Comments - MINI Yachtsman Actually Built and On Display in NYC

Published: Apr 11, 2012
Description: Last year's BMW prank for April Fool's Day was terrific - start a rumor about an M3 Pick-up truck and then subsequently build it. It was terrific for all and a fun little stunt from a seriou...
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Evan Wolfe Apr 12, 2012
Gundam Wing VS Gundam Seed Destiny
Daniel Kenneth Babler Apr 11, 2012
Reminds me of a duck Not the animal the thing the U.S used in WWII sometimes
Jack Hufford Apr 11, 2012
Rob I'll tell ya, it's some crazy crap.
Quinn Shannon Apr 11, 2012
Hahaha. That's just awful....
Hektor Yberg Apr 11, 2012
Jack Hufford Apr 11, 2012
It doesnt look as bad as I thought, actually. In my option anyways.
Daniel Marino Apr 11, 2012
When i went I just walked up to this and laughed
Description: After much embarrassment came astonishment, as Mini actually built their Yachtsman and brought it to the New York Auto Show. Mini sums up their Yachtsman best, saying that the "169.8-inch long cr...
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Hunter Nolte Jun 06, 2013
No it's an exhaust
Bob Jones Apr 11, 2012
Isn't the snorkel an intake?
Description: Is it strange that I can't get the idea of a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe-yacht out of my mind now?
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John M Weishahn Apr 12, 2012
Should have a snorkel exhaust as well.
Skylar Grout Apr 12, 2012
Who the hell would buy it tho
Lee Gardner Apr 11, 2012
Doesnt fit onesoever
Brandon Carr Apr 11, 2012
There not to keep the engine from flooding but to make sure the engine can breathe and stay ventilated while under water. Sealing the engine is a much more complicated process.
Clark Thompson Apr 11, 2012
It's called a snorkel. It allows cars to go into deep water without the engine flooding
Thibault Leroy Apr 11, 2012
no i think jeeps have it up there like if u want to cross a shallow river or something like that but it wont sail :p
Alex Bouckley Apr 11, 2012
I saw a jeep with an exhaust like that this morning. Maybe it's a Jeepyacht or something?
Everett Coyne Apr 11, 2012
can it work. put it in the water and c if it floats.
Oscar Galvan Apr 11, 2012
All they did was add a boat front that looks like it was glued on
Lee Gardner Apr 11, 2012
How is it suppose to go in water????
Pi Ka Chu Apr 11, 2012
Lol it says copper S here not yatchman XD
Skylar Grout Apr 12, 2012
And its fake WTH
John M Weishahn Apr 12, 2012
They should have given it two propellers. Foam insert in the tailpipes would have made for a clever install.