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Published: Apr 13, 2012
Description: A hybrid that gets 53 MPG is great, but that's nothing compared to a VW that can pull 235 MPG, or a car built by Turkish students that averages 621 MPG. These cars may not exactly be the most fun...
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Cho Dan Apr 13, 2012
It's a bicycle with a fairing!
Michele Moro Apr 13, 2012
Straaaaight to the point
Description: The Volkswagen XL1 is built for MPGs, not speed. This green concept pairs a 1.0-liter engine to an electric motor, returning a stunning 235 MPG. That's the good news; the bad news is that the per...
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Joel Hayes Apr 14, 2012
75mph is also all you need (on british roads atleast)
Brad Vanderveen Apr 13, 2012
75 mph is a high top speed for such a small engine tho
Patrick Joseph Apr 13, 2012
Anywhere between 11 to 32? It's like asking what time is it and the bloke replies between 4:00am and 7:23pm. Might as well say you don't know.
Nick Benz Apr 13, 2012
11 seconds downhill lol
KyleM Apr 13, 2012
11 sec isnt terrible but 32 sure is. Make the top speed 90mph, since you wouldnt usually be going that fast normally or ever in the states
Nick Smith Apr 13, 2012
If your buying a car solely for big MPG numbers, performance should be the last thing you're worried about. You want performance? Buy an ACR
Brandon Carr Apr 13, 2012
What's up with the race car style window hatch?
Knox Ferraro Apr 13, 2012
I like it, VW. Now hit 90 and do 0-60 in 11 seconds on a consistent basis and we're good.
Axel Cousins Apr 13, 2012
Yeah but u don't need to search for gas stations.
Sam Coppinger Apr 13, 2012
Lol it looks like the back melted
Cody Matthews Apr 13, 2012
The skirt helps with the gas mileage
Axel Cousins Apr 13, 2012
In a race across the states I would pick this one because you will probably only have to refuel one a day at least while you're opponent in a supercar would have to fill up a lot more. Even though the supercar would be a lot more fun.
Daniel Marino Apr 13, 2012
It's like that horrible Honda Insight but this is like 100 times nicer
Logan LeMonnier Apr 13, 2012
Without the wheel skirt it would look awesome
Edin Beka Apr 13, 2012
Audi R8's long lost brother! :P
Dillon Dixon Apr 13, 2012
@andrew Less drag=better mpg's
Joe Hero Apr 13, 2012
I would agree on the kick... But at ~14 seconds to get to 60mph even Geos will be laughing.
Andrew Hossann Apr 13, 2012
Why do cars with high gas mileage always have that stupid skirt over the back wheel
Bijan Jahanpanah Apr 13, 2012
How it the 0-60 a range of numbers? From 11 to 30 something?
Corey Alan Kelley Apr 13, 2012
Not bad probably worth being seen in since it gets about 11 or 12 times the gas mileage my truck does
Jerrel TioFelix Neal Apr 13, 2012
That doesnt look TOO bad.... Just needs more kick.
Description: Only the most diehard eco-warriors would commute to work in the MAELSTROM (Mobile Aerodynamic Light-Weight Super-Mileage Tri-Wheeled Road Monster). The ridiculously named vehicle was designed by stude...
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Patrick Joseph Apr 13, 2012
Better gas mileage than a baby carrier? Never heard of a baby carrier powered by a combustion engine.
Carl Ed Dec 14, 2012
how do you control that thing
Kabab Mashwi Apr 14, 2012
wow, a guy in an suv will drive over it and think its a speed bump
Declan O'Connell Apr 13, 2012
surely thats a bicycle
Axel Cousins Apr 13, 2012
How big is the fuel tank if it's less then a gallon then it doesn't really count. I think it must be a three gallon so u would get 1,500 miles that would be cool
Cody Jacques Apr 13, 2012
No doubt if you took this on the road you'd get run over!
