Comments - Porsche’s Near Future Lineup Comes to Light

Published: Apr 15, 2012
Description: Now that Porsche has launched their all-new 911 flagship, the German automaker is quickly moving on to other models. In a new report coming from Automobile Magazine, Porsche plans on having its entire...
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Description: Pricing will start at around $53,000 for the base model. Also due out in 2013 will be the facelifted Panamera. Now, it's a known fact that Porsche's sedan isn't exactly pretty, so we&ap...
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Andrew McNeal May 08, 2012
Seems like the Chinese would need a shorter wheelbase!
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Apr 15, 2012
I like the long wheel base cars too but here in America the back seats are honestly rarely used plus we don't like to be driven around, we like to drive our cars
quadrophine Apr 15, 2012
hated it at first, but its starting to grow on me
Jack Higgins Apr 15, 2012
He can have his opinion too guys. I don't think it's pretty either
Danny Alvarado Apr 15, 2012
For being "not pretty", the Panamera is the most common Porsche model I see around here aside from the 911, so it's popular. I also find it uniquely attractive.
Justin Routh Apr 15, 2012
Why does china get long wheelbase? Dont us big americans need it more?
John Serely Apr 15, 2012
@brad I also agree with you
John Serely Apr 15, 2012
@mathew why is that funny? It is currently $51,000, so it is only a $2,000 increase lol
Jackson Michael Apr 15, 2012
@Matthew I'm pretty sure it's always been priced around 50k
Brad Wood Apr 15, 2012
Not pretty?. On the contrary, is some people's opinion it's the best looking sedan available (yes, IMO)
Matthew Reindorp Apr 15, 2012
$53,000!? ahahahahaha no way!
Knox Ferraro Apr 18, 2012
In that case, let's call it even at 75k and I'll make my own body from aluminum foil (the fancy kind, not that Dollar Tree crap). Sure they won't get any profit at all, but this isn't about them.
Dan Rather Apr 16, 2012
@knox that's the 918 which going to be the successor to the Carrera GT they would lose quite a bit of money if they sold it for 30k even without a body.
Clayton Corley Apr 15, 2012
It looks cool like that if u just finished a little bit more
Knox Ferraro Apr 15, 2012
If they sold it just like this and charged 30k, the streets would be full of them.
Description: In 2017, we could also see the reveal of the Pajun sport sedan, which would essentially be a smaller Panamera. Let's also not forget that the 918 Spyder is also currently in development along wi...
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Jon González Eguiluz Apr 16, 2012
@"Cian rules" 911 and v8 in the same sentence? Thats a "aint gonna happen"
Cian Rules Apr 15, 2012
Boxsters and caymans are just porsches for people who coudnt afford the 911 why not just stich with the 911 and v8s
Aislin Cooper Apr 15, 2012
This is really a bummer. I'm sure these cars will be great but I wish Porsche would stick to 911s and Caymans and Boxsters.
John Serely Apr 15, 2012
@hank they said there will be a version like that, so i assume there will still be a regular version
Paul Lissona Apr 15, 2012
Why should they do that to the cayenne?
Hank Austin Apr 15, 2012
If they make the cayenne like the BMW x6 it will officially be the ugliest thing in the world
Description: Other upcoming 911s will include a targa in 2014, a lightweight 911 Clubsport, Turbo and Turbo S, and GT3 and GT2 models. No exact launch dates have been given just yet, but expect them to roll out in...
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Joel Hayes Apr 16, 2012
911 GTS will surely also come out?
Matthew Reindorp Apr 15, 2012
Oooooo a targa the last one was awesome
Skylar Grout Apr 15, 2012
Modern day back to the future
Jon Ashley Apr 15, 2012
cant wait to see what this turns into.
Aaron Abely Apr 15, 2012
This thing looks like an adolescent transformer.
Gary Minsky May 01, 2012
Can't wait to drive it in May!
Edyta Bednarska Apr 16, 2012
Really great. Better than 911 new one
Josh Melhorn Apr 15, 2012
I like it a lot. Love the styling
John Trimborn Apr 15, 2012
reminds me of a 914 or even a 914-6.
Mark A. Young Apr 15, 2012
All Porsche's have always looked feminine to me.
Nick Sansone Apr 15, 2012
Boxster isn't really a "girls car", it's just the car you buy your wife if you've got the money. Tho no man looks right sitting in one. Nothing to do with its styling! Just cause everyone's so used to seeing old bittys drivin 'em
John Serely Apr 15, 2012
It may be considered a girls car by some people, but I have driven a boxster spyder, and they are loads of fun, and great drivers cars.
David Tyler Apr 16, 2012
i like the new backs :D
Chris Penza Apr 15, 2012
Yea it looks like a great road
Bull Dogone Apr 15, 2012
I want to drive there!