Comments - Hulk GT-R Aiming For 250 MPH

Published: Apr 13, 2012
Description: Kevan Kemp, the owner of the ‘Hulk', a tuned Nissan GT-R R35 that recently held the top speed world record, is on course to break that record once again. Kemp's car set a top speed of 218.1 ...
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Matt Sartori Apr 18, 2012
can i ahve the old ones??? haha
Daniel Hernandez Apr 17, 2012
Bigger turbos - hope they dont blow their engine lol
Phillip Greene Apr 14, 2012
Zack what are you loling for? It is much much better but for a gtr this hulk thing is pretty ba
Mario Callirgos Apr 14, 2012
No CHO the GT is better lol. 266 is the standing mile record.
Zach Sullivan Apr 13, 2012
Corvette better? Lol
rockstarTc Apr 13, 2012
@adam yes its for the highest top speed for a GTR
Nick Pietropaolo Apr 13, 2012
I'm gonna laugh when something blows up on them
Adam Joe Apr 13, 2012
So what world record is this? GTRs only?
Paul Pickard Apr 13, 2012
I thought this things problem was the gearing not the power. Oh and go ams!
Cho Dan Apr 13, 2012
Let me go ahead and do it now because we all know it's coming, Corvette is better.
rockstarTc Apr 13, 2012
Oh yeah go AMS!!! The GTR Omega is an amazing car, 233mph is its top speed!!!
Joey Pena Apr 13, 2012
damn Bryan, you beat me to it haha
Dillon Dixon Apr 13, 2012
I'm sorry but I just love that second paragraph. Makes me smile!
Description: "Those are not off the shelf turbos and they will be tweaked to our own configuration," he explained to us in an interview that will be published on this weekend. Kemp said the H...
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Phillip Greene Apr 14, 2012
Yeah they did but aparently this record is only for gtrs which is good cuz nissan really needs win and this way they cant lose
Clint Edwards Apr 13, 2012
If I recall, SSC just went on Google Earth and found the straightest road they could.
Dale Schroeder Apr 13, 2012
@Jack: Securing a track for something like this is very expensive and it's not like you can just tell everyone to go home till tomorrow if conditions aren't perfect.
Jack Higgins Apr 13, 2012
Why cry about being on a damp track? That's your own fault
Matthew Reindorp Apr 13, 2012
Good luck to them all
Carlton Salmon Apr 13, 2012
The best of British to Kevan and all at Severn Valley Motorsport.
Jake Fleissner Apr 15, 2012
i think the aerodynamics are going to hold this car back tremendously.
wfdowns Apr 14, 2012
i live in nj, like a month after it was released in the us i was driving down the road in atlantic city and saw one parked on the street like it was nothing, dealer at turnersville auto mall has or hade one and a dealer in woodberry had 2 like a month ago. the lexus dealer around he supposably had an lfa for sale but i never saw it there and never have seen one driving around
quadrophine Apr 14, 2012
they look like crap... and that spoiler depending on spec will hold it back by 5 to 20 mph. and in top gear at 8k rpm... its not gonna have enough torque to push it to 250, that's seventh gear probably close to 2:1 it'll be screaming. but without it... its probably a death trap.
Henz Herrero Apr 14, 2012
Where the hell do u live? Ive seen only one in town and one in canada.. Thats about it
wfdowns Apr 14, 2012
I've seen plenty of them I can go down to the dealer and see a red or grey one, still don't like the look of them really old r34 killed it in looks but still love the gtr line of cars mass respect for them
Mikey Jimenez Apr 13, 2012
I was being a troll XD. This color actually look really good.
Justin Routh Apr 13, 2012
Ive seen plenty. Theyre good looking cars, i wouldnt say amazing or anything
Matthew Reindorp Apr 13, 2012
People who say the GT-R is ugly don't actually know what the car looks like they are just listening to a few people that have a high influence... We have a gunmetal R35 and it's beautiful... Nothing else describes it's looks!
Henz Herrero Apr 13, 2012
I want the gtr to beat the 25mph thing... But i want AMS to do it..
rockstarTc Apr 13, 2012
I really like the green but the word graphics look bad on it. Still hope that AMS can keep the record, if not in weeks they will make a faster one.
Justin Routh Apr 13, 2012
Haha in all seriousness though it looks pretty good for a gtr. I hope it breaks the record
Justin Routh Apr 13, 2012
Yeah i agree Mikey, ugly honda
Jason Brower Apr 13, 2012
@quadrophine, I'd leave the spoiler on. You really want to be doing 250 without aero? Without the downforce you're much more likely to crash. Safety is worth losing a few miles an hour.
Dillon Magee Apr 13, 2012
That looks really cool.
Joe Hero Apr 13, 2012
This is a car that can pull off this type of paint work... as opposed to my neighbors '93 Civic...
Matthew Reindorp Apr 13, 2012
It's got to be said mikey... What the hell!!
Joe Fats Harper Apr 13, 2012
Very few cars can pull off neon-ish green.. This is one of them. It looks pretty hot
Mikey Jimenez Apr 13, 2012
This Honda is ugly!!!
quadrophine Apr 13, 2012
they should lose the spoiler for top speed... I just don't think the car is designed well enough to go that fast. at 250 mph its like trying to drive through water
Dan Kelly Apr 13, 2012
Graphics aren't typically my thing, but this looks pretty darn good
Carlton Salmon Apr 13, 2012
Those are some ultra-low profile tyres...
Matt Piccolo Apr 13, 2012
Looks amazing...
Matthew Reindorp Apr 13, 2012
Yeah, our R35 is georgous I don't know why people think they're ugly because they're really not!
Jason Colkitt Apr 13, 2012
It's an R35, they all look good if u ask me. except that one the idiot Chinese guy got ahold of a few weeks ago.
Anders Schrøder Apr 13, 2012
It looks pro in some weird form. But I like it! Straight out of NFS :D
Carlton Salmon Apr 13, 2012
Man that looks good - and I never thought I'd ever say that about a car with GREEN wheels! Lol!
Jezze Le Apr 23, 2012
Crisp design love it (vary original too)
Logan Aloner Apr 19, 2012
wow, look like my dream car..^^
Stefan" Apr 17, 2012
my dream car just got Alot better
D.j. Zielen Apr 15, 2012
This car is just amazing
Mikey Jimenez Apr 13, 2012
A challenger can pull off green all day! (green envy)
Matt Piccolo Apr 13, 2012
That's awesome... Ya know a car is good looking when it can pull off green and black rims lmao