Description: Launched at the Geneva Motor Show in the shadow of the new F12 berlinetta supercar, the latest variant of the Ferrari California, updated for the 2013 with a more potent engine, lighter curb weight an...
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Description: The updated V8 engine, now developing 490hp and 373lb-ft of torque but with the same 4.3-liter displacement creates a sweet Italian soundtrack that's almost as sweet as watching the California&ap...
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David Eslava Apr 21, 2012
IMO Dsg gearboxes completely ruined car sounds... upshiftings will never sound as good as they used to in the F430
Pratik Parija Apr 17, 2012
It's not Ferrari's performance car but their gran tourer. A daily drive car that one can use to drive around daily
Craig Lafey Apr 17, 2012
The Ferrari California isn't bad. It's a daily driver. I like it. Especially with those wheels.
Taylor J. Blake Apr 16, 2012
People say they don't like it from pictures but once you see one driving in person you change your whole mindset. It's amazing especially in navy blue
Oscar Galvan Apr 16, 2012
I like Stephens way of putting....
Eric Michalak Apr 16, 2012
I only think of it as a chick car because it is the Ferrari I would by my chick if I was the type of person who goes around buying ferraris
Oscar Galvan Apr 16, 2012
@Stephen good way of putting it
Stephen Reed Warren II Apr 16, 2012
Is it a chick car? No. Is it the chick car of Ferrari? Yea. Does it matter? No cuz its still sick as hell
Buddy Robinson Apr 16, 2012
Agreed Oscar. It's beautiful, and people say chick car? Nope. Plus it sounds like heaven.
Oscar Galvan Apr 16, 2012
I've always liked this car
Stephen Reed Warren II Apr 16, 2012
Knox: Mitch said he doesn't know why people DON'T like these. Read correctly before you start directing comments at ppl
Jeremy Moniz Apr 16, 2012
The least Ferrari is still one of the best cars in the world, and where the engine is doesn't matter that much
John Serely Apr 16, 2012
If I had to get a 4 seat gt car for around 200k, this would be my first pick, then Db9 then gran turismo, then cl63/cl600 then continental gr
Kevin Rehbock Apr 16, 2012
It could use a manual. Otherwise it's still a trophy wife car.
Knox Ferraro Apr 16, 2012
Mitch: Because it has 490hp, looks amazing, and is faster than anything you've ever sat in.