Description: First impressions aren't always good and neither is judging a book by its cover. So perhaps it's best to look beyond both. In the case of this beat up old Chevy pickup, looks certainly are d...
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Cody Andree Apr 16, 2012
Seen a old ford at the track in Cayuga raceway. It looked the same but white even had rust holes. Then it did a 13 second too. Obviously heard it wasn't stock as well
Phillip Greene Apr 16, 2012
O wow huge mistake that should have been wouldnt old trucks kick ass my bad
Michael Riley Apr 16, 2012
can't even hear the truck. all I hear is the firebird
Phillip Greene Apr 16, 2012
I dont know anyone who would want to ride in this and I mean that very literaly
Paul Brodrecht Apr 16, 2012
I creamed when I heard that sexy beast
Imran Seidi Apr 16, 2012
I would love to have that and see some jap import at the traffic lights and race them.
Zain Sheikh Apr 16, 2012
Mater on steroids ?
wfdowns Apr 15, 2012
no there i no cear coat on this thing i seen it around i live in the area.. but u can tell and hear its not stock at all... just someone who wanted a fast rust bucket something different
Henz Herrero Apr 15, 2012
Ya but unless it has pristine interior, not a lot of people wud prolly ride this
Phillip Greene Apr 15, 2012
Not really a sleeper if I see an apache the sounds like that im just going to assume its didnt just roll out of a barn and on down the road the look is totaly intetional what with the body work exposed and all probably even has a flat clear coat to save the look
Tanner Middleton Apr 15, 2012
what did it get?
Sam C-h Apr 15, 2012
I couldn't take my eyes off the laser pen at the start...
Zach Sullivan Apr 15, 2012
Nothin better then a bad ass sleeper
Abraham Mendoza Apr 15, 2012
Love street sleepers. Always surprising.
Zeus Mocha Apr 15, 2012
FML now I have to add this to the many cars that can dust my Altima on the quarter hahaha >.>
Description: While this rusted pickup looks like it could be straight out of a barn that hasn't been opened for a decade or three, it definitely fooled us at first. Then we saw this video of it in action at t...
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Eddie Harper Apr 15, 2012
I no thus truck!! Atco is literally my back yard
Rúni Rasmus Stensen Apr 20, 2012
And Obnxs will call it points, when it's called marks! :p Good game going on here. :)
Patrick Schalk Apr 15, 2012
And also not practice proper dental hygiene.
Clint Edwards Apr 15, 2012
And the british will spell a 4 letter word wrong
Chris Mallinson Apr 15, 2012
Inbreed yanks will live this..!!
Patrick Schalk Apr 15, 2012
Haha yeah this is nowhere near being a rat rod.
Nick Benz Apr 15, 2012
A sleeper means it doesnt look fast. Has nothing to do with sound. And go google rat rods. This isnt one of them lol
Michael Ly Apr 15, 2012
Rat rod is what is is
Natalino Monastra Apr 15, 2012
Sleeper, only if you're deaf . That thing sounds nasty
Clint Edwards Apr 15, 2012
This is what you call a sleeper
Rockesh Boulder Apr 15, 2012
Saw something like this and an e-type jag at a Getty gas station
Matt Sutton Apr 15, 2012
You never know what you'll find in new jersey. They had the years first honda days last night at atco. I stayed home. I has quite enough rice with my chinese take out.