Comments - 2013 Alessi AR-1 on Display at New York

Published: Apr 13, 2012
Description: In 1979, an unknown American fiberglass manufacturer named Alessi Fiberglass went to the New York Auto Show to display their AR-1 sports car. At the time it housed a Buick V6 engine and, of course, a ...
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Peter MacNeil Apr 13, 2012
To think someone signed off on this absolutely terrible design. This equal a team with no one having any sense of style or even a splinter of taste. Just bad.
Roberto Maldonado Apr 13, 2012
I just feel sorry for Alessi he wanted his dream to come true but, this is not working at all in any sense. Keep up the fiberglass work that should be enough. :-/
Bob Jones Apr 21, 2012
Corvette and a ford GT mixed
Pratik Parija Apr 15, 2012
Ford Gt ish & it was there last year
Jerry Townsend Apr 14, 2012
Every time I look at this car, the first thing that comes to mind is, "Pow Pow Power Wheels, Pow Power Wheels, POWER WHEELS..." lol.
Tevin Xko Davis Apr 14, 2012
Fiberglass body, hmm well at least it will reflect a lot but it's pretty awesome tho
Mark Taylor Apr 13, 2012
Looks like something out of grand theft auto
Brandon Lidy Apr 13, 2012
Haha even this looks better than what I picture as a N. Korean super car
Ed Angulo Apr 13, 2012
Seriously? Does it still think its the 80's? this car looks like it was assembled in North Korea...
Cody Andree Apr 13, 2012
@Jackson: I'm a chevy guy but there isn't anything relle wrong with ford. It's personal preference relle. Ford needs some better engines tho. The powerstroke sucks
Brandon Lidy Apr 13, 2012
Reason. And the ford gt is a beast. But it's still a ford
David Cawley Apr 13, 2012
Sweet autozone fog lights!
Phillip Greene Apr 13, 2012
And thats a bad thing? You know the gt is a ford right?
Brian Campbell Apr 13, 2012
The fenders would look great with better fitment wheels. Those wheels just don't fill out the flare. I think this thing looks sweet otherwise though!
Mike Botté Apr 13, 2012
It kinda looks like if I girl were trying to design a corvette for herself. Lol
Andrew Hossann Apr 13, 2012
That was the first thing I thought.... Ford GTs bigger brother
David Pires-Ihsaan Apr 13, 2012
lol.. looks like a ford gt with a body kit. haters don't have eyes nowadays..
Matt Piccolo Apr 13, 2012
Yea never min that comment, I looked at he wrest of the carand it's hideous!m :s
Matt Piccolo Apr 13, 2012
Yea for the 70's this looks sweet
Isaac Rezkalla Apr 13, 2012
For 1979 this looks sick
Phillip Fitchew Apr 13, 2012
Front fender protrudes just a bit too much. I also feel as though the way tried to integrate the front spoiler onto a single piece design hurts the entire front end aesthetically.
Jason Colkitt Apr 13, 2012
It's too goofy looking
Description: After a 33-year hiatus, Alessi has come back to New York with an updated version of the AR-1. And instead of the Buick V6, power now comes from a mid-mounted Corvette-sourced 6.2-liter V8, whose power...
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Jt Collier Apr 13, 2012
Jesus Christ, the company designed a car back in the 70's. This is not that car. This is a new design from the same company
Cody Andree Apr 13, 2012
They used a newer corvette. So they just used their original ideas I guess
Oscar Galvan Apr 13, 2012
So it was designed in the 70s but made in 2013?
Phillip Greene Apr 13, 2012
Becuase its new keep reading bro
Oscar Galvan Apr 13, 2012
Why does it say 2013 in the title page?
Mikey Jimenez Apr 13, 2012
@Zachary I stand by my statement.
Zachary Maurer Apr 13, 2012
@mikey, ya you can, when it's in an ugly car like this
Mikey Jimenez Apr 13, 2012
Can't go wrong with an LS motor!
Description: The chassis was built from eleven gauge steel and welded with a 100,000 pounds-per-square-inch tensile strength giving the latest American-born exotic plenty of strength. Inside, a race-inspired instr...
