Posted on: Apr 12, 2012
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BMW 4-Series Cabriolet Shows Off a Folding Hard Top

It has been confirmed – the new 4-Series is equipped with a folding hard top mechanism.
By now, you must surely know that the new F33 BMW 4-Series Cabriolet is the open-top version of the 3-Series sedan (the 3-Series Coupe will also be rebadged as the 4-Series). What you may not have known is that, as these spy photos confirm, the new 4-Series has been equipped with a folding hard top mechanism. The prototype spotted in these photos still carries quite a bit of camouflage however we have heard that the 4-Series Cabriolet will feature some different styling on the front-end, designed for a sportier look.
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Engines from the F30 3-Series will likely power the new coupe and convertible models, so a range of four- and six-cylinder units are expected. These will include the popular N54 2.0-liter and the range-topping 3.0-liter unit. A station wagon, the aforementioned coupe and a new Gran Turismo will also form part of the 3-Series family.

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