Description: Better known for its oddly-shaped crossovers and AWD concepts, with their latest offering coachbuilder Fornasari is apparently attempting to attract a new wave of customers who prefer driving stylish ...
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Dylan Bruder Apr 12, 2012
The vettes kept that roof for awhile now
Christian De Prisco Apr 12, 2012
Signature of Zagato is the double bouble roof, not Aston Martin or AMZagato
Description: The Italian coachbuilder claims the car will be fitted with a 6.2-liter V8 engine capable of producing over 500hp and propelling the retro-styled concept from 0-60mph in around 3.5 seconds en route to...
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Andrew Palmer Apr 13, 2012
Call me when it's more than just renderings....
Garrett Serrano Apr 12, 2012
With those aerodynamics I seriously doubt that it would web come close to 200mph
Wmg Chinchilla Apr 12, 2012
Agreed, I think 300hp would suffice most for people looking for something like this.... Although I still love everything about it.
Justin Harris Apr 12, 2012
I don't think it deserves that kind of performance. It shouldn't be aimed at speed but reminding the driver of classic driving mixed with modern technology.
Edin Beka Apr 12, 2012
Hefty price tag if you ask me!
Dylan Bures Apr 13, 2012
Somethin about it, i cant put my finger on it
Matthew Malyapa Apr 12, 2012
i like the rest of it but not the headlights they look like they are from a mini
Bob Turefannt Apr 12, 2012
It looks good. But for a retro car, I would still buy a Morgan.
Cody Jacques Apr 12, 2012
Its nice and clean. Nothing super special but I like it.
Paul Lissona Apr 12, 2012
I'd like some better pics, but it's pretty good ig.
Garrett Boni Apr 12, 2012
looks pretty neat and tidy. I like the Retro looks a lot.
Jordan Smith Apr 12, 2012
It looks good and bad at the same time. I agree with Rudolf, I'd rather a Weismann.
Oscar Galvan Apr 12, 2012
Yea I agree, it does look ok but if I wanted something new with a retro look I would go for a Wiesman or a Morgan.
Sam Oglesby Apr 12, 2012
It kind of looks like a streamlined cobra
Lowman Apr 12, 2012
Looks like astin martin meets tvr
Rudolf Dassler Apr 12, 2012
I like it... Would go for a Wiesmann though, better proportions..
Ethan Amo Apr 12, 2012's not a Ferrari...but who cares..same complaints
Ethan Amo Apr 12, 2012
It's both....a bit ugly..for a Ferrari, I'd expect something better..and it's definately got retro in the design too
Jackson Michael Apr 12, 2012
Ugh do something to the front
Rami Wilson Apr 12, 2012
Very cool! Anyone who say's ugly drives a toyota.
Jeda Malik Apr 12, 2012
Retro in every way ...
Extremis Colson Apr 13, 2012
its so cuteeeeeee.... LOL
Jimmy Boyle Apr 12, 2012
looks like a car from a box car race
Michael Anfang Apr 12, 2012
Grill and headlights are the only things that need work
Jackson Michael Apr 12, 2012
@Dave Do you know anything about cars?
Dave Stewart Apr 12, 2012
Roof looks like a butt... I said it there
Dillon Magee Apr 12, 2012
Not too bad. It's not hideous, but it's not stunning either.
Pompey Paul Apr 12, 2012
I'm leaning towards the ugly side but I like the back
Johnny Hoover Apr 12, 2012
Needs Crome bumpers and blacked out mini lights
Joel Hayes Apr 12, 2012
With mini headlights
Dave Stewart Apr 12, 2012
Back Is like a old Aston or something it's cool
Thomas Isnt Green Apr 12, 2012
Well everything else is fine the roof looks wierd
Jackson Rojas Apr 12, 2012
I don't know if I love this car or hate this car
Ben Arends Apr 12, 2012
How is this even close to ugly? I love it.
Edin Beka Apr 12, 2012
Haha, reminds me of a V12 Zagato!
Oscar Galvan Apr 12, 2012
The back looks really good
Michael Anfang Apr 12, 2012
Aston Martin db5
Craig Smith Apr 12, 2012
Stunning from this angle, but front looks like a cheap Midas Kit Car IMO
Nbe Prodger Apr 14, 2012
Chubby Aston/TVR 4/10.
Declan O'Connell Apr 13, 2012
looks like stuart littles car
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Apr 13, 2012
She's a bitsa. Bit a this bit a that.
Sudip Shrestha Apr 13, 2012
They gotta do something abut the rims. Looks good but not the rims
James Woodchuck Norris Apr 13, 2012
awesome i love it
Jt Collier Apr 12, 2012
Very Ferrari 330 like to me. It's an interesting design, I dig it
James Fawkes Apr 12, 2012
Awful rendering. Not a bad looking car. But the graphics is amateurish.
John M Weishahn Apr 12, 2012
It reminds me of a Cisitalia. Gorgeous.
John Serely Apr 12, 2012
It looks alright IMO, but they did not do a good job with the photoshop/rendering
Brandon Largent Apr 12, 2012
Front reminds me of the newer T-birds. The back seems like a retro stingray. And I have no clue what happened in the middle. Not really impressed with this one.
Ryan Veitch Apr 12, 2012
Reminds me of a classic DB5
Dale Schroeder Apr 12, 2012
Only things I'd change are making the lower part of the nose a bit less squared off and giving it some proper wire wheels with a set of whitewall tires. Everything else looks darn good to me.
Matthew McPherson Apr 12, 2012
With a bit of morgan in the headlights
Matthew McPherson Apr 12, 2012
It looks a little bit like an alfa crossed with an aston and retro/modernised