gherig, this guy is the luckiest man on earth
Description: Only God knows how Hagan walked away from this explosion completely uninjured (well, except maybe for his pride and his pocketbook). Let's hope his sponsors will help him get back in the saddle a...
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Thomas Mackey Apr 17, 2012
The worst part of the day was when one guy nearly was run over by a dragster. Scary. I'm surprised he is still alive.
Tim Preisinger Apr 18, 2012
I missed oscar's comment first time I read it (somehow) now I can't stop laughing!
Paul Trahan Apr 17, 2012
@Zachary. Exactly.
Thibault Leroy Apr 17, 2012
@LMS i think you want a comma between that and dick
Zachary Maurer Apr 17, 2012
@oscar, how did you type that?
Zachary Maurer Apr 17, 2012
@paul-it is a very dangerous sport example A. Dale Earnhardt. Example B. Dan weldon.
Lms 12 Apr 17, 2012
Why do people get on here and say dumb shit, if you wanna bitch go on twitter or Facebook btw hope your car blows up as then see how you feel after that Dick
Aiden Bass Apr 17, 2012
Not so funny now, is it?
Oscar Galvan Apr 17, 2012
Hahaha I just reread it and wow
Thibault Leroy Apr 17, 2012
@Oscar you should reread ur comment there...
Tim Preisinger Apr 17, 2012
The driver could easily have died and your saying thank god it happened? Way to be classy
Kenneth Williams Apr 17, 2012
Sounds like somebody had a bad experience at Aron's. Lol
Paul Trahan Apr 17, 2012
Wow Jesse way to be the douche of the day. Racing is a dangerous sport and no one should ever wish harm to the drivers, teams, and spectators.
Oscar Galvan Apr 17, 2012
They are just the sponsors who give the money. No reason for it I blow up dick. -_-
Jesse Davidson Apr 17, 2012
Thank god this happened I'm I hate the stupid company (Aaron's) and those trashy commercials. They deserve that one. More so they deserve to be blown up