Comments - Widebody Bentley Continental GT by GMP Performance

Published: Apr 11, 2012
Description: Heralding from Charlotte, North Carolina, European automotive tuning specialist GMP Performance has just concluded a complete transformation of a Bentley Continental GT touring coupe, which began with...
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Brad Wood Apr 13, 2012
John, I miss my Turbo Cab more than any car I've ever had. By far the best all around sports car. However, I must recommend the APR software an exhaust. Very fast is stock form, but so smooth you don't really feel it. With the APR it is a monster!
Buddy Robinson Apr 11, 2012
@John, you know what I'm going to say... GTR!
John Serely Apr 11, 2012
@brad how did you like your Turbo before you took it the GMP? I am just wondering because I am thinking of selling my 997 cabriolet and getting either a Turbo S, a GT3 it some other non-porsche car.
Brad Wood Apr 11, 2012
GMP does some amazing stuff. Their quality is to notch. I had my 997 Turbo done by them and was very happy. Glad to see them get some cred here.
Paul Dickey Apr 11, 2012
I like these cars. Just wish they weren't so heavy.
Description: In order to fit the custom built 22-inch ADV1 alloys, which come with brushed gunmetal centers and matte black lips & inner barrels, GMP Performance had to tub out the inner fenders under the rear...
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Knox Ferraro Apr 11, 2012
Amen, Chris. Amen. Beautiful without.
Chris Clark Apr 11, 2012
Enough with the LEDs already... The second picture looks so much better with them off
Extremis Colson Apr 11, 2012
awesome!!! just get it in black with Chrome rims. LOL
Jayson Lankster Apr 11, 2012
the run was wayyyy too short though. I've owned every nfs game in existence an this was the first one I skipped.
Lou Guerrero Apr 11, 2012
Bentley Continental AMG Black series?
Adithya Chandrasekhar Apr 11, 2012
Iron man drives the acura nsx in the avengers... If the war machine was a part of the movie, he'd drive this baby!
Kirill Norcross Apr 11, 2012
Looks like a hacked nfs game or something
Buddy Robinson Apr 11, 2012
adv1 wheels all the way!
Bradley Swfc Wainwright Apr 11, 2012
A gt is best looking
Boyd Boudreaux Apr 11, 2012
Definitely made it look sportier, nice job.
Cam Heaney Apr 11, 2012
I would love for my $300,000 bentley to look like a dodge charger
Zachary Maurer Apr 11, 2012
So they have a old rape can as their parts truck?
Antonio Ramthun Apr 11, 2012
This is by far my favorite looking Bentley
David Munasinghe Apr 11, 2012
Loose the spoiler . Looks cheep
Thibault Leroy Apr 11, 2012
love the black bentley emblem
Kabab Mashwi Apr 12, 2012
you filthy destroyers