Comments - Next Generation Lexus IS Caught Testing

Published: Apr 16, 2012
Description: Lexus has been busy lately revamping their entire lineup. After years of producing high-quality, yet mainly bland models, it's clearly been decided by the Japanese automaker that some necessary c...
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Bob Jones Apr 16, 2012
@Zaire: that was just a rendering, the real 2014 G won't look exactly like that
Patrick Joseph Apr 16, 2012
Actually you can wait. I'm sure Lexus won't fail at providing us with what they do best. A good quality bland car. Very dull. Very boring. But yet a very good car.
Brendon Davis Apr 16, 2012
I can't wait for the official photos..
Zaire Wilkins Apr 16, 2012
car photographers feel this is imortant same thing happened with the 2014 infiniti G but i already seen the front of that car on the motortrend app
Bull Dogone Apr 16, 2012
These photos show nothing. It's an IS with some silver painted front & rear bumpers and side skirts. I understand they're testing the drivetrain but this is much ado about nothing. Call me when you get shots of the new body, not speculation.
Description: This mule is still wearing a modified body of the current generation under the new platform, allowing engineers to test the drivetrain and suspension without giving the new shape away. We expect to se...
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Terrance Parker Apr 17, 2012
I'm thinking wider front and rear track.
Riley Gonzales Apr 16, 2012
Jezze Le Apr 23, 2012
Hope it wont be to much of a change like total inside out one i love the curent lexus already and wish itll have a hybrid too
Henz Herrero Apr 16, 2012
The 328 used to be the samw price as this.. They inflated the price of that car so much, now this is closer to 128 price range..
Paul Lissona Apr 16, 2012
The is, is maybe the only Lexus I like ha it's really a good car.
Zaire Wilkins Apr 16, 2012
yea till they make the G35H with 390 ish hp or 400 go on motortrend theres a big article on it
Josiah Thomas Clements Apr 16, 2012
But Infiniti still has the fastest.
Zaire Wilkins Apr 16, 2012
but Lexus for right now has the most powerful hybrid with 438hp until the NSX arrives
Zaire Wilkins Apr 16, 2012
bigger news the infiniti IPL-G 2014 sedan is going to have a 530hp V6 not the GT-R engine and a 400hp hybrid
Joel Hope Apr 16, 2012
New isf should have a detuned lfa v10, or a completely new v10. Thanks to gas and what not it probably won't happen.
Matt Piccolo Apr 16, 2012
Ya, lmao this is the current gen... On that point, I love this car
Kevin Irish Apr 16, 2012
Have you? Because that's a current generation body and a next generation platform. It gives nothing away about the shape or lines of the next generation body. Is say this type of camouflage is much better than the swirly paint and stickers used to hide next gen designs.
Matthew Reindorp Apr 16, 2012
Must admit... I've seen better camouflage...
Luis Prado Apr 23, 2012
Testing on 17 inch rims?
Terrance Parker Apr 17, 2012
No doubt wider front and rear track.
Bull Dogone Apr 17, 2012
Why does this say Lexus IS300 on the back? Not a 2012 body because Lexus got rid of the LEXUS on the left trunk door.