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Chris Vette Apr 19, 2012
Whoops, not 'atlases kart' I meant "atleast part"
Chris Vette Apr 19, 2012
Looks like they used some vette parts, you can tell atlases kart of the chassis/frame is C6 corvette, and vette wheels too.
Emil Kleijsen Apr 17, 2012
I don't understand how nobody likes this, I think it is beautiful
Patrick Schalk Apr 15, 2012
Haha Christo, don't be a turd. Not EVERY single car is made out carbon fiber. Turd.
Phillip Greene Apr 14, 2012
Actualy jackass plenty of cars have fiberglass components ever heard of a bmw 5-7 series any corvette ever made or a ford raptor? All really nice cars and truck all with plastic bodys
Jason Reimann Apr 13, 2012
Need to widen the front a lot
Taggart Wilber Apr 13, 2012
If this thing came out in early 80s it would have rocked the house. It is way outdated
Robert Young Apr 13, 2012
Agreed, Auto Zone Fog Lights. Lol
Darren Nardo Apr 13, 2012
This could have been something from the front , but that back way to 70s. Sounds like its ran thru some 70s cherry bombs as well. A few decades to late I think!
Anthony Cordova Apr 13, 2012
This is not a car you buy at all Lou. It's an ugly copy of corvette and like other people previously mentioned, it's completely outdated
Garrett Serrano Apr 13, 2012
This thing looks completely outdated
Christo Savaides Apr 13, 2012
So nobody has a problem with the fact that it's made out of fiberglass? There's a reason car manufacturers don't use it anymore. Ever heard of carbon fiber? Everything about this car is early nineties. So basically terrible.
Phillip Greene Apr 13, 2012
Its like a vett swalowed a gt whole and kept on drivin' this is total badassery on wheels
Carlton Salmon Apr 13, 2012
Hideous waste of time and money. Just go out and buy a C5 or C6 Corvette.
Eric Michalak Apr 13, 2012
Those AutoZone fog lights are terrible.
Oscar Galvan Apr 13, 2012
I don't hate it but I don't like it.
Lou Guerrero Apr 13, 2012
This is one of those cars you buy and store to forget about for 60 years.
Patrick Schalk Apr 13, 2012
Hahah you turds think those are 370Z wheels? Those are Grand Sport wheels.
Bijan Jahanpanah Apr 13, 2012
Yah this looks like a corvette but mostly from the front this angle makes it look hisieo
Matthew McKernan Apr 13, 2012
The wheels are definetly corvette grand sport wheels and the whole thing just looks like a corvette with a major body kit. And a mid mounted engine of course.
Andrew McNeal Apr 13, 2012
As said before, this looks like it was brought here from a concept car show in 1979. They probably stopped in 2002 to pick up the exact copy of a C5 Corvette interior as well. This could be an awesome car it just needs a more modern design.
Jon Dustin House Apr 13, 2012
It was a Corvette at one time. The wheels are from a 2010-2012 Grand Sport.
Rockesh Boulder Apr 13, 2012
This thing was in the lobby at the NY Auto Show last year
Jackson Michael Apr 13, 2012
@Alex Ya man I can definitely see it
Alex Sundvall Apr 13, 2012
Am I the only person who thinks that it looks like a corvette?
Joe Fats Harper Apr 13, 2012
I agree with Philip, the rear quarter panel is what makes it awkward.
Anthony Miller Apr 13, 2012
Sort of looks like a Mosler with gt40 headlights
Brandon Carr Apr 13, 2012
I see a bit of ford gt DNA in that front end but the GT was prettier.
Carlton Salmon Apr 13, 2012
Hi there...I've got 1979 on the line and they want their car back!! Lmao!
Matt Piccolo Apr 13, 2012
Remember this is from the 70's... It's okay, and yea 370z wheels? Lmao
Buddy Robinson Apr 13, 2012
Anybody notice the 370z wheels?