Chris Bridgers Apr 13, 2012
If this is slower than a bike theres no use in it, itd b healthier moving ur own fat ass
Tim Preisinger Apr 13, 2012
I hope the day never comes when we have to drive something like this.. And yes, I think I would rather take a bike... Probably faster too...
Corey Alan Kelley Apr 13, 2012
25,000 for something that you will probably have drive on the sidewalk... Get a bicycle you lazy bastards
Doug Sherwood Apr 13, 2012
All missing the point, these are cool in the fact they built them, instead of talking. Their are those that do, and the those that won't.
Cole Rocheleau Apr 13, 2012
I would run this shit over on purpose......
Greg Vazquez Apr 13, 2012
It looks like a jelly bean or a mango hahah
Henz Herrero Apr 13, 2012
Wtf.. This is 25k? Doesnt even have a wondshield and u prolly have tp wear a helmet while droving it.. More like an open casket than a car
Andrew Hossann Apr 13, 2012
That's a bike gaga
Nick Smith Apr 13, 2012
Makes a smart car look like an H1
Bala Uncc Apr 13, 2012
Not sure why it requires gas in the first place, looks like a baby stroller that just needs someone to push
Greg Lewis Apr 13, 2012
You can drive yourself to the cemetery and bury yourself in it! 2 for 1 deal!
Andrew McNeal Apr 13, 2012
This looks like a large bean. I'd be afraid of getting backed over in a parking lot by accident, that is if I wasn't laughed out of town first.
Raymond Reynoso Apr 13, 2012
Id run that over by mistake in a parking lot.
Description: A group of Turkish university students at Sakarya University built a 240-pound hydrogen car that returns a stunning 621 MPG. The compact cruiser cost $170,000 to build and was designed for the 2009 Gl...
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John Hofer Apr 16, 2012
We Americans are feeling the love, Carbuzz. I bet a self-loathing American wrote this.
Christo Savaides Apr 14, 2012
That was a random stab at America.
quadrophine Apr 15, 2012
it must be a hydrogen fuel cell. although a gallon of liquid hydrogen should get you pretty far as a combustible as well.
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Apr 14, 2012
Donno y but it reminds me of a Porsche
Hektor Yberg Apr 13, 2012
Bill look at the mclaren f1, there is only one person inside it becouse it's to small for 3 persons sitting in it. And I think that that car got popular! Maybee not in price but there are more cars who does the same but I can't remember one right now
Alexander Pecheny Apr 13, 2012
Reminds me of a Stratos. It looks neat!
Wilson LaFaver Apr 13, 2012
Why aren't more people focused on hydrogen cars?
Michael Beach Apr 13, 2012
We need hydrogen cars
Jerrod Swenson Apr 13, 2012
Do you whine that motorcycles are cool but what they really need a 10 gallon gas tank?
Payne Hodges Wilson Apr 13, 2012
With the kind of mpgs it gets who cares how many gallons it holds. It could have a one gallon tank and be fine. It can go farther on one gallon than my truck can on a full tank.
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Apr 13, 2012
Yea but how many gallons it holds
Description: Loremo AG showed off the diesel-powered LS and GT at Geneva 2006. These two cars had pitifully small engines (20hp 2-cylinder and 50hp 3-cylinder respectively) and outrageously low price tags. Both ca...
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Mike Conrad Apr 13, 2012
Looks like the front bumper is missing.
Henz Herrero Apr 13, 2012
20k for this 20hp car? Wow? I mean wow my lawn mower has 15hp and its only 800$
Edin Beka Apr 13, 2012
Them rims are horrendous!
Chris Bridgers Apr 13, 2012
Give it a sportier back
Andrew McNeal Apr 13, 2012
The only one that looks even remotely cool or drivable on public roads
Tim Preisinger Apr 14, 2012
How in the world do you think this looks like a NASCAR car? Lol
Brandon Carr Apr 13, 2012
Worst of them all.... this is ugly!