Description: The 2012 New York International Auto Show is in full swing and the event's promotional team thought up a clever way to market the annual occasion - by parking a Lamborghini Aventador out front an...
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Max Delena Apr 12, 2012
That aventador probably attracted many customers to the hot stand. He shouldn't have given them away for free.
Kenny Campos Apr 11, 2012
I know the owner of that car. He will be at the Gummball Race this year. :)
Description: Maybe the fact that the flagship Italian supercar's 690hp V12 puts out 398g of CO2 per km and returns only 11mpg city/17mpg highway was something of an oversight. We assume that the Lamborghi...
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Tom Van Nostrand Apr 15, 2012
The prius polluted more than a hummer because of all the work it took to mine and ship and manufacture and ship again, the nikkel for the battery packs. I think it's a tad better now that it's using lithium.
Logan LeMonnier Apr 11, 2012
Yeah but how many people have bugattis versus hummers?
Nicolas Pons Apr 11, 2012
Chris, Ever heard Of a veyron? How about supersport? A grand total Of 3 miles per galleon. So the h2 is a miracle for the environment in comparison to some other cars
Zachary Crowley Apr 11, 2012
Actually I had a Hummer H2 and it averaged about 12-13 to the gallon. 9 when towing a boat. F-250, Silverado 2500 etc do less than that so please stop complaining.
Phillip Greene Apr 11, 2012
Does anyone ever think before posting on this app?
Riley Gonzales Apr 11, 2012
Yeah but the hummers CO2 emissions are a lot worse
Chris Penza Apr 11, 2012
Wow a car more pollutant than a hummer h2 exists!
Kenneth Williams Apr 11, 2012
That would be funny to see
Zeus Mocha Apr 11, 2012
Yes but after a two mile sprint from stand still the cart won't be a cart anymore
Zaire Wilkins Apr 12, 2012
omg im on my way there right now
Kate Aaliyah Tuazon Apr 12, 2012
Are does ladies the owner of that Lamborghini Aventador?
Patrick Joseph Apr 11, 2012
I thought black Honda was simply using google translate. Are you saying he is using the Enigma? how did you crack the code?
Zaire Wilkins Apr 11, 2012
hope this car is still outside
Jack Hufford Apr 11, 2012
Guys. I see what Black Honda did, re-arrange and remove a few words...
Jerry Cole Apr 11, 2012
She's asian, and he's pretending to have an Asian accent....
Antonio Falsetti Apr 11, 2012
What street is this parked on?
Zaire Wilkins Apr 11, 2012
i lived in ny my whole life and this will be my first time going there
Zaire Wilkins Apr 11, 2012
omg ima be there tomarrow
Abraham Mendoza Apr 11, 2012
I just read all his comments, I think he doesn't know English too well. Or he's crazy...
Ryu Tsuchiya Apr 11, 2012
Black Honda....I see what u did therexD
Kyle Cribben Apr 11, 2012
Black Honda must not be a american
Zaire Wilkins Apr 11, 2012
ok so what i got one of these in forza 4 and it drives wonderful
Dave Stewart Apr 11, 2012
Haha ya black Honda are you drink?
Elijah McCord Apr 11, 2012
All of black honda's grammatical errors are giving me a headache. Damn you reddit.
Ferrari360guy Apr 11, 2012
i missed it, looks like im going back.
Jon Wheel Apr 11, 2012
Is this still there? I'm going to the show on Saturday.
Black Honda Apr 11, 2012
i wish asian stand that girl. i would take girlfriend want to teacher me karate or a drift car or a sexy swimming wear auto show. i want that asian girl as nice passon girls.
Jason Colkitt Apr 11, 2012
Anna Korennkova Jan 04, 2013
To know that the hot dogs - a profitable business, then I would go on to learn the baker.
Alex Bouckley Apr 11, 2012
Maybe it's buy a Lambo, get cancer?
Isaac Rezkalla Apr 11, 2012
Its not connected
Elijah McCord Apr 11, 2012
Or is it Lamborghini viewing with a free hotdog?
Dale Schroeder Apr 11, 2012
Free Lamborghini viewing with purchase of hot dog. Now that's a sales pitch right there.
Alex Bouckley Apr 11, 2012
I don't see how its connected
Elijah McCord Apr 11, 2012
Why and how is there a towing hitch on a Lamborghini other than the Rambo lambo
Ray Garcia Apr 12, 2012
Looks like a scene out of gta iv
Oscar Mendieta Apr 11, 2012
hot dog guy is making a lot of money
Frederick Perez Apr 11, 2012
Hot dog guy is the owner of the car- he makes alot of $$ :)
Ryan Heetderks Apr 11, 2012
I would not mind making hot dogs all day if I were next to a Aventador :D
Kate Aaliyah Tuazon Apr 12, 2012
I think they got attracted with that lamborghini not the food that they were serving at the food stand! LOL LOL
Abraham Mendoza Apr 11, 2012
I think it makes perfect sense!
Elijah McCord Apr 11, 2012
No... Asians are smart. He's a mix of blonde and black. I'm guess his cars has 28s and is raised 3x it's factory height.
Andrew Hossann Apr 11, 2012
I think he's trying to act asian
Andrae Jackson Apr 11, 2012
I read black Honda's comment already 3 times and I give up tryin to understand lol
Zeus Mocha Apr 11, 2012
@Black Honda, ... Can you repeat that please? Lol Jk We're just teasing you man
Jason W. Evers Apr 11, 2012
His B-Tec kicked in..
Michael Beach Apr 11, 2012
Blackhonda, there's trees that are more literate than you.
Gianni Vega Apr 11, 2012
Can anyone understand blackHonda?
Jason Colkitt Apr 11, 2012
Here bud, hold my wiener lol
Black Honda Apr 11, 2012
I guess a man hotdog in his car orange that he is lucky own business the hotdog and rich the new car. what a point these world own business manger or a restruant manger or a capital fisherman manger, car shop manger, judge courfthouse, laywer attory has anywhere who riches man got new car a super car.
Ray Garcia Apr 12, 2012
That's gotta be the hot dog guys car cause he's looking at that fat guy like "u better not got any damn ketchup on my sexy ride"
Alfredo Diaz Apr 12, 2012
Iamborghini helping out control obesety
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Apr 11, 2012
Amazing, that fat guy in the first part of the pic is more interested in the Lamborghini more than the hot dog
Adam Fox Apr 12, 2012
It's on the other side of the hot dog cart... Did you learn nothing playing peek-a-boo? Just cuz you can't see it doesn't mean it gone.
Brandon Carr Apr 11, 2012
Lambos gone in this picture.
Isaac Rezkalla Apr 11, 2012
See its not connected it cant