Phillip Fitchew Apr 13, 2012
I got it!!! The real quarter panel! That single line is most of the problem. It's too tall and has a very sharp angle. If they soften this angle then invert it so it dips instead of peaks... Just imagine that for a second...
Phillip Fitchew Apr 13, 2012
becomes beautiful and a force to be reckoned with. Oh yeah. The also need to get rid of the idea of integrating those aero surfaces into the fascias. The over fender should be less prominent and the front and rear spoilers nixed altogether. IMO.
Isaac Rezkalla Apr 13, 2012
I like it its what a supercar is so pose to be "head turning"
Phillip Fitchew Apr 13, 2012
the front fascia, over the cockpit and down to just before the lip on the hood/rear deck. It's this line that they built the entire exterior around. But they got the proportions all wrong somehow. I dunno how to fix it, but if they can, this car
Phillip Fitchew Apr 13, 2012
The rear deck is way too tall. And then they tried to integrate the one-piece idea in the rear with that way-too-large lip spoiler. If you look at the side profile of the car, you see the most beautiful line on the car. It runs from the very tip of
Phillip Fitchew Apr 13, 2012
That about sums it up, man. It would be a cinch for them to design another body and replace this one. It seems like they got everything else right.
Jason Colkitt Apr 13, 2012
They apparently figured you would be driving it so fast no one would notice how unbelievably unappealing this car looks
Mikey Jimenez Apr 13, 2012
Good power plant, but the lines are hideous!
Description: There are no official performance figures, but Alessi estimates the AR1 can shift from standstill to 60mph in 3.4 seconds, run a quarter-mile in 10.7 seconds and hit a top speed of 200mph.
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Emil Kleijsen Apr 17, 2012
Haha did they Make this video in 1979 as well? xD
Michael Gallagher Apr 15, 2012
May look cheap, but your buying it for the exclusiveness, engine, and parts. How is it around the track though? That much power with that little weight..? Bound to be hard to contain
Petrol Headsg Apr 14, 2012
Hope it's cheap.. Cos it looks it
Tevin Xko Davis Apr 14, 2012
I wonder how fast this puppy can go
Scott Gracey Apr 13, 2012
I hope those specs are based on the supercharged version and not the turbo charged... Specs seem a bit low for 750hp
Matthew Reindorp Apr 13, 2012
Hang in! It did that? In 1979!?
Mario Callirgos Apr 13, 2012
Uh this is almost an exact replica of an FFR GTM that you can build uourself
Brandon Carr Apr 13, 2012
You can test drive it!?!? Woah I know what I'm doing this weekend!
Description: Only 50 examples of the Alessi AR-1 will be built, joining a growing list of American niche supercars such as the Saleen S7 and Hennessey Venom GT; prices have yet to be confirmed.
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Bill Hughes Apr 13, 2012
The design is chaotic and hideous. It looks like a cheap school project. I want to say I'd be shocked if they found 50 buyers but people are still buying Eclipse's.
Brandon Lidy Apr 13, 2012
We will see if it joins the Venom and S7. Nice car but I doubt it
Nevzat Erboy Apr 13, 2012
They need better fitting wheels to fill them arches up
Carlton Salmon Apr 13, 2012
The haunch over the rear wing is way too tall and there's been absolutely no attempt to gracefully integrate the side air scoop. Not much has changed since 1979 design-wise then...?
Phillip Fitchew Apr 13, 2012
Then they could stand to have that side scoop as large as it is. They'd still need to cut it down a little, or find some way to deepen it, but it would be right at home. Or they can compensate by making it taller.
Phillip Fitchew Apr 13, 2012
I think those funny looking over fenders were incorporated because they oddly didn't use the 'one-piece' design philosophy to incorporate them into the body. Imagine that they widened the body in those areas instead of just adding extra fiberglass.
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Apr 13, 2012
It's the love child of a corvette and a GT40
jdoes Apr 13, 2012
those foglights are straight from walmart, fricken barf
Brandon Carr Apr 13, 2012
It looks like someone hit it in the butt with a baseball bat and it swelled up. Those rear things are hideous!
Phillip Fitchew Apr 13, 2012
@Jon Haha. Budget ZR1. :)
Jon Dustin House Apr 13, 2012
Awful. Just buy a C5 and throw a supercharger on it.
Matt White Apr 13, 2012
This is a complete c5 corvette interior. Identical.
Joe Fats Harper Apr 13, 2012
Just noticed, it that a cassette tape player in there?
Joe Fats Harper Apr 13, 2012
Did this get the memo that it's 2012? Interior designer should be fired.
Carlton Salmon Apr 13, 2012
Cheap and nasty. And look at the size of the panel gaps?!
Bobby Comment Apr 14, 2012
It looks like a VW that put on that tuxedo T-shirt to try and get into the ball. I wonder why they copied the old Cayote besides that was one of the most often faked via a kit back in the day.
Frederick Perez Apr 14, 2012
Oh my. No wonder they did not take alot of photos of the side/back.
Scott Gracey Apr 13, 2012
I don't mind the look until you hit the ass end where it kinda waves out
Paul DeYarman Apr 13, 2012
Is this a late April fools joke?
Chris Bridgers Apr 13, 2012
e-mail Ill fix the nasty design.
Chris Bridgers Apr 13, 2012
This is a ****ed up corvette. If youre going to attempt a super car why come out with crap? If your a company thats worked for 40+ years you should be financially stable enough not to design complete crap especially when 50 are built. Hell send me an
jdoes Apr 13, 2012
back to the drawing board, that rear end is ducking disgusting
Renan Barreto Apr 13, 2012
Just a re-bodied C6
Nery Ramírez Apr 13, 2012
Looks like it was meant for MUCH larger rear wheels.
Ty Piper Apr 13, 2012
That looks nothing like a stratos.... It's just a c5 vette with a huuuuuuge body kit
Brady Fereday Apr 13, 2012
It looks like a gt and vette had a one night stand baby and this ugly thing came out -_-
Rockesh Boulder Apr 13, 2012
It looks like a stratos. kinda
Joe Fats Harper Apr 13, 2012
Justin, the only way to make this less awkward is to put awkwardly big wheels on it?
Dale Denis Apr 13, 2012
70's Kit Car.... Kinda cool, but something just not right
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Apr 13, 2012
40" rims on the rear and that will be bitchin.
Zachary Maurer Apr 13, 2012
When you have an uh-oh, get macco...
Paul Pickard Apr 13, 2012
Kinda looks like they took a gt40 and backed it up into a wall as hard as they could to make their mold.
Carlton Salmon Apr 13, 2012
Looks like a cheap kit car from the '80s similar to a Marcos of that era. Doesn't matter how great or powerful this car has or how many gadgets there are, you can't polish a turd.
Jason Colkitt Apr 13, 2012
That gives kit cars a bad wrap, I've seen bad kits.... This is just drunk designers
David Munasinghe Apr 13, 2012
It looks like a kit car gone wrong.
Cody Andree Apr 13, 2012
The paint don't match from rear to mid section
Austin Oxner Apr 13, 2012
Or they took their inspiration from the Chrysler Crossfire/a dog taking a crap.
Austin Oxner Apr 13, 2012
They got to the back and just said to Hell with it. I'm tired of designing this car.
Timothy Hooker Apr 13, 2012
Same thought here
Kenneth Williams Apr 13, 2012
That's what I was thinking
Carlton Salmon Apr 13, 2012
What's with the huge space in the rear wheel arches?
David Munasinghe Apr 13, 2012
Please disappear again for another 33 years.
George Van Den Heever Apr 13, 2012
It looks all wrong, wrong. To plastic!
Matthew Malyapa Apr 13, 2012
Horrible and btw those rims are from a corvette
Nery Ramírez Apr 13, 2012
Is it that difficult for a professional to design at least decent looking tail lights?
Hektor Yberg Apr 13, 2012
Waste of resources! It gives me nightmares!
Carlton Salmon Apr 13, 2012
Cheap looking rear lights. Why would anyone spend what is likely to be a large amount of money, on a car where they couldn't be bothered to style the rear lights